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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1311 playlist up with 55059 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2021-02-22SoilworkDesperadoA Whisp Of The AtlanticNuclear Blast Records
2. 2020-05-11SoilworkThe FlameoutNatural Born ChaosNuclear Blast
3. 2019-03-04SoilworkFull Moon ShoalsVerklighetenNuclear Blast Records
4. 2018-02-19SoilworkShadowchildA Predator's PortraitNuclear Blast
5. 2017-02-20SoilworkNeurotica RampageA Predator's PortraitNuclear Blast
6. 2016-10-24SoilworkFollow the HollowNatural Born ChaosNuclear Blast
7. 2015-12-21SoilworkNeedlefeastA Predator's Portrait
8. 2013-03-11SoilworkFollow the HollowNatural Born Chaosnuclearblast
9. 2012-06-25SoilworkEgypt (Mercuryful Fate)The Early Chapters
10. 2012-03-05SoilworkSadistic LullabyeSteelbath Suicidenuclearblast
11. 2010-08-23SoilworkThe ThrillThe Panic Broadcastnuclearblast
12. 2010-01-25SoilworkFollow the HollowNatural Born Chaosnuclearblast
13. 2007-12-03SoilworkLike the Average StalkerA Predato's Portraitnuclearblast
14. 2007-11-05SoilworkSown to the Great DivideSworn to a Great Dividenuclearblast
15. 2007-10-22SoilworkBleeding ThornsSworn to a Great Dividenuclearblast
16. 2007-02-12soilworklike the average stalker
17. 2006-01-09soilworkneedlefeastA Predator's Portraitnuclearblast
18. 2005-07-18soilworkgrand failure anthem
19. 2005-07-04soilworkfollow the hollowNatural Born Chaosnuclearblast
20. 2005-05-09soilworkthe analyst
21. 2005-02-21soilworkfate in motion
22. 2005-01-31soilworkthe crest fallen
23. 2004-12-20soilworkshadowchildA Predator's Portraitnuclearblast
24. 2004-11-29soilworkneedlefeastA Predator's Portraitnuclearblast
25. 2004-08-16soilworkshadowchildA Predator's Portraitnuclearblast
26. 2004-06-28soilworkfollow the hollowNatural Born Chaosnuclearblast
27. 2004-05-17soilworkshowchildA Predator's Portraitnuclearblast
28. 2003-12-29soilworkneedlefeastA Predator's Portraitnuclearblast
29. 2003-05-20SoilworkFigure Number FiveFigure Number Fivenuclearblast
30. 2003-05-06Soilworkoverload
31. 2003-04-29SoilworkLigh t the Torch
32. 2003-04-22SoilworkRejection Role
33. 2003-04-15SoilworkStranger
34. 2003-04-08Soilwork#7
35. 2003-04-01Soilwork#2
36. 2003-03-18Soilwork#2
37. 2003-01-28SoilworkFollow the HollowNatural Born Chaosnuclearblast
38. 2002-11-26SoilworkShadowchildA Predator's Portraitnuclearblast
39. 2002-09-03Soilworkthe Analyst
40. 2002-07-30SoilworkFollow the HollowNatural Born Chaosnuclearblast
41. 2002-06-18SoilworkFollow the HollowNatural Born Chaosnuclearblast
42. 2002-05-21SoilworkAs We Speak
43. 2002-05-14SoilworkBalck Star DecieverNatural Born Chaosnuclearblast
44. 2002-05-07SoilworkFollow the HollowNatural Born Chaosnuclearblast
45. 2002-04-30SoilworkNaturnal Born ChaosNatural Born Chaosnuclearblast
46. 2002-04-16SoilworkThe Flameout
47. 2002-04-09SoilworkNatural Born ChaosNatural Born Chaosnuclearblast
48. 2002-04-02SoilworkMurcury Shadow
49. 2002-03-26SoilworkAs We Speak
50. 2002-03-19Soilwork#1
51. 2002-03-12Soilwork#7 (black star)
52. 2002-03-05Soilwork#2 natural born chaosNatural Born Chaosnuclearblast
53. 2002-03-05Soilwork#2 natural born chaosNatural Born Chaosnuclearblast
54. 2001-05-15SoilworkShadowchildA Predator's Portraitnuclearblast
55. 2001-04-03SoilworkGrand Failure another
56. 2001-03-27SoilworkNeurotica Rampage
57. 2001-03-13SoilworkStructure Divine
58. 2001-03-06SoilworkEternal Black Reflections
59. 2001-02-27SoilworkNeedle FeastA Predator's Portraitnuclearblast
60. 2001-02-20SoilworkStructure
61. 2000-09-18SoilworkPossessing the Angels
62. 2000-06-12SoilworkPossessing the Angels
63. 2000-04-03Soilworktrack
64. 2000-03-27SoilworkPossessing the Angel
65. 2000-03-13SoilworkMachinegun Majesty
66. 2000-03-06SoilworkCormeration Speedkill
67. 2000-02-28SoilworkBullet Beast
68. 2000-02-21SoilworkMachinegun Majesty
69. 2000-02-14SoilworkPossessing the Angels
70. 0000-00-00Soilwork#3
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