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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1160 playlist up with 49506 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2019-05-27DiabolicInfernalismSubterraneal MagnitudeConquest Music
2. 2019-02-04DiabolicalGod of the UnderworldA Thousand DeathsWorld War III Music
3. 2018-09-03Diabolic Force (Brazil)Cross in FirePraise of SatanHells Headbangers Records
4. 2017-07-17DiabolicInfernalismSubterraneal MagnitudeConquest Music
5. 2016-11-21DiabolicalUnder My SkinA Thousand DeathsWorld War III Music
6. 2014-10-13DiabolicInternal Mental CannibalismInfinity Through Purifcationolympic
7. 2014-10-13Diabolical MessiahCurse Of MegatonsSatan Tottendemon VictoryBlood Harvest
8. 2014-07-28Diabolical MessiahDivine WarSatan Tottendemon VictoryBlood Harvest
9. 2014-07-14Diabolical MessiahDivine WarSatan Tottendemon VictoryBlood Harvest
10. 2014-06-09DiabolicalDead Angel\'s ChoirA Thousand Deathsworld_war_iii
11. 2012-12-24DiabolicMajestic SatanicVengeance Ascendingolympic
12. 2011-10-17DiabolicalDrowned in BloodSynergyworld_war_iii
13. 2011-01-03DiabolicExtinction Level EventSubterraneal Magnitudeconquest_music
14. 2010-12-13DiabolicSatanic BarbarismInfinity Through Purifcationolympic
15. 2010-07-05DiabolicCity of the DeadCity of the Deadfadeless
16. 2008-08-25Diabolicthe Suffering ChurchDestruction of the Heavenly Realms Vol IIIdeathgasm
17. 2008-06-16Diabolicthe Suffering ChurchDestruction of the Heavenly Realms Vol IIIdeathgasm
18. 2008-05-26Diabolicthe Suffering ChurchDestruction of the Heavenly Realms Vol IIIdeathgasm
19. 2006-01-30diabolical mascarade11th movement
20. 2005-10-31diaboliccity of the dead
21. 2005-10-24diabolicalcaged wrath
22. 2004-10-18diaboliccease to be (3:33)
23. 2004-02-23diabolicalcaged wrath
24. 2004-01-05diabolicprocession of the soul grinders
25. 2003-12-29diabolicalgod of the underworld
26. 2003-12-29diabolicprocession of the soul grinders
27. 2003-12-22diabolicdescending through portals of misery
28. 2003-12-15diabolicinternal mental cannibalism
29. 2003-11-24diabolicprocession of the soul grinders
30. 2003-11-17diabolicexsanguinated life
31. 2003-11-10diabolicinternal mental cannibalism
32. 2003-01-14DiabolicalUntil the Day Arrives
33. 2002-12-17DiabolicalDead Anel's Choir
34. 2002-12-01DiabolicalChildren of the Mushroom Cloud
35. 2002-11-26DiabolicalGod of the Underworld
36. 2002-05-14DiabolicPossess the Strength
37. 2002-02-19Diabolicthe Inevitable
38. 2002-02-11DiabolicalHaven
39. 2002-02-05DiabolicVegeance Assending
40. 2002-01-29DiabolicMajestic Satanic
41. 2002-01-22Diabolicthe Shallow
42. 2002-01-15DiabolicDarken the Imagination
43. 2002-01-15Diabolic MascaradeDeath's design the com young
44. 2002-01-15Diabolicalthe passenger
45. 2002-01-08DiabolicAll Evils Inside
46. 2002-01-01DiabolicDarken the Imagination
47. 2001-12-25DiabolicCease to be (3:33)
48. 2001-12-25Diabolicalthe Passanger
49. 2001-12-18DiabolicDarken the Imagination
50. 2001-12-11DiabolicThe Shallowed
51. 2001-12-11DiabolicalHuman Control
52. 2001-12-04DiabolicPossess the Strength
53. 2001-12-04DiabolicalDrowned in Blood
54. 2001-11-27DiabolicalGuidence of Sin
55. 2001-11-20DiabolicalNecromancer of the Ancient Arts
56. 2001-11-13DiabolicFailed Extraction
57. 2001-11-06Diabolic#9
58. 2001-10-30DiabolicExtimction Leven Event
59. 2001-10-30DiabolicExtimction Leven Event
60. 2001-10-09Diabolical Mascaradethe defiled Feeds
61. 2001-10-02Diabolical MascaradeThey Come, you go
62. 2001-09-25Diabolical MascaradeThe Egytian Resort
63. 2000-10-31DiabolicRapture
64. 2000-10-31DiabolicRapture
65. 1999-12-06DiabolicVortex
66. 1999-11-30DiabolicCity of the Dead
67. 1999-11-08DiabolicVortex
68. 1999-11-01DiabolicEncarta
69. 1999-10-25DiabolicInborn
70. 1999-10-18DiabolicEncarta
71. 1999-10-11DiabolicDenounce God
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