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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1364 playlist up with 56812 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2008-12-15MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2008-12-15
3. 2008-12-15HexenGas ChamberState of Insurgencyosm
4. 2008-12-15PiledriverLord of AbominationsStay Uglycobra
5. 2008-12-15OmenDragon's BreathNightmaresmetalblade
6. 2008-12-15Metal ChurchCan Tell a LieBlessing in Diguiseelektra
7. 2008-12-15
8. 2008-12-15Vitamin XYou SuckFull Scale Assaulttankcrimes
9. 2008-12-15Outbreakyou make us sickyou make us sickbridge9
10. 2008-12-15ResistWe Want Our World BackWe Want Our World Backindecision
11. 2008-12-15Ten Yard FightHardcore PrideHardcore Prideevr
12. 2008-12-15Slapshot10816 Valve Hatetaang
13. 2008-12-15Cruel HandDead WeightPrying Eyesbridge9
14. 2008-12-15Trash TalkAll the Kings Menself-titledttcollective
15. 2008-12-15
16. 2008-12-15NeuraxisOraclethe Thin Line Betweenprosthetic
17. 2008-12-15At The GatesSlaughter of the SoulSlaughter of the Soulearache
18. 2008-12-15the Black Dahlia MurderWhen the last Grave has EmptiedUnhallowedmetalblade
19. 2008-12-15PsycropticRemoving the Common BondOb(servant)nuclearblast
20. 2008-12-15Beneath the MassacreThe WastelandDystopiaprosthetic
21. 2008-12-15Guttural SecreteIncestuous RefigurationArtistic Creation with Cranial Stumpsunmatched_brutality
22. 2008-12-15
23. 2008-12-15AbortedSea of CartilageAborted/christ denied splitsoulreaper
24. 2008-12-15Abigail WilliamsSmoke and MirrorsIn The Shadow of a Thousand Sunscandlelight
25. 2008-12-15ImmortalIn My Kingdom ColdSons of Northern Darknessnuclearblast
26. 2008-12-15EngraveStorm of OblierationThe Rebirthworld_war_iii
27. 2008-12-15
28. 2008-12-15Dead to FallSmoke and MirrorsThe Phoenix Theoryvictory
29. 2008-12-15Amon AmarthDown the Slopes of DeathVersus the Worldmetalblade
30. 2008-12-15ImmolationThose Left BehindDawn of Possessionracecar
31. 2008-12-15GorealityAgainst the CrusadePerverse Depraved Indifferencepathos
32. 2008-12-15
33. 2008-12-15Demolition HammerPyroclastic AnnihilationEpidemic of Violencecenturymedia
34. 2008-12-15Bolt ThrowerSuspect HostileHonor Valour Pridemetalblade
35. 2008-12-15Trap themDay Thirty One: Mission ConvincersSeizure in Barren Praisedeathwishinc
36. 2008-12-15The Dillinger Escape Planthe Mullet BurdenUnder the Running Boardsrelapse
37. 2008-12-15
38. 2008-12-15OvercastBleed Into OneExpectational Dilutionendless_fight
39. 2008-12-15Ookla the MokSoliloquy of the Lost SalesmanBless Her Little Black Heartlife_sentence
40. 2008-12-15KreatorRiot of ViolenceLive Kreationspv
41. 2008-12-15Vio-lenceBodies on BodiesEternal Nightmaremca
42. 2008-12-15
43. 2008-12-15PestilenceChemo TheapyMalleus Maleficarumroadrunner
44. 2008-12-15Fear My ThoughtsSurvival ScarsVulcanuscenturymedia
45. 2008-12-15Keep of KalessinAgainst the GodsKolossusnuclearblast
46. 2008-12-15BloodbathWretched Human Mirrorthe Fathomless Masterypeaceville
47. 2008-12-15
48. 2008-12-15PrimordialCast To The PyreStorm Before the Calmmetalblade
49. 2008-12-15KampfarVantro-InfernoHeingangnapalm
50. 2008-12-15CancerBack From the DeadDeath Shall Raiserestless
51. 2008-12-15Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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