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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1300 playlist up with 54696 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2010-08-23MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2010-08-23
3. 2010-08-23VoivodKilling TechnologyKilling Technologycombat
4. 2010-08-23MegadethRust In Peace... PolarisRust In Peacecapitol
5. 2010-08-23King DiamondDreamsThe Spider's Lullabye (reissue)metalblade
6. 2010-08-23
7. 2010-08-23DownHail The LeafNOLAelektra
8. 2010-08-23SplatterhouseNight of the Creepsthe House that Dead Builtrazorback
9. 2010-08-23The Holy MountainSlavesEntrailsnoidea
10. 2010-08-23Napalm DeathTime Waits For No SlaveTime Waits For No Slavecenturymedia
11. 2010-08-23
12. 2010-08-23DestructionSurvive to DieRelease From Agonyprofile
13. 2010-08-23VehementMaskAll That's Behindmy_kingdom
14. 2010-08-23NevermoreWithout MoralsThe Obsidian Conspiracycenturymedia
15. 2010-08-23SepulturaAgainstAgainstroadrunner
16. 2010-08-23
17. 2010-08-23ScaphismRaped To DeathRib Tickling Brutality and Hilarious Atrocitiesself-released
18. 2010-08-23GorezoneConsuming The WeakBrutalities Of Modern Dominationxtreem
19. 2010-08-23AndrallsCrosses Shall BurnAndrallsxtreem
20. 2010-08-23
21. 2010-08-23BloodthirstTowards HellfireSanctity Deniedpagan
22. 2010-08-23Diabulus In MusicaLies In Your EyesSecretsmetalblade
23. 2010-08-23SoilworkThe ThrillThe Panic Broadcastnuclearblast
24. 2010-08-23MnemicDiesel UterusSons Of The Systemnuclearblast
25. 2010-08-23
26. 2010-08-23PainDon't CareCynic Paradisenuclearblast
27. 2010-08-23SkogenUnder Fullmanens SkenVittrafrostscald
28. 2010-08-23MeltgsnowBetrayalBlack Penancepulverised
29. 2010-08-23
30. 2010-08-23KatahdinNoreasterPamolaself-released
31. 2010-08-23WitcheryAwaiting the ExorcistRestless and Deadnecropolis
32. 2010-08-23Lord GoreLord Gorethe Autophagous Orgyrazorback
33. 2010-08-23Pathology (US)Collapsing In ViolenceLegacy Of The Ancientsvictory
34. 2010-08-23
35. 2010-08-23MaharahjSonata of the EnslavedRepititionnow_or_never
36. 2010-08-23The Miles BetweenDeath and Its KingdomDeceivermediaskare
37. 2010-08-23AllegaeonPoint Of DisfigurementFragments of Form and Functionmetalblade
38. 2010-08-23Mystic CircleNotrum - The Sword Of MightDrachenblutpavement
39. 2010-08-23Blasphemy RritesAcoholic SabbathHideous Lordpagan
40. 2010-08-23
41. 2010-08-23FleshwroughtProgramming The HerdDementia Dyslexiametalblade
42. 2010-08-23AnimosityHoly ShacklesEmpiresblackmarket_activities
43. 2010-08-23Insidious DiseaseAbortion StewShadowcastcenturymedia
44. 2010-08-23The BerzerkerCannibal Rightsself-titledearache
45. 2010-08-23AmputatedRepugnant Genital DeformityWading Through Rancid Offalsevared
46. 2010-08-23
47. 2010-08-23GazaHe Is Never Coming BackHe Is Never Coming Backblackmarket_activities
48. 2010-08-23Keep Of KalessinDark As Moonless NightReptiliannuclearblast
49. 2010-08-23Bleeding ThroughWake of OrionPortrait of the Goddesssindecision
50. 2010-08-23NehemiahOur Great DeceiverLenoreuprising
51. 2010-08-23
52. 2010-08-23ObscuraUniverse MomentumCosmogenesisrelapse
53. 2010-08-23RavenHellraiser/ActionRock Until You Dropneat
54. 2010-08-23Misery SignalsThe Year Summer Ended In JuneOf Malice And Magnum HeartFerret Music
55. 2010-08-23NileI Whisper In The Ear Of The DeadIn Their Darken Shrinesrelapse
56. 2010-08-23
57. 2010-08-23DarkaneJuly 1999Rusted Angelwar_music
58. 2010-08-23Dreadful ShadowsDuskBuried Againnuclearblast
59. 2010-08-23Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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