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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1231 playlist up with 52305 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2018-12-03GoratoryCream of FetusOrgasm Induced DiarrheaAmputated Vein Records
2. 2018-08-13GoratoryPreschool ProwlerOrgasm Induced DiarrheaAmputated Vein Records
3. 2017-12-25GoratoryWhose Spine Is It AnywaysRice on SuedeAmputated Vein Records
4. 2017-12-11GoratoryInto The Grinding MachineSexual Intercorpse
5. 2017-06-12Goratory8 Seconds of FuryRice on SuedeAmputated Vein Records
6. 2016-08-08GoratoryKiz Nizel Mi Dills NufusOrgasm Induced DiarrheaAmputated Vein Records
7. 2016-08-01GoratoryMutilate And ModifySexual Intercorpse
8. 2014-03-24GoratoryRetrograde DeficationSexual Intercorpseamputated_vein
9. 2013-12-16GoratoryAnally Injected Death SpermRice on Suedeamputated_vein
10. 2012-12-17GoratoryRice on SuedeRice on Suedeamputated_vein
11. 2012-10-15GoratoryGolden Shower GladiatorsOrgasm Induced Diarrheaself-released
12. 2012-08-13GoratoryTotal Eclispe Of The FartOrgasm Induced Diarrheaself-released
13. 2012-07-30GoratoryWrestling with FecesSexual Intercorpseself-released
14. 2011-09-19GoratoryFuckholeRice on Suedeamputated_vein
15. 2010-10-25Goratoryhang 'em and bang 'emRice on Suedeamputated_vein
16. 2010-02-08GoratoryInto The Grinding MachineOrgasm Induced Diarrheaamputated_vein
17. 2009-12-07GoratoryWreSexual Intercorpseself-released
18. 2009-08-31GoratoryRice on SuedeRice on Suedeamputated_vein
19. 2009-08-03GoratoryRetrograde DeficationOrgasm Induced Diarrheaself-released
20. 2009-07-20GoratoryWrestling with FecesSexual Intercorpse
21. 2009-01-19GoratoryRice on SuedeRice on Suedeamputated_vein
22. 2008-04-07GoratoryDonkey PunchOrgasm Induced Diarrheaamputated_vein
23. 2008-03-03GoratoryPig FuckerOrgasm Induced Diarrheaamputated_vein
24. 2008-01-28GoratoryWhose Spine is It AnywaysRice on Suedeamputated_vein
25. 2007-12-31GoratoryRice on SuedeRice on Suedeamputated_vein
26. 2007-06-11Goratoryhang 'em and bang 'em
27. 2007-03-12GoratoryAnally Injected Death Sperm
28. 2007-02-19GoratoryGeorge Clinton and the 9 year old Gutter Slut
29. 2006-12-18goratoryhang em and bang em
30. 2006-04-10goratory8 seconds of fury
31. 2005-12-26goratorywho's spine is it anyways
32. 2005-09-05goratoryhang 'em and bang 'em
33. 2005-08-22goratoryrice on suede
34. 2005-08-15goratoryhead mung festizzo
35. 2005-05-23goratorypig fucker
36. 2005-02-07goratoryhang em and bang em
37. 2005-01-31goratoryrice on suede
38. 2005-01-10goratoryhang em and bang em
39. 2005-01-01goratorywhose spine is it anyways
40. 2004-12-27goratoryhead mung festizzo
41. 2004-12-20goratorymutilated redifined
42. 2004-12-06goratory8 seconds of fury
43. 2004-11-29goratoryrice on suede
44. 2004-11-22goratoryRice on Suede
45. 2004-11-08goratoryyour mothas a lazy eyes chow bearing slut but I fucked her anyways
46. 2004-10-25goratorywhose spine is it anyways
47. 2004-10-11goratory#1
48. 2004-09-13goratory#7
49. 2004-08-30goratory#6
50. 2004-08-23goratory#5
51. 2004-08-16goratory#1
52. 2004-08-09goratory#1
53. 2004-08-02goratory#6
54. 2004-07-26goratory#1
55. 2004-07-05goratory#3
56. 2004-06-28goratory#6
57. 2004-06-21goratory#4
58. 2004-06-14goratory#5
59. 2004-06-07goratory#4
60. 2004-05-31goratoryheadie mung festizio
61. 2004-05-24goratoryhang em and bang em
62. 2004-05-17goratory#5
63. 2004-03-22goratorytotal eclispe of the fart
64. 2004-02-02goratorygolden shower gladiators
65. 2003-07-22GoratoryWrath of the Pipers Pit
66. 2003-07-15GoratoryGeorge clintion and the 9 yea old gutter slut
67. 2003-06-03GoratoryDonkey Punch
68. 2003-05-20Goratorygolden Shower Gladiators
69. 2003-05-06goratorycream of fetus
70. 2003-04-29GoratoryKiz Nizel Mi Dills Nufus
71. 2003-04-22GoratoryPreschool Prowler
72. 2003-04-15GoratoryDonkey Punch
73. 2003-04-08GoratoryPreschool Prowler
74. 2003-04-01Goratorythe Wrath of Pipers Pit
75. 2003-03-25GoratoryGeorge Clinton and the 9 year old Gutter Slut
76. 2000-09-25GoratoryWrestling with Feces
77. 2000-09-04GoratoryWrestling with Feces
78. 2000-08-28GoratoryWrestling with Feces
79. 2000-08-21GoratoryWrestling with Feces
80. 2000-08-14GoratoryWrestling with Feces
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