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New site? Maybe some day.


this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1311 playlist up with 55059 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2023-04-24Tyrant Of DeathWarp WaveIon Legacy
2. 2022-12-12Vampyric Tyrant02 A2 Zorn und HassZorn und HassPurity Through Fire
3. 2022-08-08Tyrants of Chaos02 The Black GapRelentless Thirst for PowerSelf-Released
4. 2021-06-07TYRANT (U.S.)06 Pieces of MineHereafterShadow Kingdom Records
5. 2020-07-27Tyrant Goatgaldrakona01 Conspiracy With MarquisMarquis of Evil 7" EPBlood Harvest Records
6. 2020-07-27TyrantWe've SurrenderedThe Tyrant AnthologySteel Legacy Records
7. 2020-05-04TYRANT (U.S.)03 The Darkness ComesHereafterShadow Kingdom Records
8. 2019-02-18TyrantShadows of the NightThe Tyrant AnthologySteel Legacy Records
9. 2018-12-17TyrantGhost WaltzUnder the Dark Mystic SkyChrome Dreams
10. 2018-03-05Woe Of TyrantsCreatures Of The MireThrenodyMetal Blade
11. 2018-03-05TyrantOne More KnightThe Tyrant AnthologySteel Legacy Records
12. 2018-02-19TyrantViceUnder the Dark Mystic SkyChrome Dreams
13. 2017-08-07Woe Of TyrantsSounding JerusalemKingdom of MightMetal Blade
14. 2017-06-26TyrantGhost WaltzUnder the Dark Mystic SkyChrome Dreams
15. 2015-11-09The Great TyrantClosing InThe Trouble with Being Bornrelapse
16. 2015-10-26TyrantTwo Down One To GoFight For Your Life
17. 2015-08-10TyrantMetal RulesFight For Your Life
18. 2015-05-11Tyrant GoatgaldkrakonaHorns In The DarkHorns In The DarkBlood Harvest
19. 2013-08-12TyrantGrudge Of DannouraVarious Artists - Satanic Ritesfullmoon
20. 2013-02-25TyrantUnder The Dark Mystic SkyUnder The Dark Mystic Skypulverised
21. 2012-06-11TyrantWarriors Of MetalLegions Of The Deadmetalblade
22. 2011-01-31Imperial TyrantsGrand Violator Of God's TriumphMCBL: Heathen Blood Cultold_cemetery
23. 2010-08-02Woe of TyrantsSounding JerusalemKingdom of Mightmetalblade
24. 2010-07-12Woe of TyrantsTempting The WretchedThrenodymetalblade
25. 2010-07-05Woe of TyrantsBloodsmearThrenodymetalblade
26. 2010-06-14Woe of TyrantsCreatures Of The MireThrenodymetalblade
27. 2010-05-10Woe of TyrantsVenom EyeThrenodymetalblade
28. 2010-05-03Woe of TyrantsTempting The WretchedThrenodymetalblade
29. 2009-06-01Woe of TyrantsThe Seven Braids of SamsonKingdom of Mightmetalblade
30. 2009-05-25Woe of TyrantsPearls Before SwineKingdom of Mightmetalblade
31. 2009-05-11Woe of TyrantsPearls Before SwineKingdom of Mightmetalblade
32. 2009-03-16TyrantListen to the PreacherVarious Artists - Best of Metal Blade Imetalblade
33. 2005-08-01tyrantghost waltz
34. 2005-07-25tyrantinto the hades
35. 2005-05-23tyrantinto hades
36. 2004-05-31tyrantghost waltz
37. 2002-10-22Tyrantghost waltz
38. 2000-08-07TyrantGhost waltz
39. 2000-04-10TyrantListen to the Preacher
40. 1999-11-30TyrantMirage Beneath the Black Moon
41. 1999-10-18TyrantInto the Hades
42. 1999-09-20TyrantThe God of Winter
43. 0000-00-00TyrantDivine Death
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