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New site? Maybe some day.


this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1365 playlist up with 56839 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2018-05-28MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2018-05-28
3. 2018-05-28The Ruins Of BeverastThe Clockhand's Groaning CirclesUnlock The Shrine (Reliquary Of The White Abyss)
4. 2018-05-28EvighetThe Greater Glory Of SatanWinter Twilight
5. 2018-05-28BRANIKALD02 - Борьба это жизньТриумф Воли
6. 2018-05-28MardukScorched EarthPanzer Division Marduk
7. 2018-05-28FINSTERFORSTHangover#YOLONapalm Records
8. 2018-05-28
9. 2018-05-28ExodusDeliver Us To EvilLet There Be Bloodimportant
10. 2018-05-28Rigor MortisShroud Of GloomRigor Mortis
11. 2018-05-28After The BombsSpoils Of WarSpoils Of War EP
12. 2018-05-28MagrudergrindCircle Pit CasseroleOwned
13. 2018-05-28Infamous SinphonyRetributionManipulationXtreem Music
14. 2018-05-28Inevitable EndCollapse in ReverseThe Severed InceptionRelapse Records
15. 2018-05-28
16. 2018-05-28VomepotroPosmortiis RectaliationLiturgy of DissectionSevared Records - via Metalhit
17. 2018-05-28Iron LungCauterizationLife. Iron Lung. Death.
18. 2018-05-287 Minutes Of NauseaRotten Fakes
19. 2018-05-28The CarrierA Stranger to MyselfBlind to What is Right
20. 2018-05-28Insect WarfareReanimated HordeSplit With Hatred Surge/Insect Warfare
21. 2018-05-28HellnationHellnation - 15 - OutsiderDynamite Up Your Ass
22. 2018-05-28Last Gays Of HumanityBoiling Bodily InnardsDemo
23. 2018-05-28Porn OrchardPlump WhoreName Your RegionsC/Z
24. 2018-05-28
25. 2018-05-28HiraxSwords of SteelThe New Age of Terror
26. 2018-05-28SolsticeS.M.D. (Carnivore cover)Solstice
27. 2018-05-28Corpsefucking ArtBEVERLY HILLS CORPSEZOMBIEFUCKSevared Records - via Metalhit
28. 2018-05-28MucopusCorporation XDemo
29. 2018-05-28Necrolatry[pol]03. In To The Chapel Of SkullsConfessions (demo 92)
30. 2018-05-28
31. 2018-05-28Heretic Cult RedeemerThe Oldest of TimesHeretic Cult Redeemer LPIron Bonehead Productions
32. 2018-05-28AzarathObey the FleshPraise the BeastAgonia Records
33. 2018-05-28WitheredExtinguished With The MiseryMETAL SWIMadult swim
34. 2018-05-28EntrailsHeadless DawnRaging DeathMetal Blade
35. 2018-05-28
36. 2018-05-28Eternal ReignShadows of the PastThe Dawn of ReckoningPure Steel Records
37. 2018-05-28NevermoreBittersweet FeastThis Godless EndeavorCentury Media
38. 2018-05-28Virgin SteeleToo Hot To HandleLife Among The Ruins
39. 2018-05-28PRIMITIVE MANStretched ThinScornRelapse Records
40. 2018-05-28
41. 2018-05-28BiohazardBlack And White And Red All OverUrban Discipline
42. 2018-05-28BangFuture ShockBang
43. 2018-05-28Electric WizardWe Hate YouDopethrone [2006 Remaster]
44. 2018-05-28Black TuskFatal KissMETAL SWIMadult swim
45. 2018-05-28
46. 2018-05-28BathoryThe StallionBlood on Ice
47. 2018-05-28Hecate EnthronedThe Pagan Swords of LegendDark Requiems
48. 2018-05-28SlaughterTyrant Of HellStrappado
49. 2018-05-28Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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