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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1356 playlist up with 56555 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2012-12-17MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2012-12-17
3. 2012-12-17Holy TerrorGardians Of The UnderworldTerror and the Submissionroadracer
4. 2012-12-17DeathEmpty WordsSymbolicroadrunner
5. 2012-12-17SacrificeFlames Of ArmageddonForward to Terminationmetalblade
6. 2012-12-17Sacred RiteI Will SurviveIs Nothing Sacredmedusa
7. 2012-12-17
8. 2012-12-17UnleashedA Life BeyondShadow in the Deepcenturymedia
9. 2012-12-17EnslavedRIITIIRRIITIIRnuclearblast
10. 2012-12-17GravePassion Of The WeakEndless Procession Of Soulscenturymedia
11. 2012-12-17NifelheimDesecration of the DeadDevil's Forceregain
12. 2012-12-17
13. 2012-12-17GoratoryRice on SuedeRice on Suedeamputated_vein
14. 2012-12-17
15. 2012-12-17VYGRThe Iron FrnaceThree Way Splitcreator_destructor
16. 2012-12-17GreiverSerpent SongThree Way Splitcreator_destructor
17. 2012-12-17BlasphemyRitualFallen Angel Of Doom
18. 2012-12-17Hummingbird Of DeathFrom God's Anus To Your MouthGoatmeal
19. 2012-12-17
20. 2012-12-17CromagsDeath CampsBest Wishesprofile
21. 2012-12-17PowerwolvesDog Days2012 Summer Samplerself-released
22. 2012-12-17East BeastDeceased FeastDemo 2012frequency_deleted
23. 2012-12-17Black SheepSalvationSinking Shipsself-released
24. 2012-12-17DealbreakerSelf JudgementReflectionsself-released
25. 2012-12-17
26. 2012-12-17ManticoreTorn Apart By HateBehold The Ascension Of The Execratedold_cemetery
27. 2012-12-17Forgotten TombLet's Torture Each Other...And Don't Deliver Us From Evil...agonia
28. 2012-12-17NecrovationPulse Of Towering MadnessNecrovationagonia
29. 2012-12-17RagnarokNecromantic Summoning RitualMaledictionagonia
30. 2012-12-17
31. 2012-12-17Morbid AngelVisions from the Dark SideAltars of Madnessearache
32. 2012-12-17ReplacireCorridors Of ResolutionThe Human Burdenself-released
33. 2012-12-17VoivodTornadoKilling Technologycombat
34. 2012-12-17VildhjartaDeceitMasstadencenturymedia
35. 2012-12-17
36. 2012-12-17Blood Red ThroneTaste of GodCome Deathearache
37. 2012-12-17Job for a CowboySuspended By The ThroatDoommetalblade
38. 2012-12-17AeonBlessed By The PriestAeons Blackmetalblade
39. 2012-12-17DeicideHow Can You Call Yourself A GodTo Hell With Godcenturymedia
40. 2012-12-17
41. 2012-12-17Pig DestroyerThe BugBook Burnerrelapse
42. 2012-12-17Agoraphobic NosebleedMachine GunFrozen Corpse Stuffed with Doperelapse
43. 2012-12-17CandiriaObserving HighwaysSurrealistic Madnessroadrunner
44. 2012-12-17NettleCarrierNaar Han VaaknerNettleCarrierindie
45. 2012-12-17Black MassThe Long WalkBlueprints to Extinctionno_god
46. 2012-12-17
47. 2012-12-17Abhorrent CastigationAltar Of IdiocyEnthralled By Abysmal Delusionself-released
48. 2012-12-17Guttural Secreteejaculating obesityArtistic Creation with Cranial Stumpsunmatched_brutality
49. 2012-12-17Abosranie BogomFart AnalysisCOPROcessor
50. 2012-12-17CopremesisZombiesMuay Thai Ladyboysparagon
51. 2012-12-17Splattered CadaverCycles of Sickened ThaughtMerciless Butchery
52. 2012-12-17AmorphisBlack Winter DayTales From A Thousand Lakesrelapse
53. 2012-12-17
54. 2012-12-17WintersunLand Of Snow And SorrowTime Inuclearblast
55. 2012-12-17RainbowFreedom FighterDifficult To Curepolydor
56. 2012-12-17Dragged Into SunlightVolcanic BirthHatred For Mankindprosthetic
57. 2012-12-17
58. 2012-12-17Cephalic CarnageHalls of AmentiHalls of Amentiwillowtip
59. 2012-12-17Fuck The FactsLa Dermier ImageVarious Artists: Relapse Contamination Tour 2006relapse
60. 2012-12-17
61. 2012-12-17Shroud of Bereavementa fools lement...of ages
62. 2012-12-17Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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