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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1292 playlist up with 54430 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2022-06-20Satanic Ripper05 Insane Satanic ScreamsSouthern Black SpellsBlood Harvest Records
2. 2022-05-23CrucifyreFaces Of Death (His Satanic Shadow)Black Magic FirePulverised Records
3. 2022-04-25ZygoatsisSatanic Kultus AltarS.K.U.D. (Satanic Kultus - Unholy Desecration)
4. 2022-04-11SERPENTSHRINE02 Satanic Rituals of the PerverseAllegiance to the MythSignal Rex
5. 2020-01-20AbazagorathSatanic VersesThe Satanic VersesEternal Death
6. 2020-01-20NifelheimSatanic SacrificeNifelheim
7. 2019-04-29DEIPHAGO03 Neuro-Satanic CircuitI, The Devil (CD, LP, TAPE)Hells Headbangers Records
8. 2019-04-22Imperial DuskBlack Priest of Satanic Blood RitualsBlack Priest Of Satanic Blood Rituals
9. 2019-02-04Bestial WarlustSatanicVengeance War Till Death
10. 2018-12-31ThyraneSatanic Ages OvertureBlack Harmony
11. 2017-10-23HellhammerSatanic RitesDemon Entrails
12. 2016-12-26Electric WizardSatanic Rites of DrugulaWitchcult TodayCandlelight Records
13. 2016-11-21CovenSatanic as HellBoneless ChristianRed Light Records
14. 2016-11-14EnthronedPremature SatanicremationArmoured Bestial Hell
15. 2016-11-14OmissionSatanic Speed Thrash MetalThrash Metal is ViolenceXtreem Music
16. 2016-10-31martyrvoresatanic forcessatanic forces
17. 2016-05-30Mystic ProphecySatanic CursesSatanic CursesLocomotive Records
18. 2016-04-11nocturnalsatanic oatharrival of the carnivore
19. 2016-04-11NunslaughterSatanicHells Unholy Fire
20. 2016-04-041349Satanic PropagandaMassive Cauldron Of Chaosseason_of_mist
21. 2016-03-21Mystic ProphecySatanic CursesSatanic CursesLocomotive Records
22. 2016-03-21nocturnalsatanic oatharrival of the carnivore
23. 2015-01-26CrucifyreFaces Of Death (His Satanic Shadow)Black Magic Firepulverised
24. 2014-11-03BlaspherianPrayer Of Satanic HateSummoning of Infernal Hordes
25. 2014-04-28Baphomet's BloodSatanic Metal Attack
26. 2013-12-16NifelheimSatanic MassDevil's Forceregain
27. 2013-10-28CarcassThe Granulating Dark Satanic MillsSurgical Steelnuclearblast
28. 2013-07-15Satanic ThreatSatanic ThreatIn To Hellhells_headbangers
29. 2013-02-04Destroyer 666Satanic Speed MetalTo The Devil His Duehells_headbangers
30. 2013-01-21SargeistSatanic Black DevotionSatanic Black Devotionmoribund
31. 2012-12-24DiabolicMajestic SatanicVengeance Ascendingolympic
32. 2012-06-18Destroyer 666Satanic Speed MetalTo The Devil His Duehells_headbangers
33. 2011-08-08Destroyer 666Satanic Speed MetalTo The Devil His Duehells_headbangers
34. 2010-12-20AeonSatanic VictoryBleeding the Falseself-released
35. 2010-12-13DiabolicSatanic BarbarismInfinity Through Purifcationolympic
36. 2010-05-24MartyrvoreDark Satanic ForcesMartyvore-Witchtomb Split CDold_cemetery
37. 2010-01-04MartyrvoreDark Satanic ForcesMartyvore-Witchtomb Split CDold_cemetery
38. 2009-09-14AeonSatanic VictoryBleeding the Falseself-released
39. 2009-09-14NecrophobicFor Those Who Stayed SatanicDeath To Allregain
40. 2009-06-08MartyrvoreDark Satanic ForcesMartyvore-Witchtomb Split CDold_cemetery
41. 2009-01-26Electric WizardSatanic Rites of DraculaWitchcult Todaycandlelight
42. 2008-07-28Black TormentSatanic HolocaustSatanic Holocaustold_cemetery
43. 2008-07-14BestializedHuman Satanic VisionAnnihilating the Judeo-Christian Generationsold_cemetery
44. 2008-05-26MartyrvoreDark Satanic ForcesMartyvore-Witchtomb Split CDold_cemetery
45. 2008-04-28MartyrvoreDark Satanic ForcesMartyvore-Witchtomb Split CDold_cemetery
46. 2008-02-18Electric WizardSatanic Wites of DraculaWitchcult Todaycandlelight
47. 2004-12-06satanic slaughtersatanic queen
48. 2002-10-15ThyraneSatanic
49. 2002-01-29DiabolicMajestic Satanic
50. 2001-10-30Wurdulaksatanic utopia
51. 2001-10-30Wurdulaksatanic utopia
52. 1997-08-18Satanic Slaughtersatanic queen
53. 1996-11-04BrujeriaRitmos Satanicos
54. 0000-00-00NifelheimSatanic Mass
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