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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1310 playlist up with 55024 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2023-04-17Downfall of GaiaWhile Bloodsprings Become RiversSilhouettes of DisgustMetal Blade Records
2. 2023-03-13Downfall of GaiaEyes to Burning SkiesSilhouettes of DisgustMetal Blade Records
3. 2021-12-13Majestic Downfall04 Doors...When DeadPulverised Records
4. 2021-05-10Majestic Downfall02 A Dying CrownAortaPersonal Records
5. 2021-02-15BREAKDOWNsoul businesssoul business
6. 2020-07-20DownEyes of the SouthNola
7. 2019-08-26Lay Down Rotten/ 05 Release Into Nothingness FinalDeathspell CatharsisApostasy Records
8. 2019-02-11Downfall Of Gaia02 The Grotesque Illusion of BeingEthic Of Radical FinitudeMetal Blade Records
9. 2019-02-11Down from the WoundDrown in Unjustified ExtinctionViolence and the MacabreComatose Music
10. 2019-01-28Downfall Of Gaia03 We Pursue the Serpent of TimeEthic Of Radical FinitudeMetal Blade Records
11. 2018-09-24Down from the WoundIll Fated AnnihilationViolence and the MacabreComatose Music
12. 2018-08-27One King DownIn the BloodGod Loves, Man KillsEqual Vision
13. 2018-07-30One King DownMore Hate Than FearBloodlust RevengeEqual Vision
14. 2018-06-04FacedowninshitAssociation of Known UndesirablesNPONRelapse Records
15. 2018-03-12Down by LawGuns of '96Last of the SharpshootersEpitaph
16. 2018-03-05DownStained Glass CrossDown II
17. 2018-02-26One King DownGod Loves, Man KillsGod Loves, Man KillsEqual Vision
18. 2017-08-28One King DownMore Hate Than FearBloodlust Revenge EPEqual Vision
19. 2017-05-15One King DownPrey To Human SilenceBloodlust Revenge EPEqual Vision
20. 2017-01-02Downfall of GaiaAtrophyAtrophymetalblade
21. 2016-10-31Downfall of GaiaWoeAtrophymetalblade
22. 2016-10-31One King DownForever Your EnemyGod Loves, Man KillsEqual Vision
23. 2016-10-10Down from the WoundConvulsive Human AtrocitiesViolence and the MacabreComatose Music
24. 2016-03-14When Blood Falls DownVen[Ǝ]aHVenaHTranscending Records
25. 2015-07-06Burn It DownDo Your WorstLet The Dead Bury The Dead
26. 2015-01-12One King DownMass SuicideBloodlust Revengeevr
27. 2014-12-29Zero DownLeche di TigreNo Limit To The Evilminotauro
28. 2014-12-22Downfall Of GaiaOf Stillness And SolitudeAeon Unveils The Thrones Of Decaymetalblade
29. 2014-11-17Downfall Of GaiaTo Carry My self To The GraveAeon Unveils The Thrones Of Decaymetalblade
30. 2014-06-30DownHogshead DogsheadDown IV Part IIdown
31. 2014-06-09DownSufferer's YearsDown IV Part IIdown
32. 2014-05-19DownWe Knew Him WellDown IV Part IIdown
33. 2014-02-17Red Equals MeltdownCandorDemo 2013
34. 2014-02-17Down From The WoundBeyond The Depths Of Epidemic AbortionViolence And Macabrecomatose
35. 2014-02-10Lay Down RottenBlood On Wooden Crosses FinalDeathspell Catharsisapostasy
36. 2014-01-27Down From The WoundHypocritical RepentanceViolence And Macabrecomatose
37. 2014-01-27Down Among The Dead MenThe EpochDown Among The Dead Menmetalblade
38. 2014-01-27Lay Down RottenSchaedelberg FinalDeathspell Catharsisapostasy
39. 2014-01-13DownthroatUncontrollable Discharge of Blood PussSplit - Cock and Ball Torture/Filth/Downthroat/Negligent Collateral Collapse
40. 2013-12-23Showcase ShowdownHo Ho Ho ChiminCashing In On Christmas
41. 2013-09-02ThrowdownBaby Got Back
42. 2013-08-05ThrowdownBaby Got Back
43. 2013-07-15Majestic DownfallWhite DarkThree
44. 2013-03-25ShadowncraftThe Light Of ApolloPrinciples Of ChaosNoiseheadrecords
45. 2013-02-25Downfall Of GaiaDrowning By Wing BeatsSuffocating In The Swarm Of Cranesmetalblade
46. 2012-12-10DownThe Man That Followed HellDown IIelektra
47. 2012-09-24Downfall Of GaiaDrowning By Wing BeatsSuffocating In The Swarm Of Cranesmetalblade
48. 2011-12-19DownThe Man That Followed HellDown II
49. 2011-11-21DownHail The LeafNOLAelektra
50. 2010-08-23DownHail The LeafNOLAelektra
51. 2010-04-05ThrowdownBaby Got Back
52. 2009-08-10ThrowdownBaby Got Backn/an/a
53. 2009-07-13One King DownMass SuicideBloodlust Revengeevr
54. 2009-07-06ThrowdownBaby Got Back
55. 2008-09-22ThrowdownBaby Got Back
56. 2008-09-15the Shadowdownthe DisillusionaireBack Breakersolid_state
57. 2008-08-11Face Down HeroMy Needless Helping HandsWhere All This Anger Growsyanah
58. 2008-08-04One King DownMass Suicide
59. 2008-05-05ThrowdownBaby Got Back
60. 2008-03-24ThrowdownBaby Got Back
61. 2008-01-07Downthe PathOver the Underwmg
62. 2007-12-24DownThree Suns and One StarOver the Underwmg
63. 2007-12-24Showcase ShowdownMerry Christmas I fucked your SnowmanMerry Christmas I fucked your Snowmantario
64. 2007-11-19DownNever TryOver the Underwmg
65. 2007-10-22DownBeneath the TidesOver the Underwmg
66. 2007-10-08DownPillamydOver the Underwmg
67. 2007-10-01Downthe PathOver the Underwmg
68. 2007-09-24Downi screamOver the Underwmg
69. 2007-08-20ThrowdownCancerVenom and Tearstrustkill
70. 2006-11-13one king downhash
71. 2006-07-31break downworld at war
72. 2006-07-10break downworld at war
73. 2006-05-29facedowninshitnpon
74. 2006-05-15facedowninshitcountless
75. 2006-05-01facedowninshitnpon
76. 2006-04-03facedowninshitassociation of known undesireables
77. 2006-03-20facedowninshittenstrip
78. 2006-03-13facedowninshitnpon
79. 2006-03-06facedowninshittenstrip
80. 2006-02-27facedowninshitcountless
81. 2005-10-24upsidedowncrosskill for satan
82. 2005-06-20one king downpoison what you give
83. 2005-06-13one king downhash
84. 2004-11-08one king downall to gray
85. 2004-06-21Throwdownforever
86. 2004-01-05one king downin the blood
87. 2003-10-20Throwdownforever
88. 2002-06-02One King DownMass Suicide
89. 2000-07-24One King DownHaste
90. 1999-08-21One King DownMore hate than Fear
91. 1999-08-21One King DownMore hate than Fear
92. 1999-04-27System of a downwar? (live)
93. 1999-03-15One King DownGod Loves, Man Kills
94. 1997-06-23One King DownPrey to Human Silence
95. 1997-06-16One King DownMore Hate than Fear
96. 1997-06-09One King DownMass Suicide
97. 1997-04-08Downloadthe Eyes of Stanley Pain
98. 1997-03-17DownsetRitual
99. 1997-02-17DownsetAnger
100. 1996-12-30DownloadSidewinder
101. 1996-10-07DownsetAnger
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