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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1326 playlist up with 55570 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2012-12-24MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2012-12-24
3. 2012-12-24EerieBoth InVolumetric Addictionvolume_worship
4. 2012-12-24Bal-Sagoththe voyagers beneath the mare inbriumThe Power Cosmicnuclearblast
5. 2012-12-24Sonic PulseSonic PulseLarger Than Lifeself-released
6. 2012-12-24DesolateDeface And ObliterateSanity Obiliteratedpathos
7. 2012-12-24
8. 2012-12-24VomitoryThe Dead AwakenOpus Morits VIIImetalblade
9. 2012-12-24ExumerCrushing PointFire & Damnationmetalblade
10. 2012-12-24DimentianonIt Never Endssplit-Dimentianon-Rigor Sardonicouslargactyl
11. 2012-12-24ManticoreIn Nomine SatanasBehold The Ascension Of The Execratedold_cemetery
12. 2012-12-24
13. 2012-12-24My Dying BrideThe Thrash Of Naked LimbsTrinityfierce
14. 2012-12-24TrollBurn the WitchNeo-Satanic Supremacynapalm
15. 2012-12-24Thy PrimordialAt the World of Untrodden WonderVarious Artist - Satanic Rites: A tribute to helldwell
16. 2012-12-24Anaal NathrakhSatanarchistTotal Fucking Necro
17. 2012-12-24
18. 2012-12-24Machine HeadBeautiful MourningThe Blackeningroadrunner
19. 2012-12-24*gremlins*
20. 2012-12-24AnnihilatorAlison HellAlice in Hellroadrunner
21. 2012-12-24Rude AwakeningErisionThe Awakeningtriple_b
22. 2012-12-24The Red ChordBlack SantaClientsmetalblade
23. 2012-12-24ConvergeHeartlessYou Fail meepitaph
24. 2012-12-24
25. 2012-12-24Abysmal DawnIn The Hands Of DeathFrom Ashesrelapse
26. 2012-12-24Gorod5000 At The FuneralA Perfect Absolutionunique_leader
27. 2012-12-24CytotoxinDead Zone WalkthroughRadiophobiaunique_leader
28. 2012-12-24DiabolicMajestic SatanicVengeance Ascendingolympic
29. 2012-12-24ImmolationIn Human FormMajesty and Decaynuclearblast
30. 2012-12-24
31. 2012-12-24Rigor MortisCondenmed To HellRigor Mortis
32. 2012-12-24
33. 2012-12-24HivesmasherDamaged (P)Inc.Gutter Choirblackmarket_activities
34. 2012-12-24ReplicaFate Of GodsThe Bright Side OF DeathNoiseheadrecords
35. 2012-12-24KonghSole CreationSole Creationagonia
36. 2012-12-24SpektrTeratologyCypheragonia
37. 2012-12-24
38. 2012-12-24Shroud of BereavementWhile We MournWhile We Mournself-released
39. 2012-12-24A Forest Of StarsA Prophet For A Pound Of FleshA Shadowplay For Yesterdaysprophecy
40. 2012-12-24DordeduhE-an-NaDar De Duhprophecy
41. 2012-12-24EnshadowedIs Venit Ex AbyssusMagic Chaos Psychedeliapulverised
42. 2012-12-24
43. 2012-12-24Baphomet's HornsMy Dark Empire RisesSatanic War Fucking Metalold_cemetery
44. 2012-12-24Revelations Of RainTimeEmanation Of Hatredsolitude_productions
45. 2012-12-24Buried InsideTime As A Surrogate ReligionChronoclastrelapse
46. 2012-12-24AmorphisOn A Stranded ShoreThe Beginning Of Timesnuclearblast
47. 2012-12-24
48. 2012-12-24God SeedForces Of Satan StormsLive In Wackenindie
49. 2012-12-24Cryptopsycold hate, warm blood (live)The Best Of Us Bleed
50. 2012-12-24King DiamondNo Presents for Christmas (33)No Presents for Christmasroadracer
51. 2012-12-24King DiamondNo Presents for ChristmasNo Presents for Christmasroadracer
52. 2012-12-24Ronnie James Dio, Tony Iommi, Rudy Sarzo, Simon WrightGod Rest Ye Merry GentlemenVarious Artists - We Wish You A Metal Xmas And A Headbanging New Year (CD1)roadrunner
53. 2012-12-24
54. 2012-12-24Die HardCold ScytheConjure The Legionsagonia
55. 2012-12-24Death AngelBuried AliveKilling Seasonnuclearblast
56. 2012-12-24Satanic BloodsprayingAt The Mercy Of SatanAt The Mercy Of Satanhells_headbangers
57. 2012-12-24Nihil DominationThe Rising Of SatanasSudamerican Worshop To Sathanas Cult to Bestial Desecration Of Jehovahold_cemetery
58. 2012-12-24NecrovationPulse Of Towering MadnessNecrovationagonia
59. 2012-12-24
60. 2012-12-24Satanic SlaughterImmortal DeathLand Of The Unholy Soulsnecropolis
61. 2012-12-24*throne of lies*
62. 2012-12-24Hooded MenaceSummoned Into Euphoric MadnessEffigies Of Evilrelapse
63. 2012-12-24DeceasedA Very Familiar StrangerSupernatural Addictionhells_headbangers
64. 2012-12-24Black SheepThe ReaperSinking Shipsself-released
65. 2012-12-24
66. 2012-12-24Children Of TechnologyComputer Wolr d(BlackUniforms cover)Mayhemic Speed Anarchyhells_headbangers
67. 2012-12-24Don FeiderHeavy Metal (Takin' A Ride)Various Artists - Heavy Metal The Movie
68. 2012-12-24LionShout It OutDangerous Attractionscotti bros
69. 2012-12-24HelstarAbandon ShipA Distant Thundermetalblade
70. 2012-12-24
71. 2012-12-24StormlordThe CastawayMare Nostrumlocomotive
72. 2012-12-24SepulturaEscape to the VoidSchizophreniaroadrunner
73. 2012-12-24Blackened WisdomThe Angels Are CryingThe Angels Are Cryinghells_headbangers
74. 2012-12-24Bombs Of HadesForgotten In GraveThe Serpent's Redemptionpulverised
75. 2012-12-24HeadwoundMerry Christmas, I Fucked Your SnowmanVarious Artists - Cashing In On Christmassblack hole
76. 2012-12-24Black BreathThe FlameSentenced To Lifesouthernlord
77. 2012-12-24
78. 2012-12-24Cephalic ImpurityBuriedPerverted Surgical Conceptsoulflesh_collector
79. 2012-12-24CarcassBuried DreamsHeartworkearache
80. 2012-12-24Cephalic CarnageLucid IntervalLucid Intervalrelapse
81. 2012-12-24Anal BlastNipples Knees Ass Cheeks AnklesVaginal Vempirenightfall
82. 2012-12-24DehumanizedProphocies ForetoldProphocies Foretoldpathos
83. 2012-12-24GoreventExtinctionAbnormal Exaggerationmacabre_mentos
84. 2012-12-24
85. 2012-12-24Internal BleedingConfomed to ObscurityAlien Breed (1991-2001)centurymedia
86. 2012-12-24The Atlas CollapseThe Lying TruthEpself-released
87. 2012-12-24BeheadedNever To DawnNever To Dawnunique_leader
88. 2012-12-24WasteformBedtime ButcherDesigned By Disgustpathos
89. 2012-12-24Cannibal AccidentTrack 9OmnivorousNailjar
90. 2012-12-24
91. 2012-12-24DestructionMad ButcherAll Hell Breaks Loosenuclearblast
92. 2012-12-24Cirith UngolFinger Of ScornKing of the Deadenigma
93. 2012-12-24Iron MaidenAlexander The GreatSomewhere in Timecapitol
94. 2012-12-24CitiesFight For Your LifeAnnihilation Absolutemetalblade
95. 2012-12-24
96. 2012-12-24SavatageOf Rage And WarGutter Balletatlantic
97. 2012-12-24AnthraxI am the LawAmong the Livingisland
98. 2012-12-24SodomAgent OrangeAgent Orangemetalblade
99. 2012-12-24Living DeathWood Of NecrophaliacProtected From Realityrestless
100. 2012-12-24Fates WarningMisfitsNight on Brockenmetalblade
101. 2012-12-24
102. 2012-12-24Bison BCClozapine DreamLovelessnessmetalblade
103. 2012-12-24Between the Buried and MeLunar WildernessThe Parallaxmetalblade
104. 2012-12-24Old Man GloomB1Nohydrahead
105. 2012-12-24
106. 2012-12-24PallbearerThe LegendSorrow And Extinction
107. 2012-12-24The Slow DeathReclaimed By DustII
108. 2012-12-24DawnbringerIIIIn The Lair Of The Sun Godprofound_lore
109. 2012-12-24Hail Spirit NoirLet Your Devil Cum InsidePneuma
110. 2012-12-24Aura NoirFed To The FlamesOut To Die
111. 2012-12-24
112. 2012-12-24Cradle Of FilthHallowed by thy nameCradle Of Filthkoch
113. 2012-12-24MerrimackBeati Estis Cum Maledixerint VobisThe Acausal Mass
114. 2012-12-24AcephalixTomb Of Our FathersDeathless Master
115. 2012-12-24Cannibal CorpseBryond The CemeteryTomb of the Mutilatedmetalblade
116. 2012-12-24Deathspell OmegaFiery SerpentsDroughtNorma Evangelium Diaboli
117. 2012-12-24
118. 2012-12-24Bane (RS)The End Of HumanityThe Acausal Fire
119. 2012-12-24AnhedonistEstrangementNetherwards
120. 2012-12-24HellbringerNecromancer's ReturnDominion Of Darkness
121. 2012-12-24Judas PriestMetal MeltdownPainkiller
122. 2012-12-24
123. 2012-12-24Tommy Shaw, Steve Lukather, Marco Mendoza, Kenny AronofHappy Xmas (War Is Over)Various Artists - We Wish You A Metal Xmas And A Headbanging New Year (CD1)roadrunner
124. 2012-12-24*national lampoons*
125. 2012-12-24Twisted sisterI'll Be Home For Christmas (Featuring Lita Ford)A Twisted Christmas
126. 2012-12-24Tim 'Ripper' Owens, Steve Morse, Juan Garcia, Marco MenSanta Claus Is Back In TownVarious Artists - We Wish You A Metal Xmas And A Headbanging New Year (CD1)roadrunner
127. 2012-12-24August Burns RedOh Holy NightAugust Burns Red Presents: Sleddin' Hill, A Holiday Album
128. 2012-12-24Doro Pesch, Michael Schenker, Tony Franklin, Frankie BaO' Christmas TreeVarious Artists - We Wish You A Metal Xmas And A Headbanging New Year (CD2)roadrunner
129. 2012-12-24Timo TolkkiIt's Xmas MorningHymm To Life
130. 2012-12-24Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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