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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1336 playlist up with 55896 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2016-02-15MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2016-02-15
3. 2016-02-15CrowbarHigh Rate ExtinctionCrowbar
4. 2016-02-15EyeHateGodRun It Into The GroundIn The Name Of Suffering
5. 2016-02-15CrucifyreFuneral PyreBlack Magic FirePulverised Records
6. 2016-02-15
7. 2016-02-15ElvenkingGrandier's Funeral PyreThe Pagan Manifesto
8. 2016-02-15TriosphereThe SphereThe Heart of the Matter
9. 2016-02-15Dark LunacyThe DecemberistsThe Day of VictoryFuel Records
10. 2016-02-15Bane Of ExistenceArt Of FistingHumanity's Splintered Salvation
11. 2016-02-15
12. 2016-02-15GlacierVendettaGlacier
13. 2016-02-15RazorCross Me FoolEvil Invadersvyper
14. 2016-02-15PossessedConfessionsBeyond The Gates+The Eyes Of Horror
15. 2016-02-15MetaluciferHeavy Metal SamuraiHeavy Metal Chainsaw
16. 2016-02-15
17. 2016-02-15BLACK TUSKBorn of StrifePillars of AshRelapse Records
18. 2016-02-15Begrime Exemious04 Rat Amongst the HerdThe Enslavement ConquestDark Descent Records
19. 2016-02-15Holy GrailDESCENT INTO THE MAELSTROMTimes of Pride and PerilProsthetic Records
20. 2016-02-15Arrayan PathTHE DISTORTED LOOKING-GLASSChronicles of LightPitch Black Records
21. 2016-02-15
22. 2016-02-15The Burning (Lustre)Timeless Cosmic UnitySummoning the Lost EnergyDe Tenebrarum Principio
23. 2016-02-15HEGEMONInterpreting Signs For WarThe HierarchSeason Of Mist
24. 2016-02-15Eye of the DestroyerEverything To GeinMethods of MurderSelf-Released
25. 2016-02-15SEVEN SISTERS OF SLEEPPlateauEzekiel's HagsRelapse Records
26. 2016-02-15
27. 2016-02-15AvantasiaThe HauntingGhostlightsNuclear Blast Records
28. 2016-02-15K-X-PTo BelieveIII Part 2Svart Records
29. 2016-02-15IntermentChalice Of DeathScent Of The BuriedPulverised Records
30. 2016-02-15Anger as ArtPISSING ON YOUR GRAVEAd Mortem FestinamusOld School Metal Records
31. 2016-02-15
32. 2016-02-15CARACH ANGRENWhen Crows Tick on WindowsThis is No Fairy TaleSeason of Mist
33. 2016-02-15BahimironBestial Raids of Antichrist DarknessRebel Hymns of Left Handed TerrorMoribund Records
34. 2016-02-15Cold Northern VengeanceFrom Dungrons, To Northern BlackstormsPan...
35. 2016-02-15EnslavedDet Endelege RiketMardraumSeason of Mist
36. 2016-02-15
37. 2016-02-15SlayerBlack MagicLive Undead
38. 2016-02-15AltarSleeping Prophet [Demo '93]Ex OblivioneXtreem Music
39. 2016-02-15EmperorThe ProphetPrometheusCandlelight Records
40. 2016-02-15ACCIDENTAL SUICIDEFlesh ParadeDeceasedGrind Core
41. 2016-02-15
42. 2016-02-15ExcommunionUntil OblivionSuperionWorld War III
43. 2016-02-15Blood GodBlowjob BarbieNo Brain. But Balls! CD1
44. 2016-02-15CrematoryI Saw The Angels FlyJust Dreaming
45. 2016-02-15DiscreationWartribeThe Silence of the Gods
46. 2016-02-15
47. 2016-02-15Eternal Tears of SorrowDance of DecemberSaivon Lapsi
48. 2016-02-15LegendAnthrax AttackAnthologyMonster Music
49. 2016-02-15Medieval SteelTo kill a kingThe Dungeon TapesMedieval Steel
50. 2016-02-15Moral CrusadeHate WarAn Act Of Violence
51. 2016-02-15Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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