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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1285 playlist up with 54192 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2022-12-05Dropdead17 UNJUSTIFIED MURDERDropdead (first album - remastered)Armageddon Label
2. 2022-08-15Wolfbrigade01 Anti-Tank-DogsAnti-Tank DogsArmageddon Label
3. 2022-05-09Escuela Grind05 Incel Circle JerkIndoctrinationArmageddon Label
4. 2022-04-25Filthy Christians07 Lev Som Du LärSplit 7" - G-Anx/Filthy ChristiansArmageddon Label
5. 2022-01-10FeinsteinRebelutionArmageddon Over Wacken Live 2004, Disc 2Armageddon Entertainment
6. 2021-07-19EXIL06 DEAR LANDLORDWarningArmageddon Label
7. 2020-11-16Dropdead04 A NATION SLEEPSDropdead (first album - remastered)Armageddon Label
8. 2020-11-16Morne (U.S.)04 Night Awaits the DawnLive at RoadburnArmageddon Label
9. 2020-09-21Dropdead03 Doorway To ExtinctionDemos 1991Armageddon Label
10. 2020-08-31Dropdead05 WARFARE STATEDropdeadArmageddon Label
11. 2020-06-22DismemberAnd So Is LifeLike An Ever Flowing StreamKarmageddon
12. 2020-05-18Escuela Grind09 Your Beneficial HateIndoctrinationArmageddon Label
13. 2020-04-27Escuela Grind06 A Ladder of Seven RoundsIndoctrinationArmageddon Label
14. 2020-04-20Elder02 In ProcessionOmensArmageddon Label
15. 2020-02-24Escuela Grind03 Private Vice Public BenefitIndoctrinationArmageddon Label
16. 2020-02-03Malleus (U.S.)02 The WretchedNight RaidsArmageddon Label
17. 2019-07-01DismemberIn Death's SleepLike An Ever Flowing StreamKarmageddon
18. 2019-03-11AvskumCuteRe-Crucified by the Systemarmageddon
19. 2019-01-28CHURCHBURNCome Forth The SwarmThe Awaiting CoffinsArmageddon Label
20. 2018-12-24MayhemPagan FearsArmageddon Over Wacken Live 2004, Disc 1Armageddon Entertainment
21. 2018-11-12MorneThe Blood Is Our OwnTo The Night UnkownArmageddon Label
22. 2018-10-29ChurchburnRelieved By Burning LeadNonce Shall Live... The Hymns Of MiseryArmageddon Label
23. 2018-09-17ChurchburnLines Of RedNonce Shall Live... The Hymns Of MiseryArmageddon Label
24. 2018-06-25ChurchburnAuthorized To CleanseNonce Shall Live... The Hymns Of MiseryArmageddon Label
25. 2018-06-11ChurchburnBefore The InfernoNonce Shall Live... The Hymns Of MiseryArmageddon Label
26. 2018-06-04ChurchburnThe Misery HymnsNonce Shall Live... The Hymns Of MiseryArmageddon Label
27. 2018-01-01MithotynWe MarchKing of the Distant ForestKarmageddon
28. 2017-09-11MithotynThe LegacyKing of the Distant ForestKarmageddon
29. 2017-08-14DropdeadNazi AtrocitiesDiscography 1991-1993 LParmageddon
30. 2017-07-03MithotynOn Misty PathwaysKing of the Distant ForestKarmageddon
31. 2017-06-12CHURCHBURNCome Forth The SwarmThe Awaiting CoffinsArmageddon Label
32. 2016-12-05CHURCHBURNCrown Of Fallen KingsThe Awaiting CoffinsArmageddon Label
33. 2016-10-17CHURCHBURNVThe Awaiting CoffinsArmageddon Label
34. 2016-06-06CHURCHBURNReturn To The Eve (Bonus Track)The Awaiting CoffinsArmageddon Label
35. 2015-07-20ChurchburnEmbers of Human AshThe Awaiting Coffinsarmageddon
36. 2015-06-08ChurchburnKneel Upon Charred RemantsThe Awaiting Coffinsarmageddon
37. 2015-05-18ChurchburnCome Forth The SwarmThe Awaiting Coffinsarmageddon
38. 2013-02-04Hard To SwallowUndercurrentself-titledarmageddon
39. 2012-03-26Hard To SwallowEyespotself-titledarmageddon
40. 2011-11-21Hard To SwallowOnly a Glimpse of...self-titledarmageddon
41. 2011-04-11AvskumGold DiggerRe-Crucified By The Systemarmageddon
42. 2010-09-27DropdeadWords of TruthLook Back And Laugharmageddon
43. 2010-02-22DropdeadStoneself-titledarmageddon
44. 2009-08-03Hard To SwallowEyespotself-titledarmageddon
45. 2009-07-06AvskumCuteRe-Crucified By The Systemarmageddon
46. 2009-07-06Hard To Swallowbarricadeself-titledarmageddon
47. 2009-05-04DropdeadTied Down for Survival001armageddon
48. 2009-01-12AvskumThe Boot-Brain SongRe-Crucified By The Systemarmageddon
49. 2008-11-17DropdeadWitch Hunt001armageddon
50. 2008-03-03Hard To SwallowOnly a Glimpse of...self-titledarmageddon
51. 2008-02-04Hard To SwallowUndercurrentself-titledarmageddon
52. 2008-01-14Hard To Swallowaction onself-titledarmageddon
53. 2008-01-07Hard To SwallowSwimmingself-titledarmageddon
54. 2007-12-24Hard To Swallowbarricadeself-titledarmageddon
55. 2007-12-17TotalitarDet Finns Penger Att HamtaWallbreaker 1986-1989armageddon
56. 2007-12-03TotalitarForena ErWallbreaker 1986-1989armageddon
57. 2007-11-05TotalitarLogn och visdomWallbreaker 1986-1989armageddon
58. 2007-10-22TotalitarynkryggarWallbreaker 1986-1989armageddon
59. 2007-10-15TotalitarKannibalernaWallbreaker 1986-1989armageddon
60. 2007-10-08TotalitarEtt Land Med FangelserWallbreaker 1986-1989armageddon
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