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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1326 playlist up with 55570 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2007-07-30MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2007-07-30FinntrollOrmhaxanUr Jordens Djupcenturymedia
3. 2007-07-30SighOverture/Rextremendae/I saw the World's EndHangman's Hymnend
4. 2007-07-30Godless RisingSadistic Ritual CarnageBattle Lordsmoribund
5. 2007-07-30GravewormGuts of CloudsCollateral Defectnuclearblast
6. 2007-07-30NileIthyphallicIthyphallicnuclearblast
7. 2007-07-30AngelcorpseExtermination SwornOf Lucifer and Lighteningosmose
8. 2007-07-30Crimsion Massacrethe Devourerthe Luster of Pandemoniumdeathgasm
9. 2007-07-30DekapitatorScreams from the HolocaustBefore the Calmrelapse
10. 2007-07-30DissectorZombi IncantationsAte My Neighborsworldeater
11. 2007-07-30WatchmakerCivic Bloodlustkill.fucking.everyonewillowtip
12. 2007-07-30Drawn and QuarteredSodomy and HeresayMerciless Hammer of Lucifermoribund
13. 2007-07-30Dimmu Borgirthe Heretic HammerIn Sorte Diabolinuclearblast
14. 2007-07-30PathogenicNightmares ForeshadowedDeny.Decieve.Devourself-released
15. 2007-07-30Sons of AzraelSweet Blasphemythe Conjuration of Vengeancemetalblade
16. 2007-07-30the TruckersDieselGet Rich of Drive Tryinggaly
17. 2007-07-30Stars Fell OnJustin TimberlakeIVself-released
18. 2007-07-30As I Lay DyingWithin DestructionAn Ocean Between Us (radio single)metalblade
19. 2007-07-30EntombedMasters of DeathSerpent Saintscandlelight
20. 2007-07-30Dublin Death PatrolPigs in the HallowDDP 4 Lifegodfodder
21. 2007-07-30Darkest HourSadist NationHidden Hands of a Sadist Nationvictory
22. 2007-07-30Non Compos MentisSelloutSmile When you Hatewonderdrug
23. 2007-07-30Sam Black ChurchGuardian of Hopes and DreamsLet in Lifetaang
24. 2007-07-30Pig DestroyerCemetary RoadPhantom Limbrelapse
25. 2007-07-30Crippler Cross Faceyou will never know usWhere did we put that Dead Horse we've been beatingurchin
26. 2007-07-30DIOHoly Diver (live)Holy Diver (live)eagle
27. 2007-07-30Black SabbathChildren of the SeaHeaven and Hellwarner_bros
28. 2007-07-30Dark FaithDrowned MaidTerrains Vaguesdeathgasm
29. 2007-07-30HacavitzReghum Satani (In League with Satan we Ride)Katunmoribund
30. 2007-07-30The Red ChordIt runs in the FamilyPrey for Eyesmetalblade
31. 2007-07-30Still RemainsStay Captivethe Serpentroadrunner
32. 2007-07-30Despised IconNamelessIlls of Modern Mancenturymedia
33. 2007-07-30the AbsenceInto the PitRiders of the Plaguemetalblade
34. 2007-07-30DeadlockEnd BeginsWolveslifeforce
35. 2007-07-30Becoming the ArchetypeAutopsythe Physics of Firesolid_state
36. 2007-07-30KamelotUp Through the AshesGhost Operaspv
37. 2007-07-30Chris CafferywormsPins and Needleslocomotive
38. 2007-07-30Hell WithinBetween the Dead and the DeceivedShadows of Vanitylifeforce
39. 2007-07-30Ion DissonanceOf me... Nobody is SafeMinus the Herdabacus
40. 2007-07-30PanicI walk the same way every nightDying For Itbridge9
41. 2007-07-30PristinaLilith's Severed HeadBoner Jams 07spare_change
42. 2007-07-30Symphony xSerpent's KissParadise Lostspv
43. 2007-07-30SamaelValkeries' New RideSolar Soulnuclearblast
44. 2007-07-30Project: Failing FleshEye of Demisethe Conjoinedburning_star
45. 2007-07-30Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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