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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1369 playlist up with 56979 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2017-08-14MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2017-08-14
3. 2017-08-14SkycladCivil War DancePrince Of The Poverty Linenoise
4. 2017-08-14CableThe Smashing MachineFailed ConvictThe End
5. 2017-08-14Hammers of MisfortuneInsectThe August EngineMetal Blade
6. 2017-08-14SodomCannibalEpitome Of Torture
7. 2017-08-14
8. 2017-08-14Skip The ForeplayDestination NowhereNightlife
9. 2017-08-14Undergang08 Sygelige Nydelser (Del II) TafefiliMisantropologiDark Descent Records
10. 2017-08-14CALL OF THE VOIDBreeding GroundsDragged Down A Dead End PathRelapse Records
11. 2017-08-14Brutal TruthK.A.P.Goodbye Cruel World, Disc 1Relapse Records
12. 2017-08-14THE LURKING FEARThe Cold Jaws of DeathOut Of The Voiceless GraveCentury Media Records
13. 2017-08-14
14. 2017-08-14Lord GoreThe Forgotten FleshThe Autophagous OrgyRazorback Records
15. 2017-08-14VomitoryThe Burning BlackTerrorize Brutalize SodomizeMetal Blade
16. 2017-08-14Life at ZeroGash GnasherVile Pilessevared
17. 2017-08-14Parasitic ExtirpationCasketlessCasketless
18. 2017-08-14PathologistCadaveric MetamorphosesPutrefactive And Cadaverous Odes About Necroticism
19. 2017-08-14Pulmonary Fibrosisrancid excrement of purulent rectumUlcerrhoea / Pulmonary Fibrosis
20. 2017-08-14
21. 2017-08-14PURTENANCE02 Vicious Seeds of MortalityParadox of ExistenceXtreem Music
22. 2017-08-14SUMMON (U.S.)03 Eve Of Anti-CreationDark Descent of Fallen Souls (LP)Werewolf records
23. 2017-08-14PortraitFlaming BloodBurn the WorldMetal Blade Records
24. 2017-08-14BLOODHUNTER04 Still Standing UpThe End of FaithXtreem Music
25. 2017-08-14
26. 2017-08-14Napalm DeathNazi Punks Fuck OffPunishment in CapitalsSnapper
27. 2017-08-14Dead Kennedys07-03-83 - ''Rock Against Reagan,'' Lincoln Monument, Washington DC, USA
28. 2017-08-14InfestNazi KillerNo Man's SlaveNostradamus
29. 2017-08-14Curl Up and DieYour Idea of Fascism and Global Intervention Makes Me PukeUnfortunately We're Not RobotsRevelation Records
30. 2017-08-14Today Is the DayThis Machine Kills FascistsKiss the PigRelapse Records
31. 2017-08-14PhobiaDead NazisReturn to Desolation
32. 2017-08-14DropdeadNazi AtrocitiesDiscography 1991-1993 LParmageddon
33. 2017-08-14
34. 2017-08-14Intense Hammer RageThe Mechanism Of DefecationDevoGrindPornGoreCoreaphile
35. 2017-08-14SinisterUnseen DarknessHateNuclear Blast
36. 2017-08-14AmorphisDeath Of A KingUnder The Red CloudNuclear Blast Records
37. 2017-08-14SkyforgerTagad vai nekadSenprūsija
38. 2017-08-14
39. 2017-08-14In DeathKing of the DeadpoolThe Devil SpeaksUnreleased
40. 2017-08-14EnchantmentSummer for the DamesDance the Marble NakedCentury Media
41. 2017-08-14Swallow The SunBefore The Summer DiesSongs From The North I, II & IIICentury Media Records
42. 2017-08-14IN THOUSAND LAKES06 Hunter of SoulsAge of DecayXtreem Music
43. 2017-08-14
44. 2017-08-14FORGOTTEN TOMBCold Summer...And Don't Deliver Us From Evil...Agonia Records
45. 2017-08-14Sadistik ExekutionElektrokutionWe Are Death Fukk YouOsmose
46. 2017-08-14PortalPlasmVexovoid
47. 2017-08-14Morbus 666Through Black Fog Burns the Eyes of the DevilIgnis Divine ImperiumMoribund Records
48. 2017-08-14
49. 2017-08-14EvermorkAutumn Meteor ShowerUntapped Desolation Vol. 1
50. 2017-08-14Beyond the Sixth SealBeneath the Barren FieldsA Homocide Divine
51. 2017-08-14Animals Killing PeopleKentucky Fried KillingKentucky Fried KillingSevared Records - via Metalhit
52. 2017-08-14Soul EaterSea Of CorpsesIn the Land of the Blind
53. 2017-08-14Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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