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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1336 playlist up with 55896 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2013-12-09MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2013-12-09
3. 2013-12-09Bal-SagothWitch-StormA Black Moon Broods Over Lemurianuclearblast
4. 2013-12-09Corpse vomitSeeping DismayVarious Artists - So Mote It Be - vol 1dwell
5. 2013-12-09NegatorNergal, The Raging KingGates To The Pantheonpulverised
6. 2013-12-09EndstilleBlasphemer (Sodom Cover)Kapitulation 2013season_of_mist
7. 2013-12-09Dr Living Dead!Gremlins NightDr Living Dead!high_roller
8. 2013-12-09
9. 2013-12-09CianideRage WarDead & Rottinghells_headbangers
10. 2013-12-09Corpsefucking Artthe shower must go onWar Of The Toilet Geargoregiastic
11. 2013-12-09the Nightmare Continuesthe bible was written by those who thought the earth was flatdemoself-released
12. 2013-12-09The Hope ConspiracyIt Meant NothingFile 03
13. 2013-12-09
14. 2013-12-09HivelordsAntennae ManifestCavern ApothecaryAnthropic Records
15. 2013-12-09
16. 2013-12-09AmarokV-Red Oak WisdomSplit LPpesanta_urfolk
17. 2013-12-09I Shalt BecomeTotal Perspective VortexLouisiana Voodoopesanta_urfolk
18. 2013-12-09Sangre De MuerdagoO Nome Do VentoDeixademe Morrer No Bosquepesanta_urfolk
19. 2013-12-09GraveborneRoot Of EvilThrough The Window Of The Nightseance
20. 2013-12-09
21. 2013-12-09Nocternal GravesThrough The Devil's Flesh... From The Bloodline of Cainhells_headbangers
22. 2013-12-09Legion of The DamnedMountain Wolves Under A Cresent MoonRavenous Plaguenapalm
23. 2013-12-09METHMOUTHViolent SolutionBleach Bath
24. 2013-12-09MiseryPale And greyDisease Riddennapalm
25. 2013-12-09TinnitusMorte LentaSplit Tape with Revengence
26. 2013-12-09Misery SignalsA Glimmer Of HopeAbsent Light
27. 2013-12-09October 31Voyage To InfinityThe Fire Awaits Youhells_headbangers
28. 2013-12-09
29. 2013-12-09Mercyful FateCome To The SabbathDon't Break the Oathcombat
30. 2013-12-09King DiamondNo PresentsDangerous Meetingroadrunner
31. 2013-12-09ExhumedNo Presents for ChristmasPlatteres Of Splatterrelapse
32. 2013-12-09Drive-by BukakkeGremlin TsunamiOozing Doomself-released
33. 2013-12-09NailsWide Open WoundAbandon All Lifesouthernlord
34. 2013-12-09
35. 2013-12-09Black BreathEat The WitchHeavy Breathingsouthernlord
36. 2013-12-09New LowsAnguishHarvest Of Carcassdeathwishinc
37. 2013-12-09Harm's WayBreeding GroundsIsolation
38. 2013-12-09CarpathianThe Cold FrontIsolationdeathwishinc
39. 2013-12-09CrowbarI Feel The Burning SunEquilibrium
40. 2013-12-09XibalbaStone HeartIncendiary/Xibalba splitclosed_casket_activities
41. 2013-12-09
42. 2013-12-09Pestilencechronic infectionConsuming Impulseroadrunner
43. 2013-12-09Malevolent CreationRemnants of Wither DecayThe Ten Commandmentsroadrunner
44. 2013-12-09OblivionShow MeMMXXself-released
45. 2013-12-09Severed SaviorFecalphiliacServile Insurrection
46. 2013-12-09ShockwaveWardawnthe Ultimate DoomTriple Crown
47. 2013-12-09
48. 2013-12-09OblivionizedCycles Of DeprivationNullify The Cycle
49. 2013-12-09Iron LungNailsCold Storage
50. 2013-12-09IwrestledabearonceTastes Like Kevin BaconIt's All Happeningcenturymedia
51. 2013-12-09MucopusSuperfluous AnomiaDemo
52. 2013-12-09ImpetigoDis-Organ-izedUltimo Mondo Cannibalerazorback
53. 2013-12-09Rotting ObsceneWar Storm2011 Demoself-released
54. 2013-12-09
55. 2013-12-09The Handshake MurdersMyopiaUsurpergoodfellow
56. 2013-12-09ZUDThe JunstionThe Good, The Bad, And The DamnedBogus Renditions Records
57. 2013-12-09Cough/WindhandAmaranthReflection Of The Negativerelapse
58. 2013-12-09KhanateDeadNo Joy (Re-Mix 12")
59. 2013-12-09Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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