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New site? Maybe some day.


this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1349 playlist up with 56325 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2010-05-03MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2010-05-03
3. 2010-05-03CatharsisSabbat (Dervish Dance)Passioncrimethinc
4. 2010-05-03FrozenGhost of WarEnemy Soilself-released
5. 2010-05-03ExciterDelivering To The MasterVoilence and Forcemegaforce
6. 2010-05-03MasterFaceless Victims ExpelledThe Human Machinepulverised
7. 2010-05-03
8. 2010-05-03Dream EvilSee The LightIn The Nightcenturymedia
9. 2010-05-03Graveyard RodeaMy GodSowing Discord In The Haunts Of Mancenturymedia
10. 2010-05-03GorodGutting JonNeurotripsickswillowtip
11. 2010-05-03DecapitatedDay 69Organic Hallucinosisearache
12. 2010-05-03
13. 2010-05-03Blood DusterPorn Store StifiCuntrelapse
14. 2010-05-03MucopusSuperfluous AnomiaMulch?!?amputated_vein
15. 2010-05-03MartyrdomPath Of AbiminationSlaying Giantspulverised
16. 2010-05-03
17. 2010-05-03UnleashedWi Kapitulieren NiemalsAs Yggdrasil Tremblesnuclearblast
18. 2010-05-031349When I Was FleshDemonoirprosthetic
19. 2010-05-03Ov HellPerpetual NightThe Underworld Regineprosthetic
20. 2010-05-03
21. 2010-05-03Woe of TyrantsTempting The WretchedThrenodymetalblade
22. 2010-05-03Morbid CarnageEmpty GravesNight Assassinspulverised
23. 2010-05-03Brain DrillNemesis Of NeglectQuantum Catastrophemetalblade
24. 2010-05-03Hara KiriVesselAnnihilatorvengeful_dog_publishing
25. 2010-05-03
26. 2010-05-03Colin of ArabiaSlavedriverPain Machines - a collectiondouble_or_nothing
27. 2010-05-03Arma Gathasthe Rise And FallDead To This Worldmetalblade
28. 2010-05-03Bison BCTwo-Day BoozeDark Agesmetalblade
29. 2010-05-03CathedralDeath Of an AntichristThe Guessing Gamenuclearblast
30. 2010-05-03CelestiaDominus Crux SpiritusArchaenae Perfectii - L'Arche Arcane Desdrakkar
31. 2010-05-03
32. 2010-05-03HatebreedBetrayed By LifeSatisfation is the Death of Desirevictory
33. 2010-05-03Gazahospital fat bagI Don't Care Where I Go When I dieblackmarket_activities
34. 2010-05-03SlayerRichard Hung HimselfUndisputed Attitude
35. 2010-05-03GorgutsEarthly LoveObscuraolympic
36. 2010-05-03
37. 2010-05-03PsyopusInsectsOur Puzzling Encounters Consideredmetalblade
38. 2010-05-03The Abominable Iron SlothNinties MaleThe ID Will Overcomeblackmarket_activities
39. 2010-05-03CrowbarDead SunLifesblood for the Downtroddencandlelight
40. 2010-05-03Machetazo(todos somos) alinemnto las cusanosCarne De Cementeriorazorback
41. 2010-05-03
42. 2010-05-03the OceanPtolemy Was WrongHeliocentricmetalblade
43. 2010-05-03AldaaronNirnaeth Arnoediad Part INous Reviendrons Immortelsparagon
44. 2010-05-03Dark FortressEvenFallYlemcenturymedia
45. 2010-05-03DarkworCurse Of AtreysFoederatiself-released
46. 2010-05-03Blood CultCult of the PlainsWe Are the Cult Of the Plainsmoribund
47. 2010-05-03
48. 2010-05-03Type O NegativeChristian Woman (live)live in Ludwigsburg/Germany October, 16th 1994
49. 2010-05-03SculpturedThe Shape of RageEmbodimentend
50. 2010-05-03ShrineVirginPsychacapitol
51. 2010-05-03VolumesWormholesThe Consept Of Dreamingmediaskare
52. 2010-05-03Blood has been ShedUatuSpiralsferret
53. 2010-05-03
54. 2010-05-03God DethronedInto the Lungs Of HellInto the Lungs Of Hellmetalblade
55. 2010-05-03FinntrollTiden Utan TidNifelvindcenturymedia
56. 2010-05-03Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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