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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1171 playlist up with 50052 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2020-08-03SodomDeathlike SilenceIn The Sign Of Evil + Obsessed By Cruelty
2. 2019-12-02BENIGHTED IN SODOMOpen Heart, Open GraveCarrier of Poison ApplesI, Voidhanger Records
3. 2019-11-18Hellsodomy05 From the Seed to the GraveMorbid CultSaturnal Records
4. 2019-07-29SodomRemember The FallenOne Night In Bangkok CD1
5. 2019-05-13SodomVictims Of DeathVictims Of Death
6. 2019-03-11SodomRemember the FallenAgent OrangeSteamhammer/SPV
7. 2018-12-10Sodom1000 Days In sodomIn The Name Of Satan
8. 2018-08-20SodomBack to WarTapping the VeinSteamhammer
9. 2017-12-25Rhapsody of FireSad Mystic MoonDark Wings of Steelnuclearblast
10. 2017-10-09SodomOutbreak of EvilFinal Sign of EvilSteamhammer
11. 2017-08-14SodomCannibalEpitome Of Torture
12. 2017-02-20SodomElectrocutionPersecution Mania
13. 2016-12-05SodomEat Me!One Night in Bangkok, Disc 1Steamhammer
14. 2016-05-02SodomObsessed By CrueltyObsessed By Cruelty (SPV)Steamhammer
15. 2015-12-21SodomLet's Break The Law (Anti-Nowhere League cover)Various Artists - Punk For Metalheads
16. 2015-11-30SodomIron FistThe Big Teutonic 4Legacy
17. 2015-05-18SodomDeathlike SilenceObsessed By Crueltysteam_hammer
18. 2015-03-16SodomEat MeMarooned Live
19. 2014-08-18SodomTombstoneOn Night In Bangkoksteam_hammer
20. 2014-07-14SodomProselytism RealObsessed By Crueltyspv
21. 2014-05-26SodomNuclear WinterPersecution Mania
22. 2014-05-19SodomChrist PassionMortal Way Of Life
23. 2014-04-28SodomDeadlike SilenceObsessed By Crueltysteam_hammer
24. 2014-03-03SodomWanted DeadSodom
25. 2014-02-10SodomVolcanic SlutIn The Sign Of Evil + Obsessed By Crulty
26. 2013-12-30SodomProselytism RealObsessed By Crueltyspv
27. 2013-11-11SodomEquinoxObsessed By Crueltymetalblade
28. 2013-11-04SodomObsessed By CrueltyObsessed By Crueltyspv
29. 2013-10-28SodomProselytism RealObsessed By Crueltyspv
30. 2013-10-21RhapsodyHoly ThunderforceDawn Of Victorynuclearblast
31. 2013-09-16SodomDevil's AttackVictim Of Death (demo)
32. 2013-02-25SodomAshes to Ashesthe Final Sign of Evilspv
33. 2012-12-24SodomAgent OrangeAgent Orangemetalblade
34. 2012-11-19SODUnited ForcesSpeak English or Diemega_force
35. 2012-09-17SodomAgent OrangeOn Night In Bangkokspv
36. 2012-07-30SodomWitching MetalOn Night In Bangkokspv
37. 2012-07-23RhapsodyDante's InfernoAscending To Infinitynuclearblast
38. 2012-07-16SodomBlasphemerOn Night In Bangkokspv
39. 2012-02-27SodomEat Me!On Night In Bangkokspv
40. 2011-10-03SodomBody PartsTapping The Veincenturymedia
41. 2011-09-19Rhapsody Of FireAeons Of Raging DarknessFrom Chaos To Eternitynuclearblast
42. 2011-09-05Rhapsody Of FireAeons Of Raging DarknessFrom Chaos To Eternitynuclearblast
43. 2011-08-29Rhapsody Of FireI Belong To The StarsFrom Chaos To Eternitynuclearblast
44. 2011-06-20SodomFeigned Death ThroesIn War And Piecesspv
45. 2011-05-16SodomThrough Toxic VeinsIn War And Piecesspv
46. 2011-05-09SodomProselytism RealObsessed By Crueltymetalblade
47. 2011-04-18SodomStorm Raging UpIn War And Piecesspv
48. 2011-04-11SodomFeigned Death ThroesIn War And Piecesspv
49. 2011-04-04SodomThrough Toxic VeinsIn War And Piecesspv
50. 2011-01-24SodomNapalm In The MorningOn Night In Bangkokspv
51. 2011-01-03SodomChrist PassionPersecution Maniasteam_hammer
52. 2010-09-13SodomRemember The FallenOn Night In Bangkokspv
53. 2010-04-19SodomOutbreak Of Evilin the Sign of Evilmetalblade
54. 2010-04-12SodomAusgebombtAgent Orangesteam_hammer
55. 2010-03-01SodomProselytism RealObsessed By Crueltymetalblade
56. 2009-04-27SodomBlasphemerVarious Artist - Speed Metalmetalblade
57. 2009-04-20SodomDeathlike SilenceObsessed By Crueltymetalblade
58. 2008-12-08SodomWitching MetalIn the Sign of Evilmetalblade
59. 2008-09-08SodomChrist PasionPersecution Maniasteam_hammer
60. 2008-08-25SodomDeathlike SilenceObsessed By Crueltymetalblade
61. 2008-05-12SODKill Your SelfLive at Burokanmega_force
62. 2008-01-07SodomSons of Hellthe Final Sign of Evilspv
63. 2007-11-19SodomOutbreak of Evilin the Sign of Evilmetalblade
64. 2007-11-12SodomWitching Metalin the Sign of Evilmetalblade
65. 2007-11-05SodomBloody Corpsethe Final Sign of Evilspv
66. 2007-10-29SodomAshes to Ashesthe Final Sign of Evilspv
67. 2007-10-08SodomHatred of the Godsthe Final Sign of Evilspv
68. 2007-10-01SodomBlasphemerthe Final Sign of Evilspv
69. 2007-09-24SodomHatred of the Godsthe Final Sign of Evilspv
70. 2007-09-24SODUnited ForcesSpeak English or Diemega_force
71. 2007-09-17SODUnited ForcesSpeak English or Diemega_force
72. 2007-09-17SodomWitching Metalthe Final Sign of Evilspv
73. 2007-04-23sodomskinned alive
74. 2007-03-05sodomausgebombt
75. 2007-02-26sodomremember the fallen
76. 2007-01-22sodombombenhagel
77. 2006-11-13sodommagic dragon
78. 2006-10-23sodspeak english of die
79. 2006-09-25Rhapsody Of Firebloody red dragons
80. 2006-08-28Rhapsody Of Fireheart of the darklands
81. 2006-08-14SODthe song that don't get fast
82. 2006-08-07sodomthe city of god
83. 2006-07-10rhapsodythe magic of the wizard's dreams
84. 2006-06-19sodomlords of depravity
85. 2006-05-22sodomlords of depravity
86. 2006-05-08sodomcity of god
87. 2006-05-01sodombibles and guns
88. 2006-02-27sodomskinned alive
89. 2005-05-23sodomfuck the polic
90. 2005-04-18sodomDeathlike Silence
91. 2005-03-07sodomremember the fallen
92. 2005-02-14rhapsodythe last angel's call
93. 2005-01-31SODmilano mosh
94. 2004-12-20sodomeat me!
95. 2004-11-15sodomprocession to galgatha
96. 2004-09-20sodseasoning the obses
97. 2004-07-26SODspeak english or die
98. 2004-07-12sodompretenders to the throne
99. 2004-06-14sodomchrist pasion
100. 2004-04-26sodomausgebombt
101. 2004-02-16sodomnapal in the morning
102. 2003-12-22sodomthe enemy inside
103. 2003-12-08sodomDeathlike Silence
104. 2003-11-24sodomNapalm In The Morning
105. 2003-10-05sodomi am the war (live)
106. 2003-09-29sodomausgebombt
107. 2003-09-22sodomreflection of ignorance
108. 2002-11-19SodomDeathlike Silence
109. 2002-07-02SodomLead Injection
110. 2002-04-23SodomBaptized by Fire
111. 2001-12-04SodomAmong the Weird Cong
112. 2001-10-23SodomMagik Dragon
113. 2001-05-22SodomBomenhage
114. 2000-11-31SodomEquinox
115. 2000-11-31SODMarchof SOD/Sarget "d"
116. 2000-10-17SodomOutbreak of Evil
117. 2000-10-17SodomOutbreak of Evil
118. 2000-09-25SodomSkinned Alive
119. 2000-05-01SodomBombenhagel
120. 2000-04-10SodomDeadlike Silence
121. 2000-02-07SODMilk
122. 2000-01-03SodomVisual Buggery
123. 1999-12-20SodomWhat hell can create
124. 1999-12-13Sodomthe Wolf and the Lamb
125. 1999-11-30Sodomtombstone
126. 1999-11-30SODRaise your Sword
127. 1999-11-22SodomAusgebombt
128. 1999-11-15SODSpeak English or Die!
129. 1999-11-15SodomBook Burning
130. 1999-11-08SODRaise your
131. 1999-11-08SodomBlood trails
132. 1999-11-01Sodomthe Vice of Killing
133. 1999-10-25SodomWhat Hell can Create
134. 1999-10-11SodomBombenhagel
135. 1999-10-04SODSpeak English or Die
136. 1999-10-04SodomDeadlike Silence
137. 1999-08-23SodomDeadlines
138. 1999-08-21SodomBomberHagel
139. 1999-08-21SodomBomberHagel
140. 1999-08-16SODSpeak English of Die
141. 1999-07-12SODWe all Bleed Red
142. 1999-07-05SODShenanigans
143. 1999-06-28SODBigger than the Devil
144. 1999-06-07SodomNuclear Winter
145. 1999-05-31SODCeltic Frosted Flakes
146. 1999-05-24SODNoise that's what
147. 1999-05-24SODCeltic Frosted Flakes
148. 1997-06-23SodomDeadline
149. 1997-05-19SODSpeak Enlgish or Die
150. 1996-11-18SodomSinned Alive
151. 1996-09-30SodomSkinned Alive
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