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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1365 playlist up with 56839 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2007-12-24MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2007-12-24Gloomy GrimbloodHoly Bible II - Various Artistsholy
3. 2007-12-24SvartsotFestenRavnenes Saganapalm
4. 2007-12-24SyrachCome DaemonsDays of Wrathnapalm
5. 2007-12-24In FlamesDialogue with the StarsWhoraclenuclearblast
6. 2007-12-24Into EternityBeginning of the EndBuried in Oblivioncenturymedia
7. 2007-12-24DownThree Suns and One StarOver the Underwmg
8. 2007-12-24DoomridersDeathboxBlack Thunderdeathwishinc
9. 2007-12-24Black FlagDrinking and DrivingIn My Headsst
10. 2007-12-24American NothingDepression (black Flag Cover)Black on Black - Various Artistsinitial
11. 2007-12-24The DamnedThere ain't no Sanity ClausePunk Rock Xmas - Various Artistsrhino
12. 2007-12-24Candiria300 Percent Density300 Percent Densitycenturymedia
13. 2007-12-24Blood has been ShedFrom the OutsideI Dwell On Thoughts Of Youself-released
14. 2007-12-24All Out WarAfter AutumnFor those Who were Crucifiedvictory
15. 2007-12-24DethklokBirthday Dethdaythe Dethalbumadult_swim
16. 2007-12-24GorgutsOdors of Existencethe Erosion of Sanityroadrunner
17. 2007-12-24MartyrLost in SanityFeeding the Abscessgaly
18. 2007-12-24VoivodchaosmongerDimension Hatrossnoise
19. 2007-12-24MeshuggahNeuroticaChaospherenuclearblast
20. 2007-12-24Divinity DestroyedEmpty the SkyEden in Ashesscreaming_ferret
21. 2007-12-24Visions of AtlantisMy Darkside HomeTrinitynapalm
22. 2007-12-24CentinexSoulcrusherDiabolical Desolationcandlelight
23. 2007-12-24Blood Red ThroneTaste of GodCome Deathearache
24. 2007-12-24FinntrollSvartbergMidnattens Widunderspinefarm
25. 2007-12-24The HauntedHate Songself-titledearache
26. 2007-12-24WintersunDeath and the HealingWintersunnuclearblast
27. 2007-12-24Burstfor the sublimePrey on Liferelapse
28. 2007-12-24TYRthe HuntRagnaroknapalm
29. 2007-12-24ChthonicSommon of China9th Empyreannightfall_terroriser
30. 2007-12-24Exhausted Prayerthe Meaninlessness and Futility of ExistenceLooks Down in the Gathering Shadowsdwell
31. 2007-12-24Anal CuntYou Got CancerI like it when you dieearache
32. 2007-12-24Perth ExpressFunf vor Pflichtself-titledtdb
33. 2007-12-24Fight PrettyTradition BurnerRewiring the Human Bodydwell
34. 2007-12-24Omenthe AxemanBattle Crymetalblade
35. 2007-12-24Planes Mistaken for StarsPolice Story/wastedBlack on Black - Various Artistsinitial
36. 2007-12-24FearLet's have a warthe Recordslash
37. 2007-12-24EmmureThe key to Keeping the Show Fresh is... I'm DeadGoodbye to the Gallowsvictory
38. 2007-12-24GorealityMan is GodPerverse Depraved Indifferencepathos
39. 2007-12-24Godless TruthEmbrace the VoidArrogance of Supreme Poweramputated_vein
40. 2007-12-24Cattle Decapitationcolostomy jigsaw puzzleHomovorethree_one_g
41. 2007-12-24Last Days of Humanitymaggot feast on a swollen fetusHymns of Indigestible Suppuration
42. 2007-12-24ExhorderI am the Crossthe Lawroadrunner
43. 2007-12-24MerrimackRedeem Restless Souls of Asmodai and His TakeoverOf Eternity and Life Denialmoribund
44. 2007-12-24Us Verus ThemUnity BombsWe Will Expireself-released
45. 2007-12-24neversayneverthird shift at the slaughterhouseCoordinate of Bludgeoncordial
46. 2007-12-24the BrethrenNorse Forcen/aself-released
47. 2007-12-24DemiricousNever Enough RoadTwo (poverty)metalblade
48. 2007-12-24Internal BleedingConditionedDriven to Conquer
49. 2007-12-24Carnal ForgeinhumanAren't You Dead Yet?centurymedia
50. 2007-12-24Sexcrementmenstral money shotGenitales from the Porno Pottydeathmetal_us
51. 2007-12-24Godless RisingDevour The CrossRising Hatredpathos
52. 2007-12-24OverkillDeny the CrossTaking Overmegaforce
53. 2007-12-24Trans Siberian OrchestraWizards in Winterthe Lost Christmas Evelava
54. 2007-12-24King DiamondNo Presents for Christmasthe Dark Sidesroadrunner
55. 2007-12-24ImmortalThrough the Halls of EternityBattles in the Northnuclearblast
56. 2007-12-24ImpietyDiabolical Witching AggressionSkullfucking Armageddonbrakkar
57. 2007-12-24Frostmoon EclipseWorms of MankindGathering the DarknessISO666 releases
58. 2007-12-24GorefestSeeds of HateErasenuclearblast
59. 2007-12-24Broken HopeHe Was RapedLoathingearache
60. 2007-12-24AbuseShe really meant yes (live)
61. 2007-12-24Corporation 187Perfection in PainSubliminal Fearwicked_world
62. 2007-12-24the DeadA Killing Kindself-titledobsidian
63. 2007-12-24ImmolationLying with DemonsShadows in the Lightcenturymedia
64. 2007-12-24WehrmachtGore FlixDemo 1986self-released
65. 2007-12-24Mortal DecayMeditating Through MayhemSickening Erotic Fanticismunique_leader
66. 2007-12-24Terminally, Your Aborted Ghosteyeshadow whoreInanimately Soundlessthespew
67. 2007-12-24PsyopusMork and Mindy (Daydream Lover)Ideas of Referenceblackmarket_activities
68. 2007-12-24Hard To Swallowbarricadeself-titledarmageddon
69. 2007-12-24Tragedythe End FightCan We Call This Life 7"tragedy
70. 2007-12-24IntegritySarinSeasons in the Size of Daysvictory
71. 2007-12-24Ringwormmadness of warRingworm/Cold As Life 7"stillborn
72. 2007-12-24Cut Throatfor youCut Throat/25 ta life splitrock_vegas
73. 2007-12-24WatainLegions of the Black LightSworn to the Darkajna
74. 2007-12-24Bolt ThrowerReturn From ChaosMercenarymetalblade
75. 2007-12-24NailbombReligious CancerProud to Commit Commerical Suicideroadrunner
76. 2007-12-24GutrotGorging on Menstral ChunksGutrot/Dysentery Splitamputated_vein
77. 2007-12-24Guttural Secreteejaculating obesityArtistic Creation with Cranial Stumpsunmatched_brutality
78. 2007-12-24DysenteryFetal DismembermentGutrot/Dysentery Splitamputated_vein
79. 2007-12-24Showcase ShowdownMerry Christmas I fucked your SnowmanMerry Christmas I fucked your Snowmantario
80. 2007-12-24PiledriverMetal Death RacerStay Uglycobra
81. 2007-12-24SacrificeAfterlifeForward to Terminationmetalblade
82. 2007-12-24DoroHellraiserForce Majeuremercury
83. 2007-12-24Hallow's EveHallow's EveTales of Terrorcombat
84. 2007-12-24Vital RemainsDechristianizeDechristianizecenturymedia
85. 2007-12-24Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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