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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1261 playlist up with 53380 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2008-06-16MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2008-06-16Napalm DeathUnchallenged hate/Mentally MurderedThe Complete Radio One Sessionsbbc_music
3. 2008-06-16Population ReductionAmish Meth DealerEach Birth a New Disastertankcrimes
4. 2008-06-16Rampant DecayDustedAnti-Social Death Matchobscenity_cult
5. 2008-06-16Merciless DeathCult of DoomRealms of Terrorheavy_artillery
6. 2008-06-16DevastatorWorship the Gibbous MoonConjuring Evilold_cemetery
7. 2008-06-16MechannibalClosed CircuitPhobia Demoself-released
8. 2008-06-16Black TormentHowling Wolves Summoning Countess ArmiesSatanic Holocaustold_cemetery
9. 2008-06-16CopremesisIn Silence...Muay Thai Ladyboysparagon
10. 2008-06-16Severed SaviorQuestionServile Insurrectionwillowtip
11. 2008-06-16KataklysmTaking the World By StormPrevailnuclearblast
12. 2008-06-16Kevorkian's AngelsMeet me in Hell... Disorder is in Orderself-released
13. 2008-06-16Iron LungStone HandSexless//No Sexprank
14. 2008-06-16AnimosityTooth GrinderAnimalblackmarket_activities
15. 2008-06-16Iron MaidenSeventh Son of a Seventh SonSeventh Son of a Seventh Sonemi
16. 2008-06-16WitheredDichotomy of ExileFolie Circulaireprosthetic
17. 2008-06-16Behold... The ArctopusOf Cursed WombSkullgridblackmarket_activities
18. 2008-06-16ArchaeonAmaranthine FugueVanitasself-released
19. 2008-06-16Smouldering In ForgottenLegions Into Black FlamesLegions Into Black Flamesold_cemetery
20. 2008-06-16Aetherius ObscuritasBlack MoorlandBiziok (Visions)paragon
21. 2008-06-16Judas PriestWarNostradamusepic
22. 2008-06-16Hail PlanktonSpecial TreasureWe Devour the Brave - Demo 2008unknown
23. 2008-06-16Avenger of BloodPoserslaughterDeath Brigadeheavy_artillery
24. 2008-06-16SlayerTormentorShow No Mercymetalblade
25. 2008-06-16Storm WarriorRemember the OatheHeading Northelocomotive
26. 2008-06-16Agenda of SwineDecimation of World Trade Through OrganizationWaves of Human Sufferingrelapse
27. 2008-06-16UnleashedThe Greatest of All LiesHammer Battalionspv
28. 2008-06-16Cold Workerthe Last Bitter TwistRotting Paradiserelapse
29. 2008-06-16EngineerThe Thinning Cynicthe Dregsblackmarket_activities
30. 2008-06-16FamineThe South Will RiseThe Raven and the Reapingsolid_state
31. 2008-06-16Keep of KalessinWarmongerKolossusnuclearblast
32. 2008-06-16Sator MartehrdiTermonuklearni Evolucehumanitys_plague
33. 2008-06-16Diabolicthe Suffering ChurchDestruction of the Heavenly Realms Vol IIIdeathgasm
34. 2008-06-16NominonHell AboveTerra Necrosisibexmoon
35. 2008-06-16The Tony Danza Tapdance ExtravaganzaNobody Eats BBQ Two Days in a RowDanza II: the Electric Boogalooblackmarket_activities
36. 2008-06-16Dance Club MassacreWet Between the ThighsFeast of the Blood Monstersblackmarket_activities
37. 2008-06-16PsytoxiaJager Bomb DelightPsytoxia/Autolytic Society/Septic Cunt Washgore_on_demand
38. 2008-06-16OriginWrath of VishnuAntithesisrelapse
39. 2008-06-16EstuaryBeliefs Addictionsthe Craft of Contradictionibexmoon
40. 2008-06-16IncantationPrimordial DominationPrimordial Dominationibexmoon
41. 2008-06-16GraveAnnihilated GodDominion VIIIregain
42. 2008-06-16DeicideHate of All HatredsTill Death Do Us Partearache
43. 2008-06-16See You Next TuesdayHoney, I Had Sex that Wasn't AkwardParasiteferret
44. 2008-06-16Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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