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New site? Maybe some day.


this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1370 playlist up with 57009 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2008-10-06MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2008-10-06
3. 2008-10-06MastodonBurning manRemissionrelapse
4. 2008-10-06Misery IndexTraitorsTraitorsrelapse
5. 2008-10-06HivesmasherThe Unholy Deserts of ArkansasAscension into Dismal Stagesvacant_seas
6. 2008-10-06the Nightmare Continues37a Terrorist is Borndyingfaith
7. 2008-10-06Skeleton WitchSacrifice for the SlaughtergodBeyond the Permafrostprosthetic
8. 2008-10-06
9. 2008-10-06PestilenceChanging PerspectivesSpheresroadrunner
10. 2008-10-06NevermoreMedicated NationThis Godless Endeavorcenturymedia
11. 2008-10-06All that RemainsUndoneOvercomeprosthetic
12. 2008-10-06Into EternityTides of Bloodthe Incurable Tragedycenturymedia
13. 2008-10-06
14. 2008-10-06ExmortusOnslaughtIn Hatreds Flameheavy_artillery
15. 2008-10-06Regain the Heart CondemnedWe Are Not ForeverGlobal Chemotherapyaxis_of_gore
16. 2008-10-06NeuraxisDreaming the Endthe Thin Line Betweenprosthetic
17. 2008-10-06PsycropticHorde in DevolutionOb(servant)nuclearblast
18. 2008-10-06
19. 2008-10-06Amon AmarthFree Will SacrificeTwilight of the Thunder Godmetalblade
20. 2008-10-06CancerMeat Trainthe Sins of Mankindrestless
21. 2008-10-06
22. 2008-10-06Young WidowsOld SkinOld Woundstemporary_residence
23. 2008-10-06LordsRobbed, Raped, and BeatenFuck All Yall Motherfuckersblackmarket_activities
24. 2008-10-06Don the ReaderTeethgrinderHumanesquedeathcote
25. 2008-10-06Inhale/ExhaleThe Impatient Will SufferI Swearsolid_state
26. 2008-10-06Brother Von DoomJudas KissRelentlessdeathcote
27. 2008-10-06
28. 2008-10-06Jeff LoomisAzure HazeZero Order Phazecenturymedia
29. 2008-10-06Electric WizardMaster of AlchemyLet Us Preythe_music_cartel
30. 2008-10-06ArtasGangsta's ParadiseThe Healingnapalm
31. 2008-10-06DisfearDeadweightLive the Stormrelapse
32. 2008-10-06Fuck the FactsBordersDisgorge Mexicorelapse
33. 2008-10-06
34. 2008-10-06Despised IconWarm Bloodedthe Healing Processcenturymedia
35. 2008-10-06Demolition HammerHuman DissectionEpidemic of Violencecenturymedia
36. 2008-10-06CarcassIncarnated Solvent AbuseSymphonies of Sicknessearache
37. 2008-10-06PessimistDay of WrathEvolution Unto Evilpathos
38. 2008-10-06
39. 2008-10-06ZyklonZyclonedWorld ov Wormscandlelight
40. 2008-10-06Dark Tranquillitythe Sun Fired BlaProjectorcenturymedia
41. 2008-10-06Warrel DaneAugustPraises to the War Machinecenturymedia
42. 2008-10-06NifelheimEvocation of the EndEnvoy of Luciferregain
43. 2008-10-06
44. 2008-10-06Eternal LordBlessedBlessed be this Nightmareferret
45. 2008-10-06Drown Retarded Children#2Demented Continuumdeath_deaf
46. 2008-10-06SlayerGhosts of warSouth of Heavendef_jam
47. 2008-10-06AssaultTerrorist AggressionNuclear Deaththrashold_cemetery
48. 2008-10-06BlasfemiaTormento Que No Esconde el Lado Oscuro de la Corona InotorgableEl Indice De los Libros Prohibidosold_cemetery
49. 2008-10-06
50. 2008-10-06VaderIncarnationXXVregain
51. 2008-10-06KataklysmTear Down the KingdomPrevailnuclearblast
52. 2008-10-06TrenchesPathwaysthe Tide will Swallow Us Wholesolid_state
53. 2008-10-06
54. 2008-10-06WatainStorm of the AntichristSworn to the Darkajna
55. 2008-10-06Toxic HolocaustFuture ShockAn Overdose of Death...relapse
56. 2008-10-06Cryptic SlaughterStill Born, AgainSpeak Your Peacemetalblade
57. 2008-10-06Necrophagistthe Stillborn OneEpitaphrelapse
58. 2008-10-06Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
59. 2008-10-06Epitaph
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