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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1349 playlist up with 56325 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2023-04-03InfernaeonThe Scar Of DavidGenesis To NemesisProsthetic Records
2. 2023-02-20Skyless AeonsDimensional EntrapmentDrain The Sun - Out Oct 2ndCDN Records
3. 2022-06-20Aeon of HorusConquering the Speed of LightThe Embodiment of Darkness and Light
4. 2021-10-18InAeonaNever ForeverForce Rise The SunProsthetic Records
5. 2020-09-14Skyless AeonsDimensional EntrapmentDrain The Sun - Out Oct 2ndCDN Records
6. 2019-12-16InfernaeonCreeping DeathGenesis To NemesisProsthetic Records
7. 2019-05-27Aeon WindsThe Path of Devouring FlamesPoslední vlci
8. 2019-05-06AeonI Will BurnPath Of FireMetal Blade
9. 2019-04-29AeonEternal HateDark Order
10. 2018-07-30AllegaeonPoint Of DisfigurementFragments Of Form And Functionmetalblade
11. 2018-07-16Aeon of HorusArrogantly Opposing RealityThe Embodiment of Darkness and Light
12. 2017-11-20AllegaeonAcross the Folded LineFragments of Form and FunctionMetal Blade
13. 2017-07-24AeonHell UnleashedDark Order
14. 2017-06-05AeonWith Blood They PayDark OrderDeathvomit
15. 2017-05-08AllegaeonThe God ParticleFragments Of Form And Functionmetalblade
16. 2017-02-13AllegaeonTerrathaw and the QuakeProponent for SentienceMetal Blade Records
17. 2016-12-19Aeons Of AshesWinter Is ComingShutdownNoiseheadrecords
18. 2016-11-21AllegaeonOf Mind and MatrixProponent for SentienceMetal Blade Records
19. 2016-11-14AllegaeonDemons of an Intricate DesignProponent for SentienceMetal Blade Records
20. 2016-10-03AllegaeonFrom NothingProponent for SentienceMetal Blade Records
21. 2016-09-26AllegaeonAll Hail ScienceProponent for SentienceMetal Blade Records
22. 2016-08-08AllegaeonTartessosFormshifterMetal Blade
23. 2016-05-30Aeon of HorusRadiateExistence
24. 2016-05-02ArchaeonEsurient Fount (The Risen Nephilim)Vanitasself-released
25. 2016-02-08Aeon of HorusReleaseExistence
26. 2015-05-25InfernaeonFirst Of The FallenGenesis To Nemesisprosthetic
27. 2015-05-04AllegaeonFrom the Stars Death CameFormshiftermetalblade
28. 2015-05-04AeonForever NailedBleeding the Falsemetalblade
29. 2015-04-20InfernaeonLilith Ave SatanasGenesis To Nemesisprosthetic
30. 2015-03-30AllegaeonThe Azrael TriggerFormshiftermetalblade
31. 2015-02-16AllegaeonAtrophy Of HippocratesFragments of Form and Functionmetalblade
32. 2014-10-20AllegaeonTyrants Of The Terrestrial ExodusElements Of The Infinitemetalblade
33. 2014-09-22Aeons Of AshesInto OblivionShutdownNoiseheadrecords
34. 2014-08-04AllegaeonThe Phylogenesis StretchElements Of The Infinitemetalblade
35. 2014-07-21AllegaeonOur Cosmic CasketElements Of The Infinitemetalblade
36. 2014-07-14AllegaeonDyson SphereElements Of The Infinitemetalblade
37. 2014-06-23AllegaeonGravimetric Time DilationElements Of The Infinitemetalblade
38. 2014-06-09AllegaeonThe Phylogenesis StretchElements Of The Infinitemetalblade
39. 2013-06-17AeonDead Means DeadAeons Blackmetalblade
40. 2012-12-17AeonBlessed By The PriestAeons Blackmetalblade
41. 2012-12-10AeonMaze Of DamnedAeons Blackmetalblade
42. 2012-11-19AeonI Wish You DeathAeons Blackmetalblade
43. 2012-11-12AeonThe Glowing HateAeons Blackmetalblade
44. 2012-10-22AllegaeonA Path DisclosedFormshiftermetalblade
45. 2012-09-17AllegaeonIconic ImagesFormshiftermetalblade
46. 2012-06-25AllegaeonA Path DisclosedFormshiftermetalblade
47. 2012-06-18AllegaeonTimeline DissonanceFormshiftermetalblade
48. 2012-05-14AllegaeonThe Azrael TriggerFormshiftermetalblade
49. 2012-05-07AllegaeonFrom the Stars Death CameFormshiftermetalblade
50. 2012-04-30AllegaeonA Path DisclosedFormshiftermetalblade
51. 2011-08-29ArchaeonInsidious ReignVanitasself-released
52. 2010-12-20AeonSatanic VictoryBleeding the Falseself-released
53. 2010-10-18InfernaeonLilith Ave SatanasGenesis To Nemesisprosthetic
54. 2010-10-11InfernaeonFirst Of The FallenGenesis To Nemesisprosthetic
55. 2010-09-27InfernaeonThe Scar Of DavidGenesis To Nemesisprosthetic
56. 2010-09-20InfernaeonLegacy Of KaneGenesis To Nemesisprosthetic
57. 2010-09-20AllegaeonFrom Seed To ThroneFragments of Form and Functionmetalblade
58. 2010-09-13InfernaeonCreeping DeathGenesis To Nemesisprosthetic
59. 2010-08-23AllegaeonPoint Of DisfigurementFragments of Form and Functionmetalblade
60. 2010-07-12AeonKill Em AllPath Of Firemetalblade
61. 2010-06-28AllegaeonThe God ParticleFragments of Form and Functionmetalblade
62. 2010-06-28AeonSuffer The SoulPath Of Firemetalblade
63. 2010-06-21AeonAbomination Of GodPath Of Firemetalblade
64. 2010-06-14AeonKill Em AllPath Of Firemetalblade
65. 2009-12-14AeonForever NailedBleeding the Falseself-released
66. 2009-11-23AeonForever NailedBleeding the Falseself-released
67. 2009-10-12ArchaeonEsurrent Fount (The Risen Nephilim)Vanitasself-released
68. 2009-09-28AeonGod Gives Head in HeavenBleeding the Falseself-released
69. 2009-09-14AeonSatanic VictoryBleeding the Falseself-released
70. 2009-08-24AeonI Hate Your ExistenceBleeding the Falseself-released
71. 2009-08-03ArchaeonInsidious ReignVanitasself-released
72. 2009-05-18AeonGod Gives Head in HeavenBleeding the Falseself-released
73. 2009-04-06ArchaeonAmaranthine FugueVanitasself-released
74. 2009-01-26AeonGodlessRise to Dominatemetalblade
75. 2008-07-14ArchaeonAmaranthine FugueVanitasself-released
76. 2008-06-23ArchaeonInsidious ReignVanitasself-released
77. 2008-06-16ArchaeonAmaranthine FugueVanitasself-released
78. 2007-11-05AeonLiving sinRise to Dominatemetalblade
79. 2007-10-15AeonHouse of GreedRise to Dominatemetalblade
80. 2007-10-08AeonGodlessRise to Dominatemetalblade
81. 2007-10-01AeonSpreading their DiseaseRise to Dominatemetalblade
82. 2007-09-24AeonCaressed By the Holy ManRise to Dominatemetalblade
83. 2007-09-17AeonGodlessRise to Dominatemetalblade
84. 2007-09-10AeonHate ThemRise to Dominatemetalblade
85. 2007-09-03AeonYou Pray to NothingRise to Dominatemetalblade
86. 2007-08-27AeonLiving sinRise to Dominatemetalblade
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