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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1364 playlist up with 56812 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2016-12-26MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2016-12-26
3. 2016-12-26IconLittle Drummer Boy (1985)Little Drummer Boy (1985)megaforce
4. 2016-12-26Iron MaidenLord of the FliesLord of the FliesEMI Records
5. 2016-12-26ExodusOverdoseFabulous Disastercombat
6. 2016-12-26Command PresenceOne You KnowInherit the Meekself-released
7. 2016-12-26
8. 2016-12-26Throes of DawnThe Warprophet DreamsBinding of the SpiritWounded Love (Avantgarde)
9. 2016-12-26DawnUntitledSlaughtersun (Crown of the Triarchy)Necropolis Records
10. 2016-12-26Electric WizardSatanic Rites of DrugulaWitchcult TodayCandlelight Records
11. 2016-12-26
12. 2016-12-26The Dillinger Escape PlanI Love Secret AgentsThe Dillinger Escape Plan (Re-Issue)
13. 2016-12-26IntegritySystems OverloadSystems OverloadVictory
14. 2016-12-26Earth CrisisFirestorm / Forged In The FlamesFirestormvictory
15. 2016-12-26
16. 2016-12-26IdHija De Las TinieblasTinieblasHorror Pain Gore Death Productions
17. 2016-12-26Mental ComaCivilized AbuseFragments Of DemocracyHorror Pain Gore Death Productions
18. 2016-12-26VpaahsalbroxThe Flesh I Have Given You (vinyl)14 SovereignPale Horse Recordings
19. 2016-12-26InvertiaFleshless In Real TimeThe Biddings of TyrantsSelf-Released
20. 2016-12-26
21. 2016-12-26Heavens DecayThunder of the GunsThe Great Void of MysteryChaos Records
22. 2016-12-26InireNEXT OF KINCauchemarSelf-Released
23. 2016-12-26DebacklinerChildren of the NightDebacklinerPitch Black Records
24. 2016-12-26VemodIkledd Evighetens KappeVenter På StormeneProphecy Productions
25. 2016-12-26
26. 2016-12-26Triple CrippleNo Wifi In HeavenNursing Home For Retired HookersHorror Pain Gore Death Productions
27. 2016-12-26Love Lost But Not ForgottenCutting AwayLove Lost But Not ForgottenHappy Couples Never Last
28. 2016-12-26Give Up The GhostThe Last Supper After PartyWe're Down Til We're UndergroundEqual Vision Records
29. 2016-12-26
30. 2016-12-26MeshuggahBleedObzenNuclear Blast
31. 2016-12-26INVERLOCHFrom The Eventide PoolDistance Collapsed (NA Promo)Relapse Records
32. 2016-12-26Inhale ExhaleIs the Fact That I'm Trying to Do It, Doing It for You?I Swear...EMI CMG
33. 2016-12-26
34. 2016-12-26Mammoth Weed Wizard BastardValmasqueY Proffwyd Dwyll
35. 2016-12-26The SummonedAnatomy Of A Bar FightIf Only Minds Could Paint Pictures
36. 2016-12-26AzarathAzazelPraise the BeastAgonia Records
37. 2016-12-26DarkaneJuly 1999Rusted AngelWar Music
38. 2016-12-26Arch EnemyAngelclawBurning BridgesDream On
39. 2016-12-26
40. 2016-12-26Dying FetusPurged of my Worldly BeingInfatuation with Malevolencecenturymedia
41. 2016-12-26HorrendousThe VermillionEcdysisDark Descent Records
42. 2016-12-26DEATHTogether As OneSpiritual Healing (Reissue)Relapse Records
43. 2016-12-26PertnessBlood RainFrom the Beginning to the EndKarthago Records
44. 2016-12-26
45. 2016-12-26DarkthroneThe Pagan WinterPreparing For War (Special edition)
46. 2016-12-26Anorexia NervosaBlood & Latex Terrortech WarSodomizing The Archedangel
47. 2016-12-26ABYSMAL DAWNServants To Their KneesFrom Ashes (Reissue)Relapse Records
48. 2016-12-26
49. 2016-12-26Hallow's eveOuter LimitsTales of Terrorcombat
50. 2016-12-26AttackerDownfallBattle at Helms Deepmetalblade
51. 2016-12-26BloodgoodSelf-DestructionDetonationfrontline
52. 2016-12-26ExorcistDeath By BewitchmentNightmare Theatrecobra_productions
53. 2016-12-26
54. 2016-12-26BansheeWe Want YouCry In The Nightmetalblade
55. 2016-12-26Flotsam and JetsamMetal ShockDoomsday For The Deceivermetalblade
56. 2016-12-26Diamond HeadAm I EvilBorrowed Timemca
57. 2016-12-26
58. 2016-12-26AnthemNight After NightTight Roperestless
59. 2016-12-26PestilenceSuspended AnimationConsuming Impulseroadracer
60. 2016-12-26WhiplashBattle ScarsInsult to Injureroadracer
61. 2016-12-26
62. 2016-12-26IntruderGenetic GenocideA Higher Form Of Killingmetalblade
63. 2016-12-26Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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