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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1311 playlist up with 55059 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2020-08-17MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
2. 2020-08-17
3. 2020-08-17ScorchedAutopsy IncompleteEchoes Of DismembermentUnspeakable Axe Records
4. 2020-08-17THE SWARM a.k.a. KNEE DEEP IN1st saved messageparasitic skies 10inch
5. 2020-08-17Волчий Иl05 Тень тайна (Shadow Mystery)Ремиссия духа (Spirit Remission)Digital Servicing
6. 2020-08-17MetaluciferMe Metalucifer - Warriors Ride On The ChariotsHeavy Metal Chainsaw
7. 2020-08-17
8. 2020-08-17Edge Of SanityVelvet DreamsPurgatory Afterglow
9. 2020-08-17Sadistic IntentExistenceImpending Doom
10. 2020-08-17Old Man's ChildManet Sorgfull Igjennom SkogenIn the Shades of Life
11. 2020-08-17WargasmRevenge (Live)Fireball
12. 2020-08-17
13. 2020-08-17MorbicusSadistic ImmolationSadistic Immolation Demo
14. 2020-08-17Lymphatic PhlegmGrotesque Congenital Deformity In The Terminal Extremity Of The Excretory System Causing Anatomical Irreversibility Of The Macerated TissueMalignant Cancerous Tumour In The Epithelial Tissue Of The Intestine. / From Rotten Process.... ....To Splatter.
15. 2020-08-17Odious SanctionFuture of NothingPsychotically Enraged
16. 2020-08-17Žar sem skepnur reika
17. 2020-08-17Uada04 In the Absence of MatterDjinnEisenwald Records
18. 2020-08-17Hrę04 DrepŽar sem skepnur reikaGoathorned Productions
19. 2020-08-17Darkened (International)04 PandemoniumKingdom of DecayEdged Circle Productions
20. 2020-08-17Celestial Sanctuary1 MASS EXTINCTIONMass ExtinctionRedefining Darkness Records
21. 2020-08-17
22. 2020-08-17Jesus Wept05 Comfortably DumbApartheid ReduxRedefining Darkness Records
23. 2020-08-17Theotoxin03 PrayerFragmentAOP Records
24. 2020-08-17Flame (Finland)03 Primordial StormIgnis SpiritusPrimitive Reaction
25. 2020-08-17Stygian Temple03 Cathartic NimbusIn the Sign of the Five AnglesThe Sinister Flame
26. 2020-08-17
27. 2020-08-17Novae Militiae06 Affliction of the DivineTophethGoathorned Productions
28. 2020-08-17VehemenceSaying GoodbyeThe Thoughts from Which I Hide
29. 2020-08-17IsacaarumDead PoetsSplit
30. 2020-08-17UnanimatedThe Blackness Of The Fallen StarFire Storm (Demo)
31. 2020-08-17
32. 2020-08-17SoullessEmpty DeadnessAgony's Lament
33. 2020-08-17Carnal ForgeDeep Rivers of BloodThe More You SufferCentury Media Records
34. 2020-08-17CryptopsyLoatheWhisper SupremacyCentury Media Records
35. 2020-08-17WitcheryMidnight at the GraveyardRestless & Dead
36. 2020-08-17
37. 2020-08-17Lord BelialInexorable RetributionThe Black Curse
38. 2020-08-17SACROCURSE06 Maze of SerpentsGnostic Holocaust (CD)Hells Headbangers Records
39. 2020-08-17TeethWitherThe Curse of EntropyTranslation Loss Records
40. 2020-08-17MacHetazoMasticasesosCarne de Cementerio
41. 2020-08-17
42. 2020-08-17CrematoryEngulfed In Darkness
43. 2020-08-17DesultoryBlizzard in my bloodSwallow The Snake
44. 2020-08-17EucharistInto The Cosmic SphereA Velvet Creation
45. 2020-08-17HypocrisyJesus FallPenetralia
46. 2020-08-17
47. 2020-08-17Blood for BloodSoullessSpit My Last BreathLost Disciple
48. 2020-08-17
49. 2020-08-17Heavy LoadThe Guitar is my SwordDeath or Glory
50. 2020-08-17StormwaveCold As IceHeroes Of The Night
51. 2020-08-17HiroshimaMidnight FighterTaste Of Death
52. 2020-08-17
53. 2020-08-17Blessed DeathIncoming WoundedDestined For Extinction
54. 2020-08-17DespairSlow DeathHistory of Hate
55. 2020-08-17DioHoly DiverHoly Diver
56. 2020-08-17
57. 2020-08-17Graven ImageNo Rest (For You)Warn The Children
58. 2020-08-17Stoned AgeOn The RunRockgasm
59. 2020-08-17Diamond (USA)Remember The NightDiamond
60. 2020-08-17Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
61. 2020-08-17
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