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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1348 playlist up with 56301 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2009-09-14MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2009-09-14
3. 2009-09-14Abstract RaptureThe VoidDemocadenciamaddening_media
4. 2009-09-14the Black Dahlia MurderDenounced, DisgracedDefloratemetalblade
5. 2009-09-14AuguryFaith PuppeteersFragmentary Evidencenuclearblast
6. 2009-09-14MartyrLost in SanityFeeding the Abscessgaly
7. 2009-09-14
8. 2009-09-14BrujeriaPititis Te InvocoBrujerizmoroadrunner
9. 2009-09-14BloodsoakedUnborn HorrorSadistic Deeds... Grotesque Memoriescomatose
10. 2009-09-14AeonSatanic VictoryBleeding the Falseself-released
11. 2009-09-14EngorgedThe Final GialloFuck... I'm Dead vs Engorged - split CDno_escape
12. 2009-09-14
13. 2009-09-14AssuckFeasts of WarAnticapital/Blindspot/+3sound_polution
14. 2009-09-14AssuckOctober RevolutionAnticapital/Blindspot/+3sound_polution
15. 2009-09-14Born/DeadBombfactoryThe Final Collapseprank
16. 2009-09-14TragedyCall To ArmsVengeancetragedy
17. 2009-09-14PropagandhiTertium Non DaturSupporting Castesmallman
18. 2009-09-14Your DemiseFeels Like There's Something Dark InsideIgnorance Never Diesearache
19. 2009-09-14
20. 2009-09-14the Endless BlockadeThe StainPrimitivebuck_skin
21. 2009-09-14Job for a CowboyPsycological ImmoralityRuinationmetalblade
22. 2009-09-14
23. 2009-09-14RavageDamn NationThe End of Tomorrowmetalblade
24. 2009-09-143 Inches of BloodSilent KillerHere Waits Thy Doomcenturymedia
25. 2009-09-14Black AnvilTen Talons DeepTime Insults the Mindrelapse
26. 2009-09-14Lewd ActsNightcrawlersBlack Eye Bluesdeathwishinc
27. 2009-09-14
28. 2009-09-14Threat SignalUnited We StandVigilancenuclearblast
29. 2009-09-14Dirge WithinForce Fed LiesForce Fed Liese1_music
30. 2009-09-14
31. 2009-09-14BurialChokedDivinity Through Eradicationmetal_wrestling_alliance
32. 2009-09-14Anal CuntYou're A CopI like it when you dieearache
33. 2009-09-14Coke BustPower JunkiesDemoself-released
34. 2009-09-14Burnt By The SunInner StationHeart Of Darknessrelapse
35. 2009-09-14Reign SupremeIn AbsentiaTesting the Limits of Infinitedeathwishinc
36. 2009-09-14
37. 2009-09-14ArchitectCamelot In SmithereensGhosts of the Saltwater Machinesblackmarket_activities
38. 2009-09-14DrowningmanMy First Restraining OrderRock and Roll Killing Machinerevelation
39. 2009-09-14Man Must DieHide the Knivesno Tolerance For Imperfectionrelapse
40. 2009-09-14NecrophobicFor Those Who Stayed SatanicDeath To Allregain
41. 2009-09-14
42. 2009-09-14MegadethEndgameEndgameroadrunner
43. 2009-09-14Before the DawnSeed4:17 AMlocomotive
44. 2009-09-14BehemothChristians to the LionsThelema 6olympic
45. 2009-09-14FunebreShiverChildren of The Scornxtreem
46. 2009-09-14
47. 2009-09-14Shoot To KillNorthAltar Of Pigsfrequency_deleted
48. 2009-09-14Municipal WasteShredded OfferingMassive Aggressiveearache
49. 2009-09-14Cockpunch!Not Just For The LadiesAttackclosed_casket_activities
50. 2009-09-14HardluckTo The TestDead Endcommon_bond
51. 2009-09-14PathogenBestial PerversionBlasphemous Communionold_cemetery
52. 2009-09-14
53. 2009-09-14Amarna ReignInto the SkyAtonementbadly_drawn
54. 2009-09-14Breather ResistMidas In ReverseYou've Got The Touch Of A True Charmerjade_tree
55. 2009-09-14Have HeartThe UnbreakableThe Things We Carrybridge9
56. 2009-09-14NecrophagistMutilate the StillbornOnset of Putrefactionwillowtip
57. 2009-09-14Annotations of an Autopsythe ChildsnatcherBefore the Throne of Infectionferret
58. 2009-09-14Annotations of an AutopsyProsthetic ErectionBefore the Throne of Infectionferret
59. 2009-09-14
60. 2009-09-14Broken HopeErotic ZoophilismRepulsive Conceptionmetalblade
61. 2009-09-14Black EmpireBlack ReflectionsBlack Angel/Black Empireold_cemetery
62. 2009-09-14NileExtinctFestivals of Atonementanubis
63. 2009-09-14AbarothPulse of the EarthEnter the Kingdom of Nighteinheri
64. 2009-09-14Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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