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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1311 playlist up with 55059 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2014-03-10MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2014-03-10
3. 2014-03-10RazorTake This TorchArmed And Dangerous
4. 2014-03-10Judas PriestMessanger of DeathA Touch of Evilepic
5. 2014-03-10WraithsChurch BurnerWraiths EP 2012self-released
6. 2014-03-10Demolition HammerHuman DissectionEpidemic of Violencecenturymedia
7. 2014-03-10MangledBath in BloodInto Emptiness...wil_rags
8. 2014-03-10
9. 2014-03-10CrowbarFall Back To ZeroLifesblood for the Downtroddencandlelight
10. 2014-03-10PanopticonBlack Soot And Red BloodKentucky
11. 2014-03-10BurstCity CloakedLazarus Birdrelapse
12. 2014-03-10As the Sun SetsFrom this Day ForwardEach Individual Voice is Dead in the Silence
13. 2014-03-10From a Second Story Windowin a river where you least expect it there will be fishNot one Word has Been Omittedblackmarket_activities
14. 2014-03-10
15. 2014-03-10RingwormLeave Your Skin At The DoorHamer Of The Witchrelapse
16. 2014-03-10ShabtiIn The Lion's CourtParacusiaself-released
17. 2014-03-10So HideousMy LightLast Poem/First Lightprosthetic
18. 2014-03-10Aurora BorealisWorld ShapersWorld Shapersxtreem
19. 2014-03-10
20. 2014-03-10Bombs Of HadesBurnThrough The Dark Pastpulverised
21. 2014-03-10Twitch Of The Death NerveA Hundred And Twenty Days In SodomA New Code Of Mortalitycomatose
22. 2014-03-10Dead Earth PoliticsThe Queen Of SteelThe Queen Of Steelself-released
23. 2014-03-10RevelationInfinite NothingnessSalvatino's AnswerShadow Kingdom
24. 2014-03-10
25. 2014-03-10AdramelechSeance Of ShamansPsychostasiaxtreem
26. 2014-03-10Infamous SinphonyLets Move To Another planetManipulationxtreem
27. 2014-03-10Aborted FetusGarden Of Kidney StonesPrivate Judgement Daycomatose
28. 2014-03-10PanteraSandblasted Skin101 Proof (live)wea
29. 2014-03-10
30. 2014-03-10Broken HopeChrist ConsumnedGrotesque Blessings
31. 2014-03-10BlasphemyNocturnal SlayerBlood Upon The Altar
32. 2014-03-10AevangelistBlood & DarknessDe Masticatione Mortuorum In TumulisBlood Harvest
33. 2014-03-10AgathoclesFour WallsTheatric Symbolisation Of Life
34. 2014-03-10BattleloreDragonslayerSword's Songnapalm
35. 2014-03-10
36. 2014-03-10SlayerBorn Of FireSeasons in the Abyssmetalblade
37. 2014-03-10Dying FetusPermanently DisfiguredPurification Through Violenceblunt_force
38. 2014-03-10MachetazoLutoSplit - General Surgery/Machetazo
39. 2014-03-10General SurgeryCrimson ConcertoInternecine Prurience Rehearsal Demo III 09.90
40. 2014-03-10Unbounded TerrorDreamlordGrowing on Sorrow Demo 92
41. 2014-03-10AmebixCarnageWho's The Enemy
42. 2014-03-10GodfleshIf I Could Be What You WantRarities
43. 2014-03-10WarsoreSix Million SlaughteredLive Central Club 1996
44. 2014-03-10GridlinkKetsuiLonghenahandshake_inc
45. 2014-03-10FilthWhen Gerbils CrySplit - General Surgery/Filth
46. 2014-03-10Insect WarfareHydraphobiaWorld Exterminationearache
47. 2014-03-10
48. 2014-03-10Soul ReaperUngodlyWritten in Bloodnuclearblast
49. 2014-03-10BrodequinGingering ExistenceMethods Of Executionunmatched_brutality
50. 2014-03-10Total WarThe Sons Of WarWe Are... Total Warnecropolis
51. 2014-03-10Hate TheoryA Couple Hundredself-titledworld_war_iii
52. 2014-03-10Darkened Nocturn SlaughtercultThe Resentful WandererFollow The Calls For Battle
53. 2014-03-10
54. 2014-03-10GalarDodsmyrSkogskvad
55. 2014-03-10ObfuscationSwansongSwansongs
56. 2014-03-10EvocationCorporal Jigsore QuandryExcised And Anatomizedmetalblade
57. 2014-03-10CarcassSymposium Of SicknessNecroticism - Descanting the Insalubriousearache
58. 2014-03-10Ceremonical (Chile)TribulationsArs Magika 7-inchBlood Harvest
59. 2014-03-10KalmahThe Black WaltzBlack WaltzNaula
60. 2014-03-10Saint VitusFearC.O.D.
61. 2014-03-10Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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