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New site? Maybe some day.


this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1336 playlist up with 55896 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2008-10-20MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2008-10-20
3. 2008-10-20DeathLack of ComprehensionHumanrelativity
4. 2008-10-20ExmortusIn Hatreds FlameIn Hatreds Flameheavy_artillery
5. 2008-10-20Cryptic WarningCharred EarthSanity's Aberationself-released
6. 2008-10-20VaderViscious CircleXXVregain
7. 2008-10-20
8. 2008-10-20Crowbar1,000 Year Internal WarOdd Fellows Restmayhem
9. 2008-10-20IntegrityHeavens Final WarTo Die Fordeathwishinc
10. 2008-10-20Toxic HolocaustEndless ArmageddonAn Overdose of Death...relapse
11. 2008-10-20Cryptic SlaughterSpeak Your PieceSpeak Your Peacemetalblade
12. 2008-10-20
13. 2008-10-20PsycropticImmortal Army of OneOb(servant)nuclearblast
14. 2008-10-20All that RemainsChironOvercomeprosthetic
15. 2008-10-20DrowningmanDude Status: RevokedDon't Push Us When We're Hotthorp
16. 2008-10-20EstuaryBeliefs Addictionsthe Craft of Contradictionibexmoon
17. 2008-10-20
18. 2008-10-20PanteraCemetery Gates101 Proof (live)wea
19. 2008-10-20
20. 2008-10-20Putrescine#22008 epself-released
21. 2008-10-20AtomicideAtomizig the Jewish Dograwsouthamericanwarmetalold_cemetery
22. 2008-10-20BarbatosDrink Till DeathLive at the Factory - Victory Blazing Warold_cemetery
23. 2008-10-20AbigailBitch We Gonna Kill You!Abigail/Mantak Split CDold_cemetery
24. 2008-10-20
25. 2008-10-20ExodusAnd Then There Were NoneLet There be Bloodzaentz
26. 2008-10-20EnforcerInto the NightInto the Nightheavy_artillery
27. 2008-10-20Kingdom of SorrowNo ClassLead the Ghosts Astrayrelapse
28. 2008-10-20NahualEl Acto de ApostasiaApostasy Actold_cemetery
29. 2008-10-20
30. 2008-10-20DismemberBred for WarDeath Metalnuclearblast
31. 2008-10-20Extreme Noise TerrorWork for Neverretro-butionearache
32. 2008-10-20GojiraAll The TearsThe Way of All Fleshprosthetic
33. 2008-10-20Amon Amarththe HeroTwilight of the Thunder Godmetalblade
34. 2008-10-20
35. 2008-10-20PessimistKilling is My BusinessEvolution Unto Evilpathos
36. 2008-10-20Book of Black EarthGod of WarHoroskopusprosthetic
37. 2008-10-20GoatwhoreAlchemy of the Black Sun CultA Haunting Cursemetalblade
38. 2008-10-20Frostmoon EclipseI am my Worst EnemyGathering the DarknessISO666 releases
39. 2008-10-20Daylight DiesLies the BindDismantling Devoltioncandlelight
40. 2008-10-20
41. 2008-10-20MardukBurn my CoffinThose of the Unlightregain
42. 2008-10-20The Great DeceiverAfter Us the FloodA Venom Well Designedpeaceville
43. 2008-10-20The CrownGive You HellHell is Heremetalblade
44. 2008-10-20Despised IconEnd This Daythe Healing Processcenturymedia
45. 2008-10-20Cattle DecapitationLong-pig Chef and the Hairless GoatTo Serve Manmetalblade
46. 2008-10-20
47. 2008-10-20GoretradeKilling Virgin WomenCorpse Fucking Art/Gortrade Splitunited_gutteral
48. 2008-10-20Brother Von DoomNorse DemiseRelentlessdeathcote
49. 2008-10-20DevourmentAnal ElectrocutionButcher the Weakself-released
50. 2008-10-20EmethStratumInsidiousbrutal_bands
51. 2008-10-20Burnt By The SunYou will Moveself-titledrelapse
52. 2008-10-20
53. 2008-10-20Morbid AngelBlessed are the Sick/Leading the RatsBlessed are the Sickearache
54. 2008-10-20NifelheimClaws of DeathEnvoy of Luciferregain
55. 2008-10-20BenedictionThey Must Die ScreamingKilling Musiclocomotive
56. 2008-10-20Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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