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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1310 playlist up with 55024 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2020-05-04MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
2. 2020-05-04
3. 2020-05-04Tomb MoldChamber Of Sacred OothecaManor Of Infinite Forms
4. 2020-05-04Blood Incantation02 ChaoplasmStarspawnDark Descent Records
5. 2020-05-04Ectovoid08 Spawned from Unending MysteryDark Abstraction LPBlood Harvest Records
6. 2020-05-04CephalectomyOmens of Elder CreationDark Waters Rise
7. 2020-05-04
8. 2020-05-04The Black Dahlia MurderSunless EmpireVerminousMetal Blade Records
9. 2020-05-04Black BreathChildren Of The HornHeavy BreathingSouthern Lord
10. 2020-05-04SadusAnd Then You DieIllusions (Chemical Exposure) [2007 Reissue]
11. 2020-05-04Entombed08 - Morbid DevourmentLeft Hand PathEarache
12. 2020-05-04
13. 2020-05-04GRUESOMETrapped In HellSavage Land (NA Promo)Relapse Records
14. 2020-05-04HUMAN INFECTION {usa}Embrace PerfectionGravesight
15. 2020-05-04Hideous DivinityBent Until FractureSimulacrum (Bonus Tracks Version)
16. 2020-05-04SkeletonwitchBlinding_Black_RageBreathing the FireProsthetic Records
17. 2020-05-04
18. 2020-05-04TYRANT (U.S.)03 The Darkness ComesHereafterShadow Kingdom Records
19. 2020-05-04GodenCosmic BloodBeyond DarknessSvart Records
20. 2020-05-04DěDSKVAD1 - Rike I RuinerKr°nike INuclear War Now! Productions
21. 2020-05-04Pyre (Russia)Across the Shores of Emerald FractalsChained to OssuariesMemento Mori
22. 2020-05-04
23. 2020-05-04MORKETIDA02 Upon the Aged HeavensTraveler of the Untouched Voids (12" MLP)Werewolf Records
24. 2020-05-04TEMPLAR (Finland)02 - Flaming Metal SupremacyKnights of Nuclear Hell Decibelfucking the Charred Remains of the ChristNuclear War Now! Productions
25. 2020-05-04Bythos03 Sorath the OpposerThe Womb of ZeroTerratur Possessions
26. 2020-05-04N˘idva02 Followers of the North StarWindsellerPurity Through Fire
27. 2020-05-04
28. 2020-05-04Morte Lune (UK)03 Chalice of BloodTemple of FleshPurity Through Fire
29. 2020-05-04E-L-RDevoteeMaenadProphecy Records
30. 2020-05-04Victoria K03 Forsaken (feat. Sheri Vengeance)Essentia - Out April 24thRockshots Records
31. 2020-05-04Mean Messiah02 Divine TechnologyDivine TechnologySvart Records
32. 2020-05-04
33. 2020-05-04Carpathian ForestPierced GenitaliaBlack Shining Leather/Through Chasm, Caves and Titan WoodsWorld War III Music
34. 2020-05-04Cave InChameleonBeyond Hypothermia
35. 2020-05-04Colin Of ArabiaEveryday I Walk the Same Way HomePain MachinesDouble Or Nothing Records
36. 2020-05-04ShockwaveDay of the MachinesThe Ultimate Doom
37. 2020-05-04Pulling TeethNever WrongVicious SkinChainsaw Safety
38. 2020-05-04BlacklistedLife Moves OnThe Beat Goes OnDeathwish Records
39. 2020-05-04
40. 2020-05-04New LowsPlaguegroundsHarvest of the CarcassDeathwish Inc.
41. 2020-05-04100 DemonsHow Can I RegretIn the Eyes of the Lord
42. 2020-05-04As the Sun SetsCarapathianEach Individual Voice Is Dead in the Silence
43. 2020-05-04LEASHdeath breathDead End Breed
44. 2020-05-04Sheer TerrorJust Can't Hate EnoughBulldog Edition (Disc 1)
45. 2020-05-04
46. 2020-05-04ExtolIn ReversalBlueprintCentury Media Records
47. 2020-05-04Encrimson'dThe Piper's TaleAgrarian Menace
48. 2020-05-04Noctambulismcathartic funeralMournful Sculpture (Demo)
49. 2020-05-04
50. 2020-05-04Amon AmarthArmy of DarknessVersus the World (Bonus CD)Metal Blad (SPV)
51. 2020-05-04MorticianExtra Uterine PregnancyDomain of DeathRelapse Records
52. 2020-05-04AvulsedAddicted to Carrion [Will Rahmer - Mortician]Deathgeneration [CD 1]Xtreem Music
53. 2020-05-04ObscurityBattle MetalVararTrollzorn
54. 2020-05-04
55. 2020-05-04AnacrusisImprisonedHindsightSelf-Release
56. 2020-05-04ChastainOne Day To LiveRuler Of The Wasteland
57. 2020-05-04WarlockSpeed Of SoundTrue As Steel [Reissue 2011]
58. 2020-05-04RazorTake This TorchExecutioner's Song
59. 2020-05-04MessiahEnjoy YourselfHymn To Abramelin / Extreme Cold Weather
60. 2020-05-04
61. 2020-05-04Vendetta (GER)Drugs And CorruptionGo And Live, Stay And Die
62. 2020-05-04VikingDo Or DieDo Or Die
63. 2020-05-04VulcainPile Ou FaceRock'n' Roll Secours
64. 2020-05-04
65. 2020-05-04Cloven Hoofthe gates of gehennaS/t
66. 2020-05-04Cirith UngolBetter off DeadCirith Ungol (Demo)
67. 2020-05-04BrainlessMind BitchBrainless World
68. 2020-05-04Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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