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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1369 playlist up with 56979 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2008-01-28MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2008-01-28GorealityInner DivinityPerverse Depraved Indifferencepathos
3. 2008-01-28Sinister18th century hellfireHatenuclearblast
4. 2008-01-28DismemberAutopsyThe God That Never Wascandlelight
5. 2008-01-28Birds of PreyWhere Black Lungs Don't BreatheSulfur & Semenrelapse
6. 2008-01-28DisfearTestamentLive the Stormrelapse
7. 2008-01-28GriefOne of Those Days (live)Alivesouthernlord
8. 2008-01-28Cephalic CarnageCryptosporidiumExploiting Dysfunctionrelapse
9. 2008-01-28Pig DestroyerSheet Metal GirlProwler in the Yardrelapse
10. 2008-01-28SexcrementYeast ErectionGenitales from the Porno Pottydeathmetal_us
11. 2008-01-28PhobiaSelf WorthDestroying the Massespessimiser
12. 2008-01-28The Holy Mountainthe Sovereign StateEnemiesnoidea
13. 2008-01-28DischargeHype Overloadself-titledsanctuary
14. 2008-01-28SavioursMystichasmInto Abaddonkemado
15. 2008-01-28Dour CursivaCarrierVoices Through Wireshold_true
16. 2008-01-28KhannPralayTofutopiablackmarket_activities
17. 2008-01-28Protest the HeroBone MarrowFortressvagrant
18. 2008-01-28Gamma RayFrom the AshesLand of the Freedspv
19. 2008-01-28AnnihilatorCouple SuicideMetalspv
20. 2008-01-28WarbringerHell on EarthWar Without Endcenturymedia
21. 2008-01-28See You Next TuesdayHoney, I Had Sex that Wasn't AkwardScream to Be Heard - Various Artistferret
22. 2008-01-28SuffocationPierced from WithinPierced from Withinroadrunner
23. 2008-01-28Dying FetusFornication TerroristsKilling on Adrenalinecenturymedia
24. 2008-01-28DestructorWorld of WarForever in Leatherauburn
25. 2008-01-28ExhorderTragic PeriodSlaughter in the Vaticanracecar
26. 2008-01-28Proteus4th demensional Turbulence IIPersonal Narrative of Cognative Dreamscapesmacabre_mentos
27. 2008-01-28Negligent Collateral CollapseAnalysis of Iron LineReprocess Segment Database Extenderobscene
28. 2008-01-28ExhumedCarnal EpitaphSlaughtercultrelapse
29. 2008-01-28DefleshedUnder the BladeDeath.. the High Cost of Livingpavement
30. 2008-01-28Celtic FrostSuicidal WindsEmperor's Returnmetalblade
31. 2008-01-28MerrimackRedeem Restless Souls of Asmodai and His TakeoverOf Eternity and Life Denialmoribund
32. 2008-01-28ImmolationWorld AgonyShadows in the Lightcenturymedia
33. 2008-01-28EmethStratumInsidiousbrutal_bands
34. 2008-01-28Disgorge (mex)Viscose Oseal FibromaChronic Corpora Infestamerican_line
35. 2008-01-28BenumbSufferWithering Strands of Hoperelapse
36. 2008-01-28BrodequinDuke of ExeterInstruments of Tortureunmatched_brutality
37. 2008-01-28GoratoryWhose Spine is It AnywaysRice on Suedeamputated_vein
38. 2008-01-28Suicide Silenceabout a plane crashself-titledthird_degree
39. 2008-01-28DevourmentTomb of ScabsButcher the Weakself-released
40. 2008-01-28Nilethe Black FlameBlack Seeds of Vengeancerelapse
41. 2008-01-28Exhausted PrayerNow GriefLooks Down in the Gathering Shadowsdwell
42. 2008-01-28ByzantineOblivion BeckonsOblivion Beckonsprosthetic
43. 2008-01-28Bestial MockeryOut of the Cold - Straight to HellGospell of the Insaneosmose
44. 2008-01-28Skeleton WitchBeyond the PermafrostBeyond the Permafrostprosthetic
45. 2008-01-28EnslavedHollow InsideMonumensionosmose
46. 2008-01-28Watainthe Serpents ChaliceSworn to the Darkajna
47. 2008-01-28EntombedI for an EyeMorning Starkoch
48. 2008-01-28GorefestSeeds of HateErasenuclearblast
49. 2008-01-28Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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