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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1369 playlist up with 56979 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2023-09-11Waldgeflüster03 Herbst befiel das Land MMXXIIIUnter bronzenen KronenAOP Records
2. 2023-08-21DélétèreCantus III – Ichthus Os TremorisDe Horae LepraeSepulchral Productions
3. 2023-07-10DarkworIIIFoederati
4. 2022-10-31Digir GidimDigir Gidim - 03 IIIThe Celestial Macrocosmic Scale and The Shimmering Path of the Supreme RegulatorATMF
5. 2022-07-18ZaoCircle III the Gluttonous: the Ghost PsalmLiberate Te Ex InferisSolid State
6. 2022-05-30Atramentum (UK/Egypt)03 IIIThrough Fire, Everything is RenewedInvictus Productions
7. 2022-02-14YAWN03 Cement III _ Restart, Reload, RebuildMaterialismMindsweeper Records
8. 2022-02-14VALAIS03 IIIValaisSignal Rex
9. 2022-01-24Crusade of BardsPart III - A New WorldTales of the Seven SeasRockshots Records
10. 2021-12-13Hammerdrone3. Hammerdrone - A Trinity Of Rage - Part III -...A Trinity of Rage (EP) - Out Dec 10thSelf-Released
11. 2021-10-25PsychoDrive IIIVulture ChurchSELFMADEGOD Records
12. 2021-10-18Úlfarr03 Part IIIHate & Terror - The Rise Of Pure EvilPurity Through Fire
13. 2021-01-18And Now The Owls Are SmilingDirge III - DarknessDirgesClobber Records
14. 2020-12-07TrenchlungIIIHiraeth
15. 2020-06-29Deathnoisefrequency2. Chapter IIII Horrid ChoirsHorrid Dirge - Out July 17thSelf-Released
16. 2020-06-22THE HOLY FLESH03 03 - Emissary IIIEmissary & VesselCaligari Records
17. 2020-06-22CinzasIIIDemo IPurodium Rekords
18. 2020-06-08Orfvs02 Cruor MCMXCVIIICeremony of DarknessSpread Evil Productions
19. 2019-12-30SchattenbrandungIIII - Apophnie
20. 2018-07-02HypothermiaDel IIIRakbladsvalsen
21. 2018-05-07DAWN HEISTIII SerescapeCatalystBastardized Recordings
22. 2018-04-16Candy Striper Death OrgyWorld War IIINitronmethane
23. 2018-03-26Grave Upheaval03 II-III(untitled) DLP/CDNuclear War Now! Productions
24. 2018-01-29OPHEXVIIIILitteras Ad Tristia Maestrum SolitudeMy Kingdom Music
25. 2016-08-29TaakePart IIIHordaland Doedskvad
26. 2016-05-30TaakePart IIINattestid Ser Porten Vid
27. 2016-05-23ExciterWorld War III (Bonus Track)Heavy Metal Maniacmegaforce
28. 2016-02-08SKPHEIIISkpheI, Voidhanger Records
29. 2016-02-08AbigorTemptation III - AkrasiaLeytmotif Luzifer
30. 2015-12-07Into EternityThe Incurable Tragedy III (December 15, 2007)The Incurable Tragedycenturymedia
31. 2015-09-14TaakePart IIIOver Bjoergvin Graater Himmerik
32. 2015-03-30VardanIIIDespicable Broken Hopemoribund
33. 2015-03-23StrafkPhase III - Death And Decay Of Your IdentityPhaseshiftingwraith_productions
34. 2014-10-20WormreichRevelation III: Devotion's Final WarWormcult Revelationsmoribund
35. 2014-03-03WormreichRevelation III: Devotion's Final WarWormcult Revelationsmoribund
36. 2013-03-25The FacelessAutotheist Movement III: DeconsecrateAutotheismsumerian
37. 2013-02-04The FacelessAutotheist Movement III: DeconsecrateAutotheismsumerian
38. 2012-12-24DawnbringerIIIIn The Lair Of The Sun Godprofound_lore
39. 2012-04-02NaglfarIII Death Dimension PhantasmaTerascenturymedia
40. 2011-07-04AosothIIIIIIagonia
41. 2011-03-14Cock and Ball TortureKing Anus iiiopus(sy)vi
42. 2010-04-12DarkworIIIFoederatiself-released
43. 2010-01-11CarnivoreWorld War III and IVCarnivoreroadrunner
44. 2009-10-19Candy Striper Death OrgyWorld War IIINitromethanescreaming_ferret
45. 2009-05-04Buried InsideIIISpoils of Failurerelapse
46. 2003-10-27Byatisnornes III skuld
47. 2000-01-03OpthalamiaA Black Rainbow Rising (Castle of no repair III)
48. 1997-05-12CSDOWWIII
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