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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1172 playlist up with 50096 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2019-11-11ExodusSeeds Of HatePleasures Of The Fleshcombat
2. 2019-05-27ExodusDie By His HandDie By His Hand (Demo)
3. 2019-04-01ExodusCulling the HerdTempo of the Damned
4. 2018-10-22ExodusAnd Then There Were NoneBonded By Blood [1989 Combat Re-release]
5. 2018-05-28ExodusDeliver Us To EvilLet There Be Bloodimportant
6. 2018-04-30ExodusOpen SeasonFabulous Disaster (2008 Limited Silver Edition)
7. 2018-01-01ExodusAnd Then There Were NoneLet There Be BloodZaentz Records
8. 2017-05-15ExodusChildren Of A Worthless GodThe Atrocity Exhibitionnuclearblast
9. 2016-12-26ExodusOverdoseFabulous Disastercombat
10. 2016-08-15ExodusThe Toxic WaltzFabulous Disastercombat
11. 2016-06-20ExodusToxic WaltzGood Friendly Violent Fun
12. 2016-05-23ExodusI Am AbominationShovel Headed Kill Machine
13. 2016-03-28ExodusA Lesson In ViolenceBonded By Blood
14. 2016-02-08ExodusOpen SeasonFabulous Disastercombat
15. 2016-01-11ExodusA Lesson in ViolenceBonded by Blood
16. 2015-08-17ExodusMetal CommandBonded By Bloodcombat
17. 2015-08-03Exodusfabulous disasterFabulous Disastercombat
18. 2015-04-20ExodusClimb Before The FallForce Of Habit
19. 2015-03-23ExodusMarch Of The SycophantsExhibit B - The Human Conditionnuclearblast
20. 2014-12-01ExodusWrapped In The Arms OF RageBlood In, Blood Outnuclearblast
21. 2014-11-10ExodusFabulous DisasterFabulous Disastercombat
22. 2014-11-03ExodusBody HarvestBlood In, Blood Outnuclearblast
23. 2014-10-27ExodusSalt The WoundBlood In, Blood Outnuclearblast
24. 2014-08-25ExodusA Lesson in ViolenceLessons In Violence
25. 2014-08-18ExodusNo LoveLet There be Bloodzaentz
26. 2013-12-02ExodusAnd Then There Were NoneLet There be Bloodimportant
27. 2013-11-11ExodusFaster Than You'll Ever Live To BePleasures Of The Fleshcombat
28. 2012-11-19Exodusfabulous disasterFabulous Disastercombat
29. 2012-08-27ExodusI Am AbominationShovel Headed Kill Machinenuclearblast
30. 2012-02-20ExodusBonded By BloodBonded By Bloodcombat
31. 2011-07-04ExodusDeliver Us To EvilBonded By Bloodcombat
32. 2010-11-22ExodusFree For All (ted nugent cover)Objection Overruled - Singlecapitol
33. 2010-10-18ExodusBonded By BloodBonded By Bloodcombat
34. 2010-10-11ExodusOpen SeasonFabulous Disastercombat
35. 2010-07-26ExodusObjection OverruledImpact is Imminentcapitol
36. 2010-07-19ExodusDownfallExhibit B - The Human Conditionnuclearblast
37. 2010-06-28ExodusBeyond The PaleExhibit B - The Human Conditionnuclearblast
38. 2010-06-21ExodusBurn, Hollywood, BurnExhibit B - The Human Conditionnuclearblast
39. 2010-06-14ExodusDownfallExhibit B - The Human Conditionnuclearblast
40. 2010-06-07ExodusBeyond The PaleExhibit B - The Human Conditionnuclearblast
41. 2010-05-17ExodusThe Last Act Of DefianceFabulous Disastercombat
42. 2010-04-26ExodusToxic WaltzFabulous Disastercombat
43. 2010-01-11ExodusFabulous DisasterFabulous Disastercombat
44. 2009-12-28ExodusOpen SeasonFabulous Disastercombat
45. 2009-10-12ExodusDeathamphetimineShovel Headed Kill Machinenuclearblast
46. 2009-09-07ExodusToxic WaltzFabulous Disastercombat
47. 2009-05-11ExodusFabulous DisasterFabulous Disastercombat
48. 2009-05-04ExodusOnly Death DecidesImpact is Imminentcapitol
49. 2009-04-13ExodusMetal CommandBonded By Bloodcombat
50. 2009-03-30ExodusBonded By BloodLet There be Bloodzaentz
51. 2009-02-16ExodusMetal CommandBonded By Bloodcombat
52. 2009-01-19ExodusNo LoveLet There be Bloodzaentz
53. 2008-12-01ExodusA Lesson in ViolenceLet There be Bloodzaentz
54. 2008-11-10ExodusBonded By BloodLet There be Bloodzaentz
55. 2008-11-03ExodusExodusLet There be Bloodzaentz
56. 2008-10-27ExodusMetal CommandLet There be Bloodzaentz
57. 2008-10-20ExodusAnd Then There Were NoneLet There be Bloodzaentz
58. 2008-09-15ExodusToxic WaltzFabulous Disastercombat
59. 2008-05-19ExodusToxic WaltzFabulous Disastercombat
60. 2008-03-31ExodusFabulous DisasterFabulous Disastercombat
61. 2008-01-07ExodusChildren of a Worthless Godthe Atrocity Exibitionnuclearblast
62. 2007-12-03ExodusAs it was. as it soon shall bethe Atrocity Exibitionnuclearblast
63. 2007-11-26ExodusAs it was. as it shall bethe Atrocity Exibitionnuclearblast
64. 2007-11-19ExodusIconoclasmthe Atrocity Exibitionnuclearblast
65. 2007-11-05ExodusFuneral Hymmthe Atrocity Exibitionnuclearblast
66. 2007-10-29ExodusRoit Actthe Atrocity Exibitionnuclearblast
67. 2007-10-22ExodusChildren of a Worthless Godthe Atrocity Exibitionnuclearblast
68. 2007-07-16ExodusDeathamphetimineShovel Headed Kill Machinenuclearblast
69. 2005-12-26exodusaltered boy
70. 2005-11-07exodusgoing going gone
71. 2005-10-31exodusDeathamphetimine
72. 2005-10-24exodusDeathamphetimine
73. 2005-10-17exodusaltered boy
74. 2005-10-10exoduskarma's messenger
75. 2005-10-03exodusnow thy death day come
76. 2004-11-15exodusthe last act of defiance
77. 2004-11-08exodusfabulous disaster
78. 2004-03-01exodusfabulous disaster
79. 2004-01-05exodusfree for all (ted nugent cover)
80. 2000-05-01ExodusPleasure of Flesh
81. 2000-04-10ExodusDeliver us to Evil
82. 1997-08-25ExodusPiranha
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