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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1326 playlist up with 55570 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2010-12-27MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2010-12-27
3. 2010-12-27ImmortalAt The Stormy Gates Of MistBattles in the Northosmose
4. 2010-12-27MortemiaThe Eye Of The StormMisere Mortemnapalm
5. 2010-12-27Amon AmarthThe Dragons' Flight Across The WavesOnce Sent from the Golden Hallmetalblade
6. 2010-12-27Fogthe Storm UnholyThrough the Eyes of Night
7. 2010-12-27
8. 2010-12-27EnthronedThe Essential ChaosPentagrammatonregain
9. 2010-12-27ExcrecorEridanusSyncronicityself-released
10. 2010-12-27DemonizerInto The Dark VoidTriumphatorfolter
11. 2010-12-27Living VoidCaltrops Teethself-titleddilapidated_enterprises
12. 2010-12-27Weekend NachosSnowball Fightdemoself-released
13. 2010-12-27RavenInto The Jaws Of DeathNothing Exceeds Like Excesscombat
14. 2010-12-27
15. 2010-12-27Sevenday CurseDirge For The LivingAfter the Stormtortuga
16. 2010-12-27ScaphismSlowly Digested Over 1,000 YearsBoarcorpse-Composted-Scaphism - splitself-released
17. 2010-12-27Job for a CowboyEntombment Of A MachineDoommetalblade
18. 2010-12-27
19. 2010-12-27SailleMaereIrreversible Decaycode666
20. 2010-12-27SviergEarth Lacerated By Saturn's RingsMMIXmetalhit_dot_com
21. 2010-12-27SaratanDead InsideAntireligionmy_kingdom
22. 2010-12-27InquisitionEmpire Of Luciferian RaceInto The Infernalhells_headbangers
23. 2010-12-27
24. 2010-12-27VomitorFlesh For SatanDevil's Poisonhells_headbangers
25. 2010-12-27The Royal Arch BlasphemeSeven Devils Of EjaculationThe Royal Arch Blasphemehells_headbangers
26. 2010-12-27HelloweenWorld Of Fantasy7 Sinnersspv
27. 2010-12-27Nocturnal BloodDeath CallsDevastated Graveshells_headbangers
28. 2010-12-27
29. 2010-12-27Seges FindereApokalypik HarvesterProclamation Of Blood Vengeanceold_cemetery
30. 2010-12-27Death SkullRaping The Holy KingdomAnnihilation Of The Pigold_cemetery
31. 2010-12-27Creative WasteDrowning In IgnoranceCreulty Beyond Conceptionold_cemetery
32. 2010-12-27
33. 2010-12-27Population ReductionSausage Facorty ShowdownEach Birth a New Disastertankcrimes
34. 2010-12-27Parkway DrivePicture Perfect PatheticKilling with a Smileepitaph
35. 2010-12-27PowerwolvesRegretSlaughtering The Machines - demo 2010self-released
36. 2010-12-27WarcryPure Force Of SteelRevenge In Bloodpure_steel
37. 2010-12-27Atrocious AbnormalityPunishing HumanityEchoes of the Rottingcomatose
38. 2010-12-27
39. 2010-12-27DevastatorTaste Of DeathNocturnal Slutold_cemetery
40. 2010-12-27Arch EnemySnow BoundWages Of Sincenturymedia
41. 2010-12-27ImperialRemember HellWe Sail At Dawnpluto
42. 2010-12-27Soul RemnantsRipping Through LifePlague Of The Universeself-released
43. 2010-12-27
44. 2010-12-27UnanimatedRetribution In Bloodin The Light Of Darknessregain
45. 2010-12-27Haeresiarchs Of DisNice Days They FellDenuntiatus Cinismoribund
46. 2010-12-27Angel WitchAngel WitchAngel Witch
47. 2010-12-27ApocryphaLost Children Of HopeThe Forgotten Scrollshrapnel
48. 2010-12-27
49. 2010-12-27PossessedSatan's CurseSeven Churchescombat
50. 2010-12-27
51. 2010-12-27AlcestEcailles De Lune pt IEcailles de Luneprophecy
52. 2010-12-27Disfigured DeadDead But WalkingVisions Of Deathhells_headbangers
53. 2010-12-27ImmolationThe PurgeMajesty and Decaynuclearblast
54. 2010-12-27ImpietyTerroreignTerroreign (Apocalyptic Armageddon Command)agonia
55. 2010-12-27
56. 2010-12-27DeicideDead but DreamingLegionroadrunner
57. 2010-12-27Children Of The Dying SunJon + Kate Plus... dieTo Welcome Deathself-released
58. 2010-12-27TerrorizerRipped To ShredsWorld Downfallearache
59. 2010-12-27MegadethLooking Down The CrossKilling is my Businesscombat
60. 2010-12-27
61. 2010-12-27God DethronedCadaversAncient Onescoldblood_industries
62. 2010-12-27Blessed DeathDestruction's EveDestined for Extinctionroadracer
63. 2010-12-27Fifth AngelCry Out The FoolFifth Angelepic
64. 2010-12-27Ratos de PoraoDeath Of The KingAnarkophobiaracercar
65. 2010-12-27
66. 2010-12-27Rigor MortisBodily DismembermentRigor Mortis
67. 2010-12-27Dead OrchestraTime To KillSounds Like Time Tasteschoke_hit
68. 2010-12-27Vio-lenceBodies on BodiesEternal Nightmaremca
69. 2010-12-27Cannibal CorpseShe Was Asking For ItThe Bleedingmetalblade
70. 2010-12-27
71. 2010-12-27MeshuggahNew Millennium Cyanide ChristChaospherenuclearblast
72. 2010-12-27AngelcorpseSaints of BlasphemyOf Lucifer and Lighteningosmose
73. 2010-12-27Obsidian TongueDissociationDemo 2010self-released
74. 2010-12-27IncantationApocalyptic Destroythe Infernal Stormrelapse
75. 2010-12-27GodfleshHunterSongs of Love and Hateearache
76. 2010-12-27
77. 2010-12-27OceanSaltHere Where Nothing Growsimportant
78. 2010-12-27Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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