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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1364 playlist up with 56812 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2004-07-26ministryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2004-07-26heaven shall burnnumbing the pain
3. 2004-07-26the Hostage Heart#3
4. 2004-07-26A Perfect Murdertime bomb...
5. 2004-07-26SODspeak english or die
6. 2004-07-26Raising Kubrickvertical talking
7. 2004-07-26Clitorturewasted
8. 2004-07-26suffocationsurgery of impalement
9. 2004-07-26Malevolent Creationliving in fear
10. 2004-07-26In Flamesgyroscope
11. 2004-07-26Beyond The Embrace... of every strain
12. 2004-07-26darkanesubmission
13. 2004-07-26commit suicideearthly cleansing
14. 2004-07-26flesh paradehow about some good stuffKill Whiteyrelapse
15. 2004-07-26convergewhen forever comes crashing
16. 2004-07-26Drowningmanlast weeks minutes from the meeting of the secret society of your friends who actually hate you
17. 2004-07-26carnal forgeexploding veinsAren't You Dead Yet?centurymedia
18. 2004-07-26krisiunconquerors of armageddon
19. 2004-07-26deicideonce upon the crossOnce Upon the Crossroadrunner
20. 2004-07-26DehumanizedSolitary Demise
21. 2004-07-26Manowarthe gods made heavy metalLouder than Hellmetalblade
22. 2004-07-26The Great Deceiverthe heel on the throat of the young
23. 2004-07-26carnivorous#2
24. 2004-07-26humpmuscleFear Me (for I am huge and made of metal)Wichita Drawlself-released
25. 2004-07-26ookla the mokreinforcements
26. 2004-07-26The Acacia Straindrawn and quarted
27. 2004-07-26Crowpathwhere jacky jawless liveRed On Chromewillowtip
28. 2004-07-26mindginderstart powered visions
29. 2004-07-26grimfistmosh pit underground
30. 2004-07-26Destinythe admiration of sadness
31. 2004-07-26cattle decapitationpolyps
32. 2004-07-26goratory#1
33. 2004-07-26Arsiswarship depraved
34. 2004-07-26All Else Failedto whom it may concern
35. 2004-07-26terrorkeep your mouth shut
36. 2004-07-26a18stab you through the everything
37. 2004-07-26buried alivekiss of death
38. 2004-07-26unearthblack hearts now reign
39. 2004-07-26misery signalsa target, a victim
40. 2004-07-26as long as we're all living, we're all dyingpermissions
41. 2004-07-26venomous conceptinfest
42. 2004-07-26anodynethe mind's a terrible thing
43. 2004-07-26killswitch engagemy last serenade
44. 2004-07-26crisiswaking the dead
45. 2004-07-26The Dillinger Escape Plansetting fire to sleeping giants
46. 2004-07-26Today is the Dayoutland
47. 2004-07-26ascendancyworld of deceit
48. 2004-07-26the power and the glory#6
49. 2004-07-26capharnaumperpetuate the dark mind
50. 2004-07-26immortalwithin the dark mind
51. 2004-07-26it dies todaybridges left burning
52. 2004-07-26imperial domainthe enchantress
53. 2004-07-26entombedmorbid devourment
54. 2004-07-26bal-sagothsummoning the guardians of the astral gates
55. 2004-07-26hecate enthronedthy sorrow bequeathed
56. 2004-07-26myrkskoga macabre fanfare to the death
57. 2004-07-26einsturzende neubautenein stuhl in der hoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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