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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1369 playlist up with 56979 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2024-07-15Intolerance (Spain)02 Fade Into OblivionWaking Nightmares of an Endless VoidMemento Mori
2. 2024-07-08Killing AddictionAshes of CivilizationFall of the ArchetypesXtreem Music
3. 2024-06-24WormreichRevelation IVWormcult RevelationsMoribund Records
4. 2024-06-17The Black Dahlia Murderburning the hivea cold-blooded epitaph
5. 2024-06-17Inerth02 OblivionHybrisAbstract Emotions
6. 2024-06-03From A Second Story WindowIn A River Where You Least Expect It There Will Be FishNot One Word Has Been Omittted
7. 2024-05-27MgłaExercises In Futility IVExercises in Futility["Northern Heritage"]
8. 2024-05-06Semuta04 Selective MemoryGlacial ErraticSelf-Released
9. 2024-05-06Grave Upheaval04 II-IV(untitled) DLP/CDNuclear War Now! Productions
10. 2024-04-15Impending Annihilation01 Rapidly Destructive CoxarthropathyIdiopathic Osteonecrosis of the Femoral Head - Out April 19thGore House Productions
11. 2024-04-08SacrilegeThe CaptiveWithin The ProphecyMetal Blade Records
12. 2024-03-18The Acacia StrainGivingIt Comes in Waves
13. 2024-03-11Agoraphobic NosebleedLives Ruined Through SexHonky ReductionRelapse Records
14. 2024-02-12MerauderFive Deadly VenomsDemo 98 (W/ Eddie Sutton)
15. 2024-02-12Infernal CurseLascivious MalevolenceThe End Upon Us MLPIron Bonehead Productions
16. 2024-01-29Sam Black ChurchRe-aliveLet In Life
17. 2024-01-29Infernal MajestyRIP - Night of the Living DeadChaos in Copenhagen
18. 2024-01-22ExhumedNativity Obscene - A Nursery ChymeAnatomy Is DestinyRelapse Records
19. 2024-01-08Downfall of GaiaIn the Rivers BleakSuffocating in the Swarm of CranesMetal Blade
20. 2023-11-27SunmancerNexus HiveNothing Ever Happens (1/8)Self-Released
21. 2023-11-27ObituaryMy Will To LiveDying of EverythingRelapse Records
22. 2023-10-16One of Nine03 Dark Magic RiverEternal SorceryWolves of Hades
23. 2023-10-16Serpentine DominionDivide, Conquer, Burn, and DestroySerpentine DominionMetal Blade Records
24. 2023-10-09Immortal Guardian5. Immortal Guardian - Divided we FallUnite and Conquer - Out Oct 27thM-Theory Audio
25. 2023-10-02Parasitic EjaculationCognitive DissonanceIsolation
26. 2023-09-04Dark TranquillityDream OblivionWe are the VoidCentury Media Records
27. 2023-09-04Vital RemainsUncultivated GraveLet Us PrayJUd0
28. 2023-09-04RiseThe Fallacy of Retrospective DeterminismSignal to NoiseFerret Music
29. 2023-08-28EndarkerVivid ImaginationAmong The Shadows (Compilation)
30. 2023-08-28Jugular EmbolismDumped in the RiverEruptions of Pus and Mucus Demo
31. 2023-08-21Gory BlisterUnexpected LivingsReborn from HatredEclipse Records
32. 2023-08-21Triskelyon04-Triskelyon-IsHopeStillAliveArtificial Insanity - Sept 8Moribund Records
33. 2023-08-21Aborted FetusBoiled AliveThe Art of Violent TortureComatose Music
34. 2023-08-14Sam Black ChurchRe-aliveLet In Life
35. 2023-07-24FlitcraftI Forgot Everything (Research at Dive Bars)House at the Centre of the UniversePitch Black Records
36. 2023-07-10PlaguesPath to OblivionDystopian Misanthropy Vol.1
37. 2023-07-03Cybernetic Witch CultThe Ivory TowerAbsurdum Ad NauseamGroove Lizzard Time Wizzard
38. 2023-06-26General SurgeryErosive offalsErosive Offals (Malignant Necrotomy)
39. 2023-06-26BarathrumDeliver a BattleInfernalNazgul's Eyrie Productions
40. 2023-06-12Systemik Viølence03 Extinta RaivaNegative Mangel AttitudeRSR Records
41. 2023-06-12Orchid's CurseOrchid's Curse - 3. Divergence of ManThe Decay - Out June 16thSelf-Released
42. 2023-06-12WatchmakerCivic BloodlustKill. Fucking. Everyone.Earache
43. 2023-06-05PortalTranscending A Mere MultiverseSeepia
44. 2023-05-29Duivel05 - Duivel - Heiligschennis - HeksenkutHeiligschennisNomad Snakepit Productions
45. 2023-05-15Thanatomass04 Living Tombs Of TartarosHADESNomad Snakepit Productions
46. 2023-05-01VamacharaDeliveranceHereafter
47. 2023-04-24Bastard SaplingSubterranean Rivers Of BloodInstinct Is ForeverGilead Media
48. 2023-04-17Downfall of GaiaWhile Bloodsprings Become RiversSilhouettes of DisgustMetal Blade Records
49. 2023-04-10Pustilence09 Demiurge DivertissementBeliefs of Dead Stargazers and SoothsayersMemento Mori
50. 2023-04-10Heretic Cult Redeemer02 Intoxication DivineFlagellum UniversalisIll Damnation Productions
51. 2023-04-10NecrophagiaIt Lives in the WoodsBlack Blood
52. 2023-03-27DestructionSurvive to DieRelease From Agonyprofile
53. 2023-03-20BloodJesus Never LivedImpulse To Destroy
54. 2023-03-13Terminally Your Aborted GhostMinimalistic ObjectivityInanimately Soundless
55. 2023-03-13DysenteryVoice of DeprivationFrom Past Suffering Comes New FleshAmputated Vein Records
56. 2023-03-06Dauþuz04 Der Bergschmied IVVom schwarzen SchmiedAmor fati Productions
57. 2023-02-20Norma JeanThe Human Face, DivineBless the Martyr and Kiss the ChildSolid State
58. 2023-02-06Phantom Fire03 DERIVE FROM ASHEminente Lucifer LibertadEdged Circle Productions
59. 2023-02-06ORIGIN03 - Autopsied AliveAbiogenesis - A Coming Into ExistenceAgonia Records
60. 2023-01-30Old Man's ChildUnholy Vivid InnocenceRevelation 666Century Media
61. 2023-01-23DUSKLethal Perspectives ft. Aron HarrisSpectrumsSelf-Released
62. 2023-01-16SLASHER DAVE05 Eaten AliveCannibal Death Gods (2LP)Hells Headbangers Records
63. 2023-01-16Black Death (Cleveland)Night of the Living DeathBlack DeathHells Headbangers Records
64. 2023-01-16NortherN (formally Cold Northern Vengeance)Live Free or DieDesolate Ways to Ultima Thule
65. 2023-01-09InternecineDivinityThe Book of LambsHammerheart Records
66. 2023-01-09Tino ValpaLive Or Be Lived All OverLive Or Be Lived All OverPine Hill Records
67. 2023-01-09IRON VOID03 Living On The EarthIVShadow Kingdom Records
68. 2023-01-09Malice DivineMalice Divine - 4. At One With InfinityEverlasting Ascendancy - Out Jan 27thSelf-Released
69. 2023-01-02Gutvoid03 Delivered To The Altar LichDurance of Lightless Horizons CD/LP/TAPEBlood Harvest Records
70. 2023-01-02OmnioidAbhorrent Deformative MitosisRegurgitated Inexistential PestilenceAmputated Vein Records
71. 2023-01-02AGONY FACEXIV - Ice, Smoke and HorsesCLX Stormy QuibblingsMy Kingdom Music
72. 2023-01-02AGONY FACEXIV - Ice, Smoke and HorsesCLX Stormy QuibblingsMy Kingdom Music
73. 2023-01-02CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY10 GIVE ME GASOLINE OR GIVE ME DEATHApocalyptic Compendium - 10 Years in Chaos, Noise and Warfare (CD, TAPE)Hells Headbangers Records
74. 2022-12-19Hate EternalThe Creed Of Chaotic DivinityConquering The Throne
75. 2022-12-12ENTHRONEDOblivious ShadesObsidiumAgonia Records
76. 2022-11-14Bastard SaplingSubterranean Rivers Of BloodInstinct Is ForeverGilead Media
77. 2022-11-14Acid Blade03 Power DivePower DivePersonal Records
78. 2022-10-31Lucifericon1-03 The Veils of Negative ExistenceThe Warlock of Da'athInvictus Productions
79. 2022-10-17Infernal ExecratorIblisupremacy Divine DesimareAd Infinitum Satanic Adherent
80. 2022-10-10SuffocationSynthetically RevivedHuman Waste
81. 2022-10-03Agoraphobic NosebleedCenter of the HiveThe Poacher DiariesRelapse Records
82. 2022-10-03In DisgustTo Live A LieReality Choke16 Oh
83. 2022-10-03DefecationProtective RageIntention Surpassed
84. 2022-09-26ImmolationIMMOLATION - fall in disease (live 10.20.90)Split 7''
85. 2022-09-26Reverend MotherLocomotiveDamned BlessingSeeing Red Records
86. 2022-09-26InvocatorSchismatic Injective TherapyExcursion Demise
87. 2022-08-29AxtionMakin' Love (Live)Live
88. 2022-08-29BulldozerThe Great DeceiverThe Day Of Wrath
89. 2022-08-22DozethroneDriven To ParanoiaCoronavirus
90. 2022-08-15Anthea4. ANTHEA - THE DECEIVERTales Untold - Out Aug 26Rockshots Records
91. 2022-08-08Raw Radar WarRiven Tarmac== (Double Equals)
92. 2022-08-08Vrenth03 Curse of the Living and of the DeadSuccumb to ChaosRotted Life Records
93. 2022-08-01MalevolenceSentimental OblivionPleasure of Molestation (Demo)
94. 2022-08-01Purulent JacuzziDivesting Rotten FleshStench of the Drowned CarrionSoulflesh Collector Records - via Metalhit
95. 2022-07-25Lestregus NosferatusDeceivedBlood Feast Of The Damned (Demo)
96. 2022-06-27December WolvesThe Gard DivisionCompletely Dehumanized
97. 2022-06-27Our Dying World4. SurvivorHymns of Blinding Darkness - Out June 24thSelf-Released
98. 2022-06-20WormedMultivectorial ReionizationExodromos
99. 2022-06-20THE WAKEDEAD GATHERING2 - Recessive SocietyParallaxiomI, Voidhanger Records
100. 2022-06-13ViolatedWhat You Give is What You GetOnly Death AwaitsDuplicate Records
101. 2022-06-06Lich KingAggressive Perfector (Slayer Cover)World Gone Dead
102. 2022-05-30CADAVERIC INCUBATOR10 Conceived in FilthSermons of the Devouring Dead (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
103. 2022-05-23DeicideBehead the Prophet (No Lord Shall Live)LegionRoadrunner Records
104. 2022-05-16BENIGHTED04 Forgive Me FatherNecrobreedSeason of Mist
105. 2022-05-16Killswitch EngageUs Against the World (Live)Live at the PalladiumMetal Blade Records
106. 2022-05-09ToxGive Your Heart To A LoverTox© 1986 SL Records (SL-RECORDS 7024)
107. 2022-05-02The LocustSiphoning Projectiles During Selective AnnesiaFlight of the Wounded Locust
108. 2022-05-02ViogressionDeath Dive3rd Stage Of DecayMoribund Records
109. 2022-04-18CoronerFried AliveR.I.P.noise
110. 2022-04-04Emasculated Vituperation2- Live Grinding Of The FetusRape Trauma SyndromeFat Tub Of Lard Records
111. 2022-03-14TYRSunset Shore (Live)A Night at the Nordic House (with The Symphony Orchestra of the Faroe Islands)Metal Blade Records
112. 2022-02-28RossomahaarThe Forlorn Existence of Soul DivineImperium TenebrarumImperium Tenebrarum
113. 2022-02-28Pile of Priests04 Divine Step (Coroner Cover)Tenebrous Labyrinth (EP)Self-Released
114. 2022-02-14Revenge (Canada)05 Blood DivisionAttack.Blood.Revenge LP/CDNuclear War Now! Productions
115. 2022-02-14Ritual MortisArchaic Dread Of Repetitive ViolencePossessed By Machines
116. 2022-02-07SkelethalMacabre OblivionDeathmanicvs Revelation MLP
117. 2022-01-31ElegyDrive Into The DeepBetter Than Bells Demo
118. 2022-01-31Mekong DeltaShivas ReturnMekong Delta
119. 2022-01-24Plague Weaver06 - Of Quivering DovesAscendant BlasphemySelf-Released
120. 2022-01-17FortressShe Gives It AllFortress
121. 2022-01-10Thy Darkened ShadeRevival through Arcane SkinsLiber Lvcifer IW.T.C.Productions
122. 2022-01-03Shai HuludWilling Oneself to Forget What Cannot Otherwise Be ForgivenThat Within Blood Ill-TemperedRevelation Records
123. 2021-12-20DevastationManic DepressiveSigns of LifeCombat Records
124. 2021-12-13Love Lost But Not ForgottenHappy to Be AliveUpon the Right, I Saw a New MiseryHappy Couples Never Last
125. 2021-12-06PyrrhonThe Cost Of LivingAbscess TimeWILLOWTIP INC. (WTP)
126. 2021-12-06BodineYou Didn't Give Me LoveBodine
127. 2021-11-29Poison IdeaGive It UpPig's Last StandGolf
128. 2021-11-29In DisgustGive UpIn Disgust/Sidetracked Split
129. 2021-11-22Light This CityGive UpThe Hero CycleProsthetic Records
130. 2021-11-22HelixGive it to YouBack For Another Taste
131. 2021-11-15Landmine MarathonLiver And LungsGallowsProsthetic Records
132. 2021-11-01PossessedNo Will To LiveBeyond The Gates+The Eyes Of Horror
133. 2021-10-25AarkanneAarkanne - Mysterii IVMysteriiInferna Profundus Records
134. 2021-10-25My Dying BrideYour RiverTurn Loose the Swans
135. 2021-10-25PsychoDrive IIIVulture ChurchSELFMADEGOD Records
136. 2021-10-25The KandidateGive up all HopeUntil We Are Outnumbered [DeathThrash Metal]Napalm Records
137. 2021-10-18Dauþuz04 Der Bergschmied IVVom schwarzen SchmiedAmor fati Productions
138. 2021-10-11Early GravesGive UpGonerMetal Blade
139. 2021-10-11Malevolent CreationCarnivorous MisgivingsStillbornRoadrunner
140. 2021-10-11Festival of MutilationLive the SufferingGods of Infernal DesolationOld Cemetery Records
141. 2021-09-27IncendiarySurvivalIncendiary/Xibalba split
142. 2021-09-20NekrofilthA1 - Give Up On LifeWorship DestructionHells Headbangers Records
143. 2021-09-20ScreamGive It UpLet It ScreamHollywood Records
144. 2021-09-20All Else Failedstep one: give upThis Never HappenedRESTRAIN R
145. 2021-09-13Malignament05 Unforgiving NorthHypocrisis AbsolutionPrimitive Reaction
146. 2021-09-06Morbid SaintLiving MiseryDestruction System
147. 2021-08-30Internal BleedingDriven to ConquerDriven to ConquerCrash Music, Inc.
148. 2021-08-30Journey Into Darkness05 Impossible UniverseInfinite Universe Infinite DeathSpirit Coffin Publishing
149. 2021-08-23And Now The Owls Are SmilingDirge IV - SolitudeDirgesClobber Records
150. 2021-08-09Insidious DiseaseConceived Through HateShadowcastCentury Media Records
151. 2021-08-09NeverfrostCarnival ForestThrough Time
152. 2021-08-02NIGRUM PLUVIAM02 A Catharsis for the Wretched Carrying the DivinEternal Fall Into the AbyssSignal Rex
153. 2021-07-26OblivionizedCycle of DeprivationNullify The Cycle
154. 2021-07-05Dual EdgeKnock 'Em AliveKnock 'Em Alive
155. 2021-06-07Bolt ThrowerDestructive InfinityWarmasterRelativity Records
156. 2021-06-07Deeds Of FleshCarnivorous WaysTrading Pieces
157. 2021-06-07Re-ArmedDive WithinIgnis AeternumBlack Lion Records
158. 2021-05-24The Day of The BeastIndisputably CarnivorousIndisputably CarnivorousProsthetic Records
159. 2021-05-17WINTER ETERNAL03 The Illusive Wings Of DeathLand of Darkness (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
160. 2021-05-17NephasthConceived By Inhuman BloodConceived By Inhuman Blood
161. 2021-04-26EyehategodQuitter's OffensiveEyehategod
162. 2021-04-26The SorrowMy OblivionMisery EscapeNapalm Records
163. 2021-04-19Mammoth GrinderDivine LossCosmic CryptRelapse Records
164. 2021-04-19ŹMIARĆVIEŁYIVčornaje połymiaCaligari Records
165. 2021-03-15WormedMultivectorial ReionizationExodromos
166. 2021-03-08DecerebrationVengeful DivinitiesPure Hatred (Demo)
167. 2021-03-08GhoulLife of the Living DeadSplatterthrashRazorback Records
168. 2021-03-08Cirith UngolMaster of the Pit (Live)King of the Dead (Ultimate Edition)Metal Blade Records
169. 2021-03-01Godless TruthDriven to LacerateArrogance of Supreme PowerAmputated Vein Records
170. 2021-03-01MelecheshEnki Divine Nature AwokenEnkiNuclear Blast Records
171. 2021-02-22MARE COGNITUMFrozen Star DivinizationSolar ParoxysmI, Voidhanger Records
172. 2021-02-15EyehategodQuitter's OffensiveEyehategod
173. 2021-02-15SacrophobiaParty and Fight For Your Rights (Filthy Christians) [Live '93]Dark RequiemsXtreem Music
174. 2021-02-08Triumph, GenusUveden v život myšlenkamiVšehorovnost je porážkou převyšujících LPIron Bonehead Productions
175. 2021-02-08Aethyrick03 Flesh Once DividedApotheosisThe Sinister Flame
176. 2021-02-01Darvulia02 Hivers Noirs Des Anciens AgesMysticisme Macabre LPNuclear War Now! Productions
177. 2021-01-25Úlfarr04 Part IVHate & Terror - The Rise Of Pure EvilPurity Through Fire
178. 2021-01-25EpitimiaClue IV - I Aspire Like a BirdAllusionOnism Productions
179. 2021-01-18ChancroidDistortion Cognitive of MaliciousBestial Perverse of the Anomalies Psychoneurotic
180. 2021-01-11TristCitov� DeprivaceCitov� Deprivace
181. 2020-12-21Suicidal TendenciesGive It RevolutionLights...Camera...Revolution!Sony Music Distribution
182. 2020-12-21Light This CityGive UpThe Hero CycleProsthetic Records
183. 2020-12-14AllaccessDon't Give MeAllaccess
184. 2020-12-07LythronaxAccuser IVThe Accuser / The Adversary
185. 2020-11-16Napalm StormSlaves of DivinityHarmless Cruelty
186. 2020-10-26DoomridersCome AliveDarkness Comes AliveDeathwish Records
187. 2020-10-26My Dying BrideYour RiverTurn Loose the Swans
188. 2020-10-05DarkaneGodforsaken UniverseLayers of LiesNuclear Blast Records
189. 2020-09-28TribulationNightbound (Live at Sdra Teatern)Alive & Dead At Sdra Teatern
190. 2020-09-21Random KillingShe Drives Me CrazyWelcome...Raw Energy
191. 2020-09-14LIKCorrosive SurvivalMisanthropic BreedMetal Blade Records
192. 2020-09-14BoizeGive Me Your LoveBoize
193. 2020-09-07WargasmWasteland (Live)Fireball
194. 2020-08-17WargasmRevenge (Live)Fireball
195. 2020-08-17Novae Militiae06 Affliction of the DivineTophethGoathorned Productions
196. 2020-08-17Carnal ForgeDeep Rivers of BloodThe More You SufferCentury Media Records
197. 2020-08-17DioHoly DiverHoly Diver
198. 2020-08-10LIBERTEERThat Which Is Not Given But TakenBetter To Die On Your Feet Than Live On Your Knees (Radio Promo - ADDS 1/24)
199. 2020-08-03ARS MAGNA UMBRAEOn The Wings of Divine FiresApotheosisI, Voidhanger Records
200. 2020-08-03DecayingThe Ardennes OffensiveThe Last Days Of War
201. 2020-07-27Caustic Method7.Which Way The River RunThe VirusPavement Entertainment
202. 2020-07-27StormwitchArabian Nights (Live)Tales of Terror
203. 2020-07-13Les DiscretsLes Feuilles de l'OlivierLive At RoadburnProphecy Productions
204. 2020-06-29OČI VLKAII. Vnimani Zivota Na Prahu SmrtiDemoCaligari Records
205. 2020-06-29TribulationHere Be Dragons (Live at Sdra Teatern)Alive & Dead At Sdra Teatern
206. 2020-06-29Bad NewsMasturbike (Live)Live - Hammersmith Odeon - 1987 Nov 05
207. 2020-06-22HexvesselDrugged Up On The UniverseWhen We Are DeathCentury Media Records
208. 2020-06-22GroundzeroTo Imagine DivineHealing LeprosySociety Of The Wrench Records
209. 2020-06-22The Moon And The NightspiritA Mindensg HvsaAetherProphecy Productions
210. 2020-06-22Saprogenic EntrailsSaprogenic Entrails - Carcinogen Diagnosis (Live)carcass grinder / impregnate trichomonas / unholy grave / saprogenic entrails / voltifobia
211. 2020-06-15DeathOveractive ImaginationIndividual Thought Patterns
212. 2020-06-15Fragments of UnbecomingLive for This Moment, Stay 'Til the EndSterling Black IconMetal Blade Records
213. 2020-06-08Sunlights BaneThe Blessed Ivory TongueThe Blackest Volume
214. 2020-06-01Coffin Curse02 Where Sickness ThrivesCeased to BeMemento Mori
215. 2020-05-18OltretombaThe River in the middleTHE HORROR - Figure del TerroreMoribund Records
216. 2020-05-11SHIVERS02 Shivers - FluidsSHIVERS/NAUSEATOR-Too Gross For Most - split 7"Hells Headbangers Records
217. 2020-05-11ExciterDying To LiveExciter
218. 2020-05-04Mean Messiah02 Divine TechnologyDivine TechnologySvart Records
219. 2020-05-04ChastainOne Day To LiveRuler Of The Wasteland
220. 2020-04-20OBLIVION GATEOblivion Gate - 3 - Give Me the GunWisdom Of the GraveATMF
221. 2020-04-20UnbegottenInto the Entrails of My DeliveranceProem Of The UnbornForever Plagued Records
222. 2020-03-16AggressiveAggressive-Perfector-Turbo-EvilVarious ArtistsExtreme Metal Attack XVIIHelldprod Records
223. 2020-03-09Pray for a PlagueSo Well Sew Me to a Robot and Give Me AIDSRadio Hit
224. 2020-03-02Benevolent Like Quietus03 - Benevolent Like Quietus - The Great DivideKill The Bliss - Out March 13, 2020Self-Released
225. 2020-02-24Escuela Grind03 Private Vice Public BenefitIndoctrinationArmageddon Label
226. 2020-02-17DltreIV - Milites Pestilentiae II - De Violatione Ci...Per Aspera Ad PestilentiamSepulchral Productions
227. 2020-02-17WormrotCompulsive DispositionDirge
228. 2020-02-03Pray For A PlagueWell, Sew Me To A Robot And Give Me AIDS (The Olde Fashioned Way)Live on WUNH
229. 2020-01-13Omnium GatherumSubdivision (Rush Cover)Beyond
230. 2019-12-30GehennaSadist / My SurvivalUpon The Gravehill
231. 2019-12-30Devourment/02Cognitive Sedation ButcheryObscene Majesty
232. 2019-12-23HAUNT (U.S.)04 Divide And ConquerMind Freeze (CD, LP, TAPE)Shadow Kingdom Records
233. 2019-12-16DeathOpen Casket (live)Spiritual Healing (Reissue)Relapse Records
234. 2019-12-16Jesus PieceHivemindSplitBridge Nine Records
235. 2019-12-09Negativa (Spain)02 IV01Nebular Carcoma
236. 2019-12-09MelecheshSand Grain UniverseEmissariesOsmose Productions
237. 2019-12-02SacerHunting for Apartments and Vacant Perfect Worlds In the Space Deeps of the UniverseSacer
238. 2019-11-11ExciterDelivering To The MasterVoilence and Forcemegaforce
239. 2019-11-04MisfitsNight of the Living DeadMisfits Compilation III
240. 2019-10-28Nocturnal Depression03. Living in a Mass GraveTides of DespairSun & Moon Records
241. 2019-09-30Totalitarian (Italy)Defeated, Destroyed And DividedBloodlandsBarren Void Records
242. 2019-09-30Crown, TheGive You HellHell Is HereMetal Blade Records
243. 2019-09-23Cult of LunaReceiverThe BeyondEarache
244. 2019-09-23Desecrate the FaithMalignant DivinityUnholy InfestationComatose Music
245. 2019-09-09Vital RemainsDivine In FireForever UndergroundOsmose Productions
246. 2019-09-02Nex Carnis02 The Fathomless Caverns Of OblivioBlack Eternity 7" EPBlood Harvest Records
247. 2019-09-02Circle Takes The SquareNon Objective Portrait Of KarmaAs The Roots Undo
248. 2019-08-26Putrid PileHeld Captive for TortureCollection of ButcheryUnited Guttural Records
249. 2019-08-26Cerebral IncubationEruptive RectoceleBifurcation Of Primordial Slamateurs
250. 2019-08-12AyatCollective Suicide In The Boudoir (Feeling Wonderful Tonight)Six Years Of Dormant HatredMoribund Records
251. 2019-08-12SOPHIST3. Sophist - A Captive of Saturn's Scythe‘Betrothal To The StoneSelf-Released
252. 2019-07-29Grotesque Organ DefilementHuman VivisectionNeurofibromatosisiND
253. 2019-07-08Rotting OutLive Fast Die Young (Circle Jerks Cover)Reckoning
254. 2019-06-17ABSURD CONFLICTPoint Of Crisis (Live Crisis)live 03
255. 2019-06-17WarriorOnly The Strong SurviveFighting For The Earth
256. 2019-05-20Amon AmarthThe Fate of Norns (Live at Summer Breeze T-Stage)The Pursuit of VikingsMetal Blade Records
257. 2019-05-13Mammoth GrinderDivine LossCosmic CryptRelapse Records
258. 2019-04-29Between the Buried and MeThe Coma Machine (Live)Coma EclipticMetal Blade Records
259. 2019-04-22CRETINWe Live in a CaveStrangerRelapse Records
260. 2019-04-15SatanKey To OblivionInto The Futuresteam_hammer
261. 2019-03-18Bastard SaplingSubterranean Rivers Of BloodInstinct Is ForeverGilead Media
262. 2019-03-18Black BreathRazor To OblivionRazor To Oblivion EP
263. 2019-02-18DanzigTired Of Being AliveDanzig II Lucifuge
264. 2019-01-28ENTHRONEDOblivious ShadesObsidiumAgonia Records
265. 2019-01-28POUNDERUncivilizedUncivilized (CD, LP, TAPE)Hells Headbangers Records
266. 2019-01-21ARS MAGNA UMBRAEDying Sun DivinationLunar AscensionI, Voidhanger Records
267. 2019-01-21Goly GrimTerrorists Live In A Big White HouseNothing Natural This Way Comes...Grim Records
268. 2019-01-21ARCHSPIREArchspire - 01 Lucid Collective SomnambulationThe Lucid CollectiveSeason Of Mist
269. 2019-01-07PrajnaInto Rivers of TimeThe Summer Eclipse
270. 2019-01-07AltarDivorced From GodYouth Against Christ
271. 2018-12-31MOTRHEADRidin' With The DriverOrgasmatron
272. 2018-12-24AftershockLiving BackwardPropaganda_2
273. 2018-12-10Lucifer's FallDeceiverTales From The CryptSun & Moon Records
274. 2018-12-10OpethDemon Of The Fall (Live)Garden Of The Titans (Opeth Live at Red Rocks Amphitheatre)Nuclear Blast Records
275. 2018-12-03Godless TruthPerceive the MockeryArrogance of Supreme PowerAmputated Vein Records
276. 2018-12-03KataklysmSuicide RiverHeaven's VenomNuclear Blast
277. 2018-12-03DeathPrimitive WaysLeprosy
278. 2018-12-03Knocked LooseOblivions PeakLaugh TracksPure Noise Records
279. 2018-11-26Bolt Thrower7th OffensiveHonour Valour PrideMetal Blade
280. 2018-11-26GrogDawn Of The Living DeadMacabre RequiemsHelldprod Records
281. 2018-11-26Pig DestroyerCircle RiverHead CageRelapse Records
282. 2018-11-19Amon AmarthWith Oden on Our Side (Live at Summer Breeze T-Stage)The Pursuit of VikingsMetal Blade Records
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566. 2014-02-17WorshipTerranean Wake IV - End Of An AeviturneTerranean Wake
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880. 2009-01-12Raw Radar WarNever Forgive Again== (Double Equals)traktor7
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882. 2009-01-05DeathPrimative WaysLeprosycombat
883. 2008-12-29Agoraphobic NosebleedCenter of the HiveAgoraphobic Nosebleed/Converge Splitrelapse
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892. 2008-12-01Skepticismthe ArrivalAlloyred_stream
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905. 2008-08-25NachtmystiumIVWorldfallcenturymedia
906. 2008-08-25DestructionSurvive to DieRelease From Agonyrock_hotel
907. 2008-08-11SepulturaInner Self (live)Under a Pale Grey Skyroadrunner
908. 2008-08-11DragonforceReasons to LiveUltra Breakdownroadrunner
909. 2008-08-04Black PyramidCarivanseven inchelectric_earth
910. 2008-07-28DeicideNot as Long as We Both Shall LiveTill Death Do Us Partearache
911. 2008-07-21DaathFestival Mass Soulformthe Hinderersroadrunner
912. 2008-07-21Lamb of GodNow You got Something to Die for (live)Walk with me in Hellepic
913. 2008-07-21Misery IndexSensory DeprivationDiscordiarelapse
914. 2008-06-30Black FlagDrinking and DrivingIn My Headsst
915. 2008-06-30AstronomerDivesAilmentsself-released
916. 2008-06-09DeicideNot as Long as We Both Shall LiveTill Death Do Us Partearache
917. 2008-06-09SadusDeceptive Perceptionsa Vision of Miseryracecar
918. 2008-06-02CelestiaA Plaintive Cry Merely Echo.Frigidiis Apotheosiaparagon
919. 2008-05-12FloodgateBefore the Long DividePenaltyroadrunner
920. 2008-05-12Jungle RotJesus Hilter (carnivore)Darkness Fortoldcenturymedia
921. 2008-05-05ArsisProgressive EntrapmentWe are the Nightmarenuclearblast
922. 2008-04-28Nothing But EnemiesNegative Pep RallyMental Damagewelfare
923. 2008-04-21Sam Black ChurchRe-aliveLet in Lifetaang
924. 2008-04-21From a Second Story Windowin a river where you least expect it there will be fishNot one Word has Been Omittedblackmarket_activities
925. 2008-04-14IsisNot in Rivers, But in DropsHoly Tearsipecac
926. 2008-03-31InsultliveLive at Fairview Hospital for the Criminally insanedecapitated
927. 2008-03-24Sin of AngelsAdministrative Maximumin the Grip of Despairobscenity_cult
928. 2008-03-17Negligent Collateral CollapseA Generalized Lie Derivative and Homothetic or Killing Vectors in the Geroch-Held-Penrose FormalismReprocess Segment Database Extenderobscene
929. 2008-03-17AutopsyTorn from the Womb (live)Dead As Fucknecroharmonic
930. 2008-03-10DisfearLive the StormLive the Stormrelapse
931. 2008-03-03DeathTo Forgive Is To Sufferthe Sound of Perseverancenuclearblast
932. 2008-02-25Death AngelBuried AliveKilling Seasonnuclearblast
933. 2008-02-11EvileBurned AliveEnter the Graveearache
934. 2008-02-11Genghis TronRecurision/I Won't Come Back AliveBoard up the Houserelapse
935. 2008-02-11Dour CursivaCanals are Not RiversVoices Through Wireshold_true
936. 2008-02-11Skinlessfrom Sacrifice to SurvivalFrom Sacrifice to Survivalrelapse
937. 2008-02-04DemiricousLanguage of OblivionTwo (poverty)metalblade
938. 2008-01-28GorealityInner DivinityPerverse Depraved Indifferencepathos
939. 2008-01-28GriefOne of Those Days (live)Alivesouthernlord
940. 2008-01-28ByzantineOblivion BeckonsOblivion Beckonsprosthetic
941. 2008-01-21CenotaphMutilated Genitalia in lack of Resurraction Under Effective PunchPuked Genital Purulencyhammer_muzik
942. 2008-01-21the Neon HookersOblivionOn Night in Destinydouble_or_nothing
943. 2008-01-21DestruktorStrive to ConquerNuclear Stormhells_headbangers
944. 2008-01-07DemiricousLanguage of OblivionTwo (poverty)metalblade
945. 2008-01-07Gang GreenLivin' in OblivionBacked and Gackedtaang
946. 2007-12-24Black FlagDrinking and DrivingIn My Headsst
947. 2007-12-24AbuseShe really meant yes (live)
948. 2007-12-17BurstSculpt the LivesPrey on Liferelapse
949. 2007-12-10GorealityInner DivinityPerverse Depraved Indifferencepathos
950. 2007-12-10the Neon HookersOblivionOn Night in Destinydouble_or_nothing
951. 2007-12-03Arch EnemyI will Live AgainRise of the Tyrantcenturymedia
952. 2007-11-26BonecrusherLiving HellWorld of Painlethal
953. 2007-11-26Mortal DecayRevived Half DeadSickening Erotic Fanticismunique_leader
954. 2007-11-19DioLast in Line (live)Backstagemayhem
955. 2007-11-19ScissorfightLampery RiverNew Hampshiretortuga
956. 2007-11-12Lizzy BordenGive 'em the AxeGive 'em the Axemetalblade
957. 2007-11-05AeonLiving sinRise to Dominatemetalblade
958. 2007-11-05DIOLast in Line (live)Backstagemayhem
959. 2007-11-05Darkest HourStand abd Receive your JudgementDeliver Usvictory
960. 2007-11-05Bolt ThrowerDestructive InfinityWarmastercombat
961. 2007-11-05SoilworkSown to the Great DivideSworn to a Great Dividenuclearblast
962. 2007-10-29DioLast in Line (live)Backstagemayhem
963. 2007-10-22Anaal Nathrakhthe Oblivion GeneDomine Non Es Dignusseason_of_mist
964. 2007-10-22Agnostic FrontCome AliveWarriorsnuclearblast
965. 2007-10-15ExcommunionUntil OblivionSuperionworld_war_iii
966. 2007-10-15the Black Dahlia Murderto a Breathless OblivionNocturnalmetalblade
967. 2007-10-08GorealityInner DivinityPerverse Depraved Indifferencepathos
968. 2007-10-08DIOHoly Diver (live)Holy Diver (live)eagle
969. 2007-10-08MadballLive or DieDemonstrate My Styleroadrunner
970. 2007-10-01Despised IconFurtive MonologueIlls of Modern Mancenturymedia
971. 2007-10-01Tears of Avarel#3 (live)
972. 2007-10-01Jungle Rotjesus hilter (carnivore)Darkness Fortoldcrashmusic
973. 2007-09-24the Black Dahlia MurderDeathmask DivineNocturnalmetalblade
974. 2007-09-17Iced EarthMelivation of ManFraming Armageddonspv
975. 2007-09-10Cephalic CarnageDivination and VolitionXenosapienrelapse
976. 2007-09-10From a Second Story WindowIn a River Where You Least Expect It There Will Be FishNot one Word has Been Omittedblackmarket_activities
977. 2007-08-27AeonLiving sinRise to Dominatemetalblade
978. 2007-08-27AnteriorHuman HiveThis Age of Silencemetalblade
979. 2007-08-20the AbsenceWorld DividesRiders of the Plaguemetalblade
980. 2007-08-20Shadows FallBurning the LivesThreads of Lifeatlantic
981. 2007-08-13Fueled by FireMassive ExecutionSpread the Firemetalblade
982. 2007-08-13Sudden Deathliving and dyingUnpure Buriallocomotive
983. 2007-08-06Drown Retarded Children10 - Perplexual ComplexitivitiesDemented Continuumdeath_deaf
984. 2007-08-06the AbsenceWorld DividesRiders of the Plaguemetalblade
985. 2007-07-30WatchmakerCivic Bloodlustkill.fucking.everyonewillowtip
986. 2007-07-30DIOHoly Diver (live)Holy Diver (live)eagle
987. 2007-07-30Still RemainsStay Captivethe Serpentroadrunner
988. 2007-07-30Hell WithinBetween the Dead and the DeceivedShadows of Vanitylifeforce
989. 2007-07-23Morbid Angelchapel of ghouls (live)Live Madness
990. 2007-07-23SwansShe Lives!the Great Annihilatorinvisible
991. 2007-07-16MayhemDeathcrush (live)Mediolau M Capta estdwell
992. 2007-07-16In FlamesEmbody the Invisible (live)Tokyo Showdownnuclearblast
993. 2007-07-09Drown Retarded Children10 - Perplexual ComplexitivitiesDemented Continuumdeath_deaf
994. 2007-07-09Lord BelialGateway to OblivionRevolation: the 7th Sealregain
995. 2007-07-02Ion DissonanceYou shouldn't be AliveMinus the Herdabacus
996. 2007-06-25Despised IconFurtive monologueIlls of Modern Mancenturymedia
997. 2007-06-25Job for a Cowboythe divine falsehoodGenesismetalblade
998. 2007-06-25catholic school girlsprivate school
999. 2007-06-18napalm deathsuffer the children (live)Punishment in Capitals:armoury
1000. 2007-06-18Tears of Avarel#3 (live)
1001. 2007-06-18Forever in Terrorto Burn Alone, to Burn AliveRestless in the Tidesmetalblade
1002. 2007-06-11Napalm DeathBreed To Breathe (Live)Punishment in Capitalsarmoury
1003. 2007-06-11Fuck the FactsAnother living night
1004. 2007-06-04Napalm DeathNext in line (live)Punishment in Capitalsarmoury
1005. 2007-06-04blaspheriancrusade towards unholy deliverence
1006. 2007-06-04Dark TranquillityTerminus (where death is most Alive)Fictioncenturymedia
1007. 2007-05-28the crowndeliverance
1008. 2007-05-28Anteriorthe silent divineThis Age of Silencemetalblade
1009. 2007-05-14MayhemDeathcrush (live)
1010. 2007-05-14VomitoryMarch into Oblivion
1011. 2007-04-30HypocrisyBorn Dead Buried Alive
1012. 2007-04-30behemothdemigod (live)
1013. 2007-04-30Cannibal Corpsefive nails through the neck
1014. 2007-04-23pentagramlive free and burn
1015. 2007-04-23sodomskinned alive
1016. 2007-04-09Cold Workeran unforgiving season
1017. 2007-04-09daathfestival mass soulform
1018. 2007-04-02General Surgeryviva! blunt force trauma
1019. 2007-03-26suffocationsynthetically revived
1020. 2007-03-26DismemberSkin Her Alive
1021. 2007-03-26DRIgive my taxes back
1022. 2007-03-26Black flagDrinking and Driving
1023. 2007-03-12Terminally, Your Aborted GhostMinimalistic Objectivity
1024. 2007-03-12sulacocry me a river
1025. 2007-03-05behemothdemigod (live)
1026. 2007-03-05Godless Truthdriven to lacerate
1027. 2007-02-19melecheshsand grain universe
1028. 2007-02-12dying fetusthe ancient rivalry
1029. 2007-02-05Cold Workeran unforgiving season
1030. 2007-01-29Estuarysoul scarred captives
1031. 2007-01-29rwakecrooked rivers
1032. 2007-01-29Griefi hate the human race (live)Alivesouthernlord
1033. 2007-01-15CarnivoreCarnivoreCarnivoreroadrunner
1034. 2007-01-01terrorizerneed to live
1035. 2007-01-01dissection#2 (past is a live)
1036. 2006-12-25anal cuntim still standing (live wnyu)
1037. 2006-12-25Texturesdrive
1038. 2006-12-25finntrollrivfaderMidnattens Widunderspinefarm
1039. 2006-12-25nasumliving next door to malice
1040. 2006-12-25General Surgeryconvivial corpse disposal methodology-severe catatonic intersection of pathological activities
1041. 2006-12-18suffocationSynthetically Revived
1042. 2006-12-18rossomahaarthe forlorn existence of soul divine
1043. 2006-12-11Texturesdrive
1044. 2006-12-04dimmu borgirkings of carnival creation
1045. 2006-11-27Thine Eyes Bleedlive to die
1046. 2006-11-20Goatwhoreforever consumed olivion
1047. 2006-11-13Voivodlive for violence
1048. 2006-11-06squash bowelsright to live
1049. 2006-10-30vampire mooosesnow driven engine
1050. 2006-10-30morbid angelchapel of ghouls (live)
1051. 2006-10-23morbid angelimmortal rites (live)
1052. 2006-10-16graveliving the dead behind
1053. 2006-10-09Goatwhoreforever consumed oblivion
1054. 2006-09-25behemothdemigod (live)
1055. 2006-09-25motorheadliving in the past
1056. 2006-09-18Ceremonyliving hell
1057. 2006-09-04halo suffocation machine#6 live 2000-12-26
1058. 2006-09-04iranach#2 live 2002-02-05
1059. 2006-09-04tears of avarel#2 live 2001-07-10
1060. 2006-09-04failsafe device#2 live
1061. 2006-09-04invocation of nehek#2 live 2001-08-02
1062. 2006-09-04since the flood#2 live 2003-02-05
1063. 2006-09-04in dire need#2 live 2003-12-22
1064. 2006-09-04Terminally, Your Aborted Ghost#3 live 2004-03-08
1065. 2006-09-04shading the end#2 live
1066. 2006-09-04Clitorture#1 live
1067. 2006-08-28dissection#5 (the past is alive)
1068. 2006-08-28Desensitisedintrospective exploration
1069. 2006-08-28Engineercaregiver
1070. 2006-08-28morbid angelChapel of Ghouls (live)
1071. 2006-08-21morbid angelMaze Of Torment (live)
1072. 2006-08-21All Shall Perishbetter living through catastrophe
1073. 2006-08-14tower of romedo you know what divine intervention means
1074. 2006-08-14napalm deathvegetative state
1075. 2006-08-14anatabetter greived than fooled
1076. 2006-08-07morbid angelVisions from the Dark Side (live)
1077. 2006-07-31jungle rotjesus hilter (carnivore)
1078. 2006-07-24anatabetter greived than fooled
1079. 2006-07-17sepulturabiotech is godzilla (live)
1080. 2006-07-17bahimironterror division bloodstrike
1081. 2006-07-10Autopsytorn from the womb (live)
1082. 2006-07-10gwarbring back the bomb (live)
1083. 2006-07-03morbid angelblessed are the sick (live)
1084. 2006-06-26anthraxamong the living
1085. 2006-06-26invadethe riveter
1086. 2006-06-12Thine Eyes Bleedlive to die
1087. 2006-06-12behemothdemigod (live)
1088. 2006-06-05bitchslicerlive in the studios
1089. 2006-05-22Griefi hate the human race (live)Alivesouthernlord
1090. 2006-05-15keen of the crowlive in the studios
1091. 2006-05-15Fragments Of Unbecoming live for this moment, stay til the end
1092. 2006-05-08napalm deaththe code is red... lond live the code
1093. 2006-05-08shaolinlives lost to greed
1094. 2006-05-08Cannibal Corpsefive nails through the neck
1095. 2006-05-01Crowpathself destructive pessimistRed On Chromewillowtip
1096. 2006-05-01One Man Armyno apparent motive
1097. 2006-04-24PorphyriaEnd, Flesh Divinity
1098. 2006-04-24overcastyour (destructive) selfFight Ambition to Killedision
1099. 2006-04-24behemothdemigod live
1100. 2006-04-17magrudergrindcomplete deprivation
1101. 2006-04-17Protest the Herodivinity withinKeziavagrant
1102. 2006-04-03Cannibal Corpsefive nails through the neck
1103. 2006-04-03dioHoly Diver (live)
1104. 2006-04-03Sudden Deathliving and dying
1105. 2006-04-03Mental Horrorburning alive
1106. 2006-04-03Crowpathself destructive pessimistRed On Chromewillowtip
1107. 2006-04-03behemothceremony of shiva
1108. 2006-03-27emperorI am the black wizard live
1109. 2006-03-27From a Second Story WindowIn a River Where You Least Expect It There Will Be Fish
1110. 2006-03-13end it allriver of blood
1111. 2006-03-13dimmu borgirmourning palace (live)
1112. 2006-03-13calico systemthey live
1113. 2006-03-06dimmu borgirkings of carnival creation
1114. 2006-02-27sodomskinned alive
1115. 2006-02-20since the flood#5 live
1116. 2006-02-20Demiricouswithdrawal divineOne (Hellbound)metalblade
1117. 2006-02-20in flamescrawl through knives
1118. 2006-02-20Drown Retarded Childrenpreplexual complexitivities
1119. 2006-02-13crowbari have failed (live)
1120. 2006-01-30Lamb of Godpariah (live)
1121. 2006-01-23deadwater drowning#3(live)
1122. 2006-01-16neuraxisa curative struggle
1123. 2006-01-16sepulturaarise (live)
1124. 2006-01-16satyriconnemisis divina
1125. 2006-01-09nuclear assaultcritical mass (live)
1126. 2006-01-09hostage heart#2 (live)
1127. 2006-01-09Lamb of GodHourglass (live)
1128. 2006-01-09tears of avarel#2(live)
1129. 2006-01-09Phantom Limb#8 (live)
1130. 2006-01-02Dropdeadtieddown for survival
1131. 2006-01-02death angelthicker than blood (live)
1132. 2006-01-02Lamb of Godpariah (live)
1133. 2006-01-02Testamentelectric crown (live)
1134. 2005-12-26monstrositydestroying divinity
1135. 2005-12-26AnimositytheivesEmpiresblackmarket_activities
1136. 2005-12-19abuseshe really meant "yes" live
1137. 2005-12-19deicidebehead the prophet (no lord shall live)Legionroadrunner
1138. 2005-12-12children of bodomsix pounder (live)
1139. 2005-12-05Testamentelectric crown (live)
1140. 2005-12-05Burnt By The Sundrinking and driving
1141. 2005-12-05by the grace of godboy and the river
1142. 2005-11-21napalm deathsuffer the chldren (live)
1143. 2005-11-21Becoming the Archetypeinto oblivion
1144. 2005-11-21into eternityburied in oblivion
1145. 2005-11-21PorphyriaEnd, Flesh Divinity
1146. 2005-11-07Testamentthe haunting (live)
1147. 2005-11-07Hypocrisyliving to die
1148. 2005-11-07buried insidelive track
1149. 2005-11-07CHILDREN OF BODOMliving dead beat
1150. 2005-10-24napalm deathBreed To Breathe (Live)
1151. 2005-10-24the risethe fallacy of retrospective determination
1152. 2005-10-24Nevermoreenimies of reality (live)
1153. 2005-10-24darkanegodforsaken universe
1154. 2005-10-17Becoming the Archetypethe trivial paroysm
1155. 2005-10-17napalm deathback from the dead (live)
1156. 2005-10-17angel deaththicker than blood (live from waken)
1157. 2005-10-10Cannibal Corpsegallery of suicide (live)
1158. 2005-10-10Hypocrisyliving to die
1159. 2005-10-10unleashedopen wide (live)
1160. 2005-10-03Hypocrisycompulsive psychosis
1161. 2005-10-03naer mataronarrival of the caeser
1162. 2005-10-03sulacocry me a river
1163. 2005-09-26deicidebastard of christ (live)Serpents Of The Lightroadrunner
1164. 2005-09-26most precious blooddriving angry
1165. 2005-09-26naer mataronarrival of the caesar
1166. 2005-09-19code of honourdriven by hate
1167. 2005-09-19Municipal Wasteblood driveHazardous Mutationearache
1168. 2005-09-19Superchristlive in the studios
1169. 2005-09-19God Forbiddivinity
1170. 2005-09-19Superchristlive in the studios
1171. 2005-09-19Becoming the Archetypeinto oblivion
1172. 2005-09-12deadwater drowninglive #2
1173. 2005-09-12shading the end#2 live on RTTP
1174. 2005-09-12pray for a plague#2 live on RTTP
1175. 2005-09-12the Hostage Heart#2 live on RTTP
1176. 2005-09-12the red chord#2 live on RTTP
1177. 2005-09-12Demiricous#2 live on RTTPlive in the studiowunh
1178. 2005-09-12Godless Truthdriven to lacerate
1179. 2005-09-05Hypocrisycompulsive psychosis
1180. 2005-08-22sulacocry me a river
1181. 2005-08-22nuclear assaultliving hell
1182. 2005-08-22Municipal Wasteblood driveHazardous Mutationearache
1183. 2005-08-22Hypocrisyleft to rot (live)
1184. 2005-08-15Suicidal TendenciesI feel your pain and I survive
1185. 2005-08-15Burnt By The Sundrinking and driving (black flag cover)
1186. 2005-08-15sabbatleave me in hell (live)
1187. 2005-08-15Thine Eyes Bleedlive to die
1188. 2005-08-08devil driverdriving down the darkness
1189. 2005-08-08circle of feardivine circle of the ungodly five
1190. 2005-08-08northern libertiesmold (live)
1191. 2005-08-08code of honourdriven by hate
1192. 2005-08-08iron maideniron maiden (live)
1193. 2005-08-01Mangledcompulsive self disfigurement (demo)
1194. 2005-08-01benumbmanufacturing oppurtunity to prolong the abusive cycle
1195. 2005-08-01the crowngive you hell
1196. 2005-07-18twisted sisterthe fire suit burns (live)
1197. 2005-07-18Demiricousbeyond obscene (live on rttp)live in the studiowunh
1198. 2005-07-11high on firethe face of oblivion
1199. 2005-07-11Demiricousbeyond obscene (live on rttp)live in the studiowunh
1200. 2005-07-11A Life Once Losti give in
1201. 2005-07-11Godless Truthpreceive the mockery
1202. 2005-07-04Lamb of GodHourglass (live)
1203. 2005-06-27Demiricouslive in the studiolive in the studiowunh
1204. 2005-06-27Thine Eyes Bleedlive to die
1205. 2005-06-27Lamb of Godnow you got something to die for (live)
1206. 2005-06-27Lamb of Godnow you got something to die for (live)
1207. 2005-06-27in rememberenceliving dead
1208. 2005-06-20darkest hourdistrict divided
1209. 2005-06-20one king downpoison what you give
1210. 2005-06-20darkanegodforsaken universe
1211. 2005-06-13Godless Truthdriven to lacerate
1212. 2005-06-06Throwing Shrapnellive in the studios
1213. 2005-06-06human bone bicycle science industrieslive in the studios
1214. 2005-05-30malignancymotivated by hunger
1215. 2005-05-30Nehemiahour great deceiver
1216. 2005-05-30negligent collateral collapseChain Reaction Domino AKA Termic FiverCzech Assault -Various Artistsrelapse
1217. 2005-05-23morticiandevoured alive
1218. 2005-05-16abhorredlive in the studios
1219. 2005-05-16Nevermoreambivalent
1220. 2005-05-02in rememberanceliving dead
1221. 2005-05-02bitchslicernecroanalingus (live at the choping block)
1222. 2005-04-25mercury switchlive in the studios
1223. 2005-04-25extolsoul deprived
1224. 2005-04-18misfitswe are 138 (live with rollins)
1225. 2005-04-11brutal truthfisting (live)
1226. 2005-04-11Raising Kubricksplattered beliefs (live on rttp)
1227. 2005-04-11in rememberanceliving dead
1228. 2005-03-28Raising Kubricklive in the studios
1229. 2005-03-28exmortemfix of negativity
1230. 2005-03-28buried insidetime as abjectiveChronoclastrelapse
1231. 2005-03-21brutal truthwalking corpse (live)
1232. 2005-03-21exmortumfix of negativity
1233. 2005-03-14impaleddead alive
1234. 2005-03-07hatred alivelive in the studios
1235. 2005-03-07by the grace of godboy and the river
1236. 2005-02-28the red chordlive in the studios
1237. 2005-02-21crowbarselft-inflicted (live)
1238. 2005-02-21high on firethe face of oblivion
1239. 2005-02-14Arsisthe sadistic motivation behind bereavement letters
1240. 2005-02-14high on firethe face of oblivion
1241. 2005-02-07the Hostage Heartlive in the studios
1242. 2005-02-07let it diethick as theives
1243. 2005-01-31let it diethick as theives
1244. 2005-01-31Colin of Arabialive in the studios
1245. 2005-01-31Cause For Alarmhole we live in
1246. 2005-01-3125 ta lifePositive Hardcore Go
1247. 2005-01-24agnostic fronti live itAnother Voicenuclearblast
1248. 2005-01-24the wage of sinobsessive impulsive
1249. 2005-01-10kalopsiadriven by voices
1250. 2005-01-10kamelotcenter of the universe
1251. 2005-01-01panteracemetary gates (live)
1252. 2005-01-01Love Lost but not ForgottenHappy to be Alive
1253. 2005-01-01From a Second Story WindowIn a River Where You Least Expect It There Will Be Fish
1254. 2004-12-27Porphyrialive in the studio
1255. 2004-12-20From a Second Story WindowIn a River Where You Least Expect It There Will Be Fish
1256. 2004-12-20morticiandevoured alive
1257. 2004-12-13Continued without a Findinglive in the studio
1258. 2004-11-29dead kennedysmtv get off the air (live)
1259. 2004-11-29even death may dielive in the studio
1260. 2004-11-15Mucopuslive in the studio
1261. 2004-11-15morticianintro/devoured alive
1262. 2004-11-15skinlesskrispy kids (live)
1263. 2004-11-15Clitorturelive in studios
1264. 2004-11-08the hauntedfire alive*
1265. 2004-11-01napalm deathmulti national coporations-instincts of survival-stigmatized-parasites
1266. 2004-10-25sulacocry me a river
1267. 2004-10-11napalm deathdeceiver-lucid fairytale - in extremis
1268. 2004-10-11pray for a plaguelive in studio
1269. 2004-10-11burning skiesindividual hate complex
1270. 2004-10-11Raising Kubrickthe Pacification of the Primitive Tribes of the Lower Niger
1271. 2004-10-04akalathe number one song in the universe
1272. 2004-10-04Cave Inpivotal
1273. 2004-09-20Raising Kubrickthe Pacification of the Primitive Tribes of the Lower Niger
1274. 2004-08-30hand choke necklive in studio
1275. 2004-08-30haste the dayone life to live
1276. 2004-08-30terroare we alive?
1277. 2004-08-30From a Second Story WindowIn a River Where You Least Expect It There Will Be Fish
1278. 2004-08-23mindgrinderrepulsive evolution
1279. 2004-08-23misery signalsfive years
1280. 2004-08-23unearththe great dividers
1281. 2004-08-16Raising Kubrickthe Pacification of the Primitive Tribes of the Lower Niger
1282. 2004-08-16the Taste of Silverlive in the studio
1283. 2004-08-16All Else Failedstep one: give up
1284. 2004-08-09zaolive... from the funeral of god
1285. 2004-08-02terrorare we alive?
1286. 2004-08-02unearththe great dividers
1287. 2004-08-02misery signalsfive years
1288. 2004-07-26Malevolent Creationliving in fear
1289. 2004-07-26Crowpathwhere jacky jawless liveRed On Chromewillowtip
1290. 2004-06-28disengagedlive in the studios
1291. 2004-06-21anal cunttom arnold (live)
1292. 2004-06-07black flagDrinking and Driving
1293. 2004-06-07unearththe great dividers
1294. 2004-06-07sinistercreative killings
1295. 2004-05-17Destinyrevival of april
1296. 2004-05-17the crowngive you hell
1297. 2004-05-17slayerdie by the sword (live)
1298. 2004-05-10From a Second Story Windowin a river where you least expect it there will be fish
1299. 2004-05-10Sam Black Churchre-alive
1300. 2004-04-26The Year of Our Lordthe frozen divide
1301. 2004-04-19immortal soulsuicidalive
1302. 2004-04-19vomitorydemon's divine
1303. 2004-04-12incisionex oblivione
1304. 2004-04-05teratismlive in studio
1305. 2004-04-05From a Second Story Windowin a river where you least expect it there will be fish
1306. 2004-03-29random acts of violencelive in the studios
1307. 2004-03-22scarletno ones getting out alive
1308. 2004-03-15solipsistlive in studios
1309. 2004-03-15kurixisburing the carnival
1310. 2004-03-15Burstsculpt the livesPrey on Liferelapse
1311. 2004-03-15shallows and flatslive #4
1312. 2004-03-15tears of avarellive #2
1313. 2004-03-15iranachlive #1
1314. 2004-03-15eyes like autumnlive #1
1315. 2004-03-15the blackoutlive #1
1316. 2004-03-15walls of jerichorevival never goes out of style
1317. 2004-03-08Terminally, Your Aborted Ghostlive in studio
1318. 2004-03-01God Forbidliving nightmare
1319. 2004-02-16the auburn systemlive in studio
1320. 2004-02-16invocation of neheklive in studio
1321. 2004-02-09Phantom Limblive in studio
1322. 2004-02-02Leukorrhearipped five ways from sunday
1323. 2004-02-02skinlessfrom sacrifice to survival
1324. 2004-01-26convergelocust reign (live)
1325. 2004-01-19all hell breaks looseout aniversary, your funeral
1326. 2004-01-12Porphyriadeprivatoin
1327. 2004-01-05dimmu borgirking of carnival creation
1328. 2004-01-05aganihmlive in studio
1329. 2004-01-05kalopsiadriven by voices
1330. 2003-12-29in dire needlive #4
1331. 2003-12-29aborymroma divina urbs
1332. 2003-12-29deathlive #3
1333. 2003-12-29opethdeliveranceDeliverenceroadrunner
1334. 2003-12-22kalopsiadriven by voices
1335. 2003-12-22himsait's nights like this that keep us alive
1336. 2003-12-22in dire needlive in studio
1337. 2003-12-22immolationrival the eminent
1338. 2003-12-15tears of avarel#1 (live on WUNH)
1339. 2003-12-08Lizzy Bordenlive nad let die
1340. 2003-12-08judas priestdelivering the goods
1341. 2003-12-01failsafe device#3 (live)
1342. 2003-12-01tears of avarel#3(live)
1343. 2003-12-01deadwater drowning#3 (live)
1344. 2003-11-17mastodonwhere strides the behemoth (live)
1345. 2003-11-17the crowndeliverance
1346. 2003-11-10Porphyriadeprivation
1347. 2003-11-10immolationrival the eminent
1348. 2003-10-27Porphyriadeprivation
1349. 2003-10-27Burnt By The Sundrinking and driving
1350. 2003-10-20cryptopsywhite worms (live)
1351. 2003-10-20since the floodlive #5
1352. 2003-10-13auburn system#2 live
1353. 2003-10-13morbid angelgod of our own divinity
1354. 2003-10-05anal cuntyou live in a houseboat
1355. 2003-10-05The Dillinger Escape Plandestro's secret (live)
1356. 2003-10-05iranachlive #3
1357. 2003-10-05Burstsculpt the livesPrey on Liferelapse
1358. 2003-10-05sodomi am the war (live)
1359. 2003-09-29since the floodlive #6
1360. 2003-09-29vaderprivilege of the gods
1361. 2003-09-22feari love living in the city
1362. 2003-09-22skinlessfrom sacrifice to survival
1363. 2003-09-22Dropdeadtied down for survival
1364. 2003-09-02with HonorTo Be Live
1365. 2003-09-02SorceryDivination
1366. 2003-08-19iranachlive #2
1367. 2003-08-19Shading the Endlive in studio
1368. 2003-08-19Skinlessfrom Sacrifice to Survival
1369. 2003-08-12Ascendancythe arrival
1370. 2003-08-12Random Acts of Violencelive
1371. 2003-08-12Since the Flood#5 live
1372. 2003-08-12KreatorBetrayer (live)
1373. 2003-08-05Umbrellalive #3
1374. 2003-08-05Love Lost but not ForgottenHappy to be Alive
1375. 2003-07-29morbid angelenshrived by grace
1376. 2003-07-22AscendancyLive in Studio
1377. 2003-07-22Nulear AssaultCritical mass (live)
1378. 2003-07-22KreatorBlack Sunrise (live)
1379. 2003-07-08Since the flood#3 live
1380. 2003-07-08Nasumliving next door to Malice
1381. 2003-07-08Deeds of FleshUterocasket (live)
1382. 2003-07-08Shadows Fallthought with out words (livE)
1383. 2003-05-27NasumLiving Next door to
1384. 2003-05-27Failsafe Deive#3 live
1385. 2003-05-27Cephalic Carnage#1 live
1386. 2003-05-27dasai#11 live
1387. 2003-05-20Carnal ForgeDivine Killing Breed machine
1388. 2003-05-20CryptopsyWe Bleed (live)
1389. 2003-05-20OpethDeliverenceDeliverenceroadrunner
1390. 2003-05-20SoilworkFigure Number FiveFigure Number Fivenuclearblast
1391. 2003-05-20SutureConiverous Ugre to Kill
1392. 2003-05-20SuffocationSynthetically Revived
1393. 2003-05-13the Auburn Systemlive in studio
1394. 2003-05-13VoivodVoivod
1395. 2003-05-13ShelterCivilized Man
1396. 2003-05-06Burnt By The Sundrinking and driving
1397. 2003-05-06maggot festlive in studio
1398. 2003-04-29Sam Black ChurchRe-alive
1399. 2003-04-29CryptopsyWhite Worms (live)
1400. 2003-04-22the_NetworkLive in the Studio
1401. 2003-04-22DarkthroneYtterst i livet
1402. 2003-04-15Vital REmainsRush of DeliveranceDechristianizecenturymedia
1403. 2003-04-15Old Man's ChildLife Deprived
1404. 2003-04-15MardukNight of the Loing Knives
1405. 2003-04-08DarkthroneStriving for a Piece of Lucifer
1406. 2003-04-08In FlamesMoonsheild (live)
1407. 2003-04-08SepulturaTerritory (live)
1408. 2003-04-01Internal BleedingDriven to Conquer
1409. 2003-03-25Kevorkian's AngelsLive in studio
1410. 2003-03-25Old Man\'s Childthe Soul Receiver
1411. 2003-03-18UmbrellaLiv ein the Studip
1412. 2003-03-18Beyond the Sixth SealA Homicide Divine
1413. 2003-03-11The Accursedto live on Borrowed time
1414. 2003-03-04the AccursedWorls Divide
1415. 2003-02-25since the floodlive in the studio
1416. 2003-02-25God ForbidDivide my Destiny
1417. 2003-02-25Ascendancythe Arrival
1418. 2003-02-11The Dillinger Escape PlanDestro's Secret (live)
1419. 2003-02-11Negligent Collateral CollapseChain Reaction Domino AKA Termic FiverCzech Assault -Various Artistsrelapse
1420. 2003-02-11NileDivine Intent
1421. 2003-02-11Misery IndexAlive?
1422. 2003-02-11ImmolationRival the Eminemt
1423. 2003-02-04HatebreedDriven by Suffering
1424. 2003-02-04DasaiTurn the Page (live)
1425. 2003-02-04ImmolationRival the Eminent
1426. 2003-01-28ImmolationA Kingdom Divided
1427. 2003-01-21Failsafe Device#4 live
1428. 2003-01-21ImmolationRival the Eminent
1429. 2003-01-14DiabolicalUntil the Day Arrives
1430. 2003-01-14OpethDeliverenceDeliverenceroadrunner
1431. 2002-12-31EnvelopeLive in studio
1432. 2002-12-24the BlackoutLive in Studio
1433. 2002-12-24OpethDeliveranceDeliverenceroadrunner
1434. 2002-12-24the Failsafe Devicediagran 4.0 (live)
1435. 2002-12-01OpethDeliveranceDeliverenceroadrunner
1436. 2002-11-26BenedictionVisions in the Shroud (live)
1437. 2002-11-26ExcommunicationUntil Oblivion
1438. 2002-11-19The Failsafe DeviceLive in the studios
1439. 2002-10-29DasaiLive in studio
1440. 2002-10-22AbuseShe really meant yes (live)
1441. 2002-10-08In FlamesEpisode 666 (live)
1442. 2002-09-17held hostage#4 (live in WUNH)
1443. 2002-09-17Eyes like autumn#1 (live in WUNH)
1444. 2002-09-17Adremelechas the Gods Succumbed (live)
1445. 2002-09-17Love Lost but not ForgottenHappy to be Alive
1446. 2002-09-17Norma Jeanthe human divine
1447. 2002-09-10SuffocationSynthetically Revived
1448. 2002-09-10InternecineDivinity
1449. 2002-09-10Napalm DEathInstinct of Survivial
1450. 2002-08-27SepulturaRatamahata (live)
1451. 2002-08-27HypocrisyKilling art (live)
1452. 2002-08-27VehemenceImust not live
1453. 2002-08-13Love Lost but not ForgottenHappy to be Alive
1454. 2002-08-06Invocation of NehekLive in studio
1455. 2002-08-06Invocation of NehekLive in Studio
1456. 2002-08-06VehemenceIMust not Live
1457. 2002-07-30Killing BeverlyLive in Studio
1458. 2002-07-30Isissithedivinemotherstumblescan
1459. 2002-07-30Buried InsideLive in Studio
1460. 2002-07-17OverkillDeny the Cross (live)
1461. 2002-07-17Venomwarhead (live)
1462. 2002-07-09Held HostageLive in the Studio
1463. 2002-07-09Letters from the DeadLive in the Studio
1464. 2002-07-02DeprecatedMentally Deprived
1465. 2002-07-02Somnusunfulfilled Prophocey (live)
1466. 2002-06-25DeathTo Forgive Is To Suffer
1467. 2002-06-25Eyes Like Autumnlive #2
1468. 2002-06-18Somnusthe Deceiver
1469. 2002-06-11Eyes like AutumnLive in Studio
1470. 2002-06-11Eyes Like AutumnLive in Studio
1471. 2002-06-04The Great Deceiverthe Living End
1472. 2002-05-28Morticiandevoured alive
1473. 2002-05-26Black flagDrinking and Driving
1474. 2002-05-26LardLive Free of Die
1475. 2002-05-21Summer so farLive in Studip
1476. 2002-05-21Halo Suffocation Machine#1 live (coma)
1477. 2002-05-07Old Man's Childunholy vivid Innocence
1478. 2002-04-23Break it upLive in the studio
1479. 2002-04-23Break it UpLive in the Studio
1480. 2002-04-23Anal CuntStaying Alive
1481. 2002-04-23DismemberSkin Her Alive
1482. 2002-04-16the AutomataLive in the sudio
1483. 2002-04-09The Dillinger Escape Plansugar coat (live)
1484. 2002-03-19Justice TheoryLive in the Studio
1485. 2002-03-19Justice TheoryLive in Studio
1486. 2002-03-12Death(live #3)
1487. 2002-03-12DisgorgeCongestive Lust of Mutilation
1488. 2002-02-26Anal CuntYou live in a House Boat
1489. 2002-02-26My Breath on Glass#5 live on WUNH
1490. 2002-02-19Icarus FallsLive in the Studios
1491. 2002-02-19Bolt Thrower7th Offensive
1492. 2002-02-11Iranachlive @ WUNH #2
1493. 2002-02-05iRANACHlive in the studio
1494. 2002-02-05Candy Striper Death OrgyAtomictivity
1495. 2002-01-29Vision of DisorderDivide
1496. 2002-01-22Bolt Thrower7th offensive
1497. 2002-01-22VirulenceBranne Cvirene: Defensive Drilling
1498. 2002-01-22Tears of Avarel#1 (live)
1499. 2002-01-22My Breath on Glass#2 live
1500. 2002-01-15CSDOAtomictivity
1501. 2002-01-08Agoraphobic NosebleedCenter of the Hive
1502. 2002-01-08CenotaphMutilated Genitalia in lack of Resurraction Under Effective PunchPuked Genital Purulencyhammer_muzik
1503. 2002-01-08MorticianScum (live)
1504. 2002-01-08Infernal TormentThe End of Cilivization
1505. 2002-01-04Six Feet UnderNo Warning Shot (live)
1506. 2002-01-01CSDOAtomicivity
1507. 2002-01-01iRANACH#4 live
1508. 2002-01-01SlayerLive Undead
1509. 2001-12-25Between two thievesLive @ WUNH 91.3fm
1510. 2001-12-25Imapled NazareneNever Forgive
1511. 2001-12-18Dark FuneralThe Arrival of Satan's Empire
1512. 2001-12-11CSDOAtomicivity
1513. 2001-12-04Splattered CadaverEmbalmed Alive
1514. 2001-11-13MeshuggahHumiliative
1515. 2001-11-06Bolt ThrowerDying Creed (live)
1516. 2001-10-30iRANACH#5 live
1517. 2001-10-30iRANACH#5 live
1518. 2001-10-09In FlamesClayman (live)
1519. 2001-10-02MalignancyMotivated by Hunger
1520. 2001-09-25In FlamesJotun (live)
1521. 2001-08-28Life at ZeroLive in the Studio
1522. 2001-08-28In FlamesEpisode 666 (live in Japan)
1523. 2001-08-28Life at ZeroLive in the Studio
1524. 2001-08-28Life at ZeroLive in the Studio
1525. 2001-08-28In FlamesEpisode 666 (live in Japan)
1526. 2001-08-28Life at ZeroLive in the Studio
1527. 2001-08-21In FlamesClayman (live)
1528. 2001-08-21Halo Suffocation MachineLive in the Studio
1529. 2001-08-21In FlamesClayman (live)
1530. 2001-08-21Halo Suffocation MachineLive in the Studio
1531. 2001-08-14In MourningLive in the studio
1532. 2001-08-14EngraveLiary Deceiver
1533. 2001-08-14In FlamesPinball map (live)
1534. 2001-08-14In MourningLive in the studio
1535. 2001-08-14EngraveLiary Deceiver
1536. 2001-08-14In FlamesPinball map (live)
1537. 2001-08-07iRANACHLive in the Studio
1538. 2001-08-07CenotaphMutilated Genitalia in Lack of Resurraction Under Effective PunchPuked Genital Purulencyhammer_muzik
1539. 2001-08-07iRANACHLive in the Studio
1540. 2001-08-07CenotaphMutilated Genitalia in Lack of Resurraction Under Effective PunchPuked Genital Purulencyhammer_muzik
1541. 2001-07-11Tears of AvarelLive in the Studio
1542. 2001-07-11Tears of AvarelLive in the Studio
1543. 2001-07-11Dimmu BorgirKings of Carnival Creation
1544. 2001-07-11CenotaphMutilates Genitalia in Lack of Resurraction Effective PunchPuked Genital Purulencyhammer_muzik
1545. 2001-06-26VenomBlackmetal (live)
1546. 2001-06-19Vision of DisorderDivide
1547. 2001-06-19GorgutsElusive Treasures
1548. 2001-06-05Vision of DisorderLiving to Die
1549. 2001-06-05AdremelechAs the Gods succumbed (live)
1550. 2001-05-29MonstrosityAngel of Death (live)
1551. 2001-05-22Napalm DEathDivine Death
1552. 2001-05-15Cannae#4 live
1553. 2001-05-08MonstrosityImperial Doom (live)
1554. 2001-05-08Napalm DeathGreed Killing (live BBC)
1555. 2001-05-08The DamnedNew Rose (live BBC)
1556. 2001-05-01MonstrosityAngel of Death (live)
1557. 2001-05-01My Breath on Glass$4 live
1558. 2001-04-24My Breath on GlassLive in the Studio
1559. 2001-04-24Anal CuntStain' Alive
1560. 2001-04-17CannaeLive in the Studios
1561. 2001-04-10DeathTo Forgive Is To Suffer
1562. 2001-03-27Dimmu BorgirKins of Canival Creation
1563. 2001-03-20TerrortronLive in the studio
1564. 2001-03-13SoilworkStructure Divine
1565. 2001-03-13HasteVivki...#'s this compromise?
1566. 2001-02-27In Flamesthe Hive
1567. 2001-02-20VintersorgArs Memoriativa
1568. 2001-02-20CryptopsyEquivalent Equilibrium
1569. 2001-02-13Cannibal CorpseFucked with a Knife (live)
1570. 2001-02-13MangledCall in Silence (live)
1571. 2001-01-23Dying FetusKill your mother, rape your dog (live)
1572. 2001-01-23Cradle of FilthCreulty Brought thee Orchids (live)
1573. 2001-01-23Fear FactoryPisschrist (live)
1574. 2001-01-23Six Feet UnderSuffering in Esctasy (live)
1575. 2000-12-31KillengodThirteen Universe
1576. 2000-12-25Halo Suffocation MachineLive in the Studio
1577. 2000-12-25Halo Suffocation MachineLive in the Studio
1578. 2000-12-12MystifierCive a Human Devil his Due
1579. 2000-12-12MystifierCive a Human Devil his Due
1580. 2000-11-28Cephalic CarnageJesus Saves (live)
1581. 2000-11-28Cannibal CorpseI will kill you (live)
1582. 2000-11-28IncantationLive at the Palladium
1583. 2000-11-21Devine EmpireRepulsive
1584. 2000-11-21Anal CuntGloves of Metal (live)
1585. 2000-11-21BehemothCeremony of Shiva
1586. 2000-11-07SuffocationSenthetically RevivedPierced from Withinroadrunner
1587. 2000-11-07Morticianlive #3
1588. 2000-11-07MalignancyMotivated By Hunger
1589. 2000-11-07SuffocationSenthetically RevivedPierced from Withinroadrunner
1590. 2000-11-07Morticianlive #3
1591. 2000-11-07MalignancyMotivated By Hunger
1592. 2000-10-31Dying FetusLive
1593. 2000-10-31Deeds of FleshLive
1594. 2000-10-31Dying FetusLive
1595. 2000-10-31Deeds of FleshLive
1596. 2000-10-24MayhemCarnage (live)
1597. 2000-10-24MayhemCarnage (live)
1598. 2000-10-17BenumbDeprivation
1599. 2000-10-17BenumbDeprivation
1600. 2000-10-10Cephalic CarnageLive #1 (middle East)
1601. 2000-10-10Cannibal CorpseHammer Smashed Face (live)
1602. 2000-10-10Dimmu BorgirMasters of Disharmony (live)
1603. 2000-10-10Cephalic CarnageLive #1 (middle East)
1604. 2000-10-10Cannibal CorpseHammer Smashed Face (live)
1605. 2000-10-10Dimmu BorgirMasters of Disharmony (live)
1606. 2000-10-03Anal CuntGloves of Metal (live)
1607. 2000-10-03MystifierGive the Human Devil his Due
1608. 2000-09-25SodomSkinned Alive
1609. 2000-09-25Fromthe DepthsLive like an Angel (die like a devil)
1610. 2000-09-18MalignancyMotivated by Hunger
1611. 2000-09-04MystifierTormentor (live)
1612. 2000-08-28Cannibal CorpseHammer Smashed Face (live)
1613. 2000-08-21Anal CuntNew Song (live)
1614. 2000-08-21Cannibal CorpseStriped, Raped, and Strangled (live)
1615. 2000-08-21KrisiunLive
1616. 2000-08-07PanteraCowboys from Hell (live)
1617. 2000-08-07Earth CrisisDiliverence
1618. 2000-08-07Blood For BloodLivin in Exile
1619. 2000-07-31VedisniIV
1620. 2000-07-17Thy Primordialthe Dead live Shining Crown of Night
1621. 2000-07-17Thy Primordialthe Dead live Shining Crown of Night
1622. 2000-07-03Dimmu BorgirDaden Kristne Satte Livet Til
1623. 2000-06-26Deicidethe Gift that Keeps on GivingInsineratehymnroadrunner
1624. 2000-06-26Old Man's ChildObscure Divine Manifestation
1625. 2000-06-26SuffocationSynthetically Revived
1626. 2000-06-05EmperorThe Majesty of the Night sky (live)
1627. 2000-05-29Old Man\'s ChildUnholy Vivid Innocense
1628. 2000-05-22Necrophagiaand You will Live in Terror
1629. 2000-05-22MorticianCremated (live)
1630. 2000-05-15MangledCall of Silence - live
1631. 2000-05-08Pissing RazorsSurvival of Time
1632. 2000-04-24SomnusWithin (live)
1633. 2000-04-24MeshuggahAttacked by a Sheol (live)
1634. 2000-04-24Sacred ReichWarpigs (live)
1635. 2000-04-10ExodusDeliver us to Evil
1636. 2000-03-27Old Man\'s ChildObscure Divine Manifestation
1637. 2000-03-20Lord BelialDivide et Impera
1638. 2000-03-13Hate Eternalthe Creed of Chaotic Divinity
1639. 2000-03-13Pantera5 minutes alone (live and clean)
1640. 2000-02-28Lord BelialDivide Et Impera
1641. 2000-02-28Blood For BloodLivin' in Exile
1642. 2000-02-07DeicideBehead the Prophet (Nolord Shall live)Legionroadrunner
1643. 2000-01-17Jesus MartyrGlamour of Divinities
1644. 2000-01-03BenumbDeprivation
1645. 1999-12-27MangledCall of Silence - live
1646. 1999-12-27SlayerAngle of Death - live
1647. 1999-12-20Necrophagiait Lives in the Woods
1648. 1999-12-20FinntrollDiv faderMidnattens Widunderspinefarm
1649. 1999-12-20ProphanityAwaiting the Valkyries Arrival
1650. 1999-12-06Necrophagiaand you'll Live in Terror
1651. 1999-11-30the AncientArrival
1652. 1999-11-22NailbombZero Tolerance (live)
1653. 1999-11-15Six Feet UnderLive
1654. 1999-11-08OppressorLooks That Kill (live)
1655. 1999-11-08Anal CuntYou live in Alston
1656. 1999-11-01SlayerAngel of Death (live)
1657. 1999-11-01HypocrisyPleasure of Molestation (live)
1658. 1999-11-01DeicideFather Barker (live)Serpents Of The Lightroadrunner
1659. 1999-11-01MeshuggahFuture Breed Machine (live)
1660. 1999-11-01SepsismBorn into Oblivion
1661. 1999-10-25Jesus MartyrBeyond Primitive Utopias
1662. 1999-10-18Brutal TruthBlind Leading the Blind (live)
1663. 1999-10-11Stuck MojoNot Promised Tomorrow (live)
1664. 1999-10-11SlayerRaining Blood (live)
1665. 1999-09-27OppressorAs Blood Flows (live)
1666. 1999-09-20Armageddonthe Juggernaut Divine
1667. 1999-09-06NileDivine Intent
1668. 1999-08-30Blood For BloodLivin' in Exile
1669. 1999-08-30HumpmuscleGive me back my WrenchWichita Drawlself-released
1670. 1999-08-23Blood for BloodLivin' in Exile
1671. 1999-08-2325 ta lifePositive Hardcore Go
1672. 1999-08-09SepulturaBeneath the Remains/escape the void(live)
1673. 1999-08-09Goddess of DesireLive for metalSymbols of Triumphmetalblade
1674. 1999-08-09Satyriconnemisis divina
1675. 1999-08-02Goddess of DesireLive for metalSymbols of Triumphmetalblade
1676. 1999-07-26Reacthis children play with Knives
1677. 1999-07-26Blood of ChristForgotten Divinity
1678. 1999-07-26SatyriconNemisis Divina
1679. 1999-07-19Blood for BloodLivin in Exile
1680. 1999-07-12God Dethronedthe Luciferian Episode - under a sliver moon
1681. 1999-07-05PanteraHard Lives, Sunken Cheeks
1682. 1999-07-05CarcassDoctrinal Expletives
1683. 1999-06-28Sacred ReichAdministrative Decisions
1684. 1999-06-14Buried Aliveto Live and Die with
1685. 1999-06-14Jesus MartyrNutritive Soul
1686. 1999-06-07Killing CultureLive
1687. 1999-05-31HellshockFallen from Grace (live)
1688. 1999-05-31BenedictionVisions int he Shroud (live)
1689. 1999-05-24DeicideOnce upon the Cross(live)Serpents Of The Lightroadrunner
1690. 1999-05-17DeathTo Forgive Is To Suffer
1691. 1999-04-27Hypocrisythe 4th Dimension (live)
1692. 1999-04-27System of a downwar? (live)
1693. 1999-04-20HypocrisyKilling Art (live)
1694. 1999-04-20MangledCall of Silence (live)
1695. 1999-04-20At the GatesAll Life Ends (live)Terminal Spirit Diseasepeaceville
1696. 1999-04-20DiecideBeieve the Lie (live)
1697. 1999-04-20Jesus MartyrGlamour of Divinties
1698. 1999-04-13Jesus MartyrCarnivore
1699. 1999-04-13SlayerMandatory Suicide (live)
1700. 1999-03-29CrematoryShadows of Mine (live)
1701. 1999-03-22Morbid AngelWhere the Slime Live
1702. 1997-11-17Nitzer EbbJoin in the Chant (live)
1703. 1997-11-17Cannibal CorpseLiving Dissection
1704. 1997-11-17MeshuggahFuture Breed Machine (live)
1705. 1997-11-03PanteraBecoming (live)
1706. 1997-10-20MinistryTheives
1707. 1997-10-20DismemberLive for the Fear (of Pain)
1708. 1997-10-13SlayerLive Undead
1709. 1997-10-13MangledCall of Silence-live
1710. 1997-08-04SepulturaBiotech is Godzilla (live)
1711. 1997-08-04InsultDeliverance
1712. the Grace of GodBoy and the River
1713. 1997-07-21At the GatesAll Life Ends (live)Terminal Spirit Diseasepeaceville
1714. 1997-07-07Fear FactoryRepublica (live)
1715. 1997-07-07ProngIn My Views (live)
1716. 1997-07-07SnapcaseKilling yourself to Live
1717. 1997-07-07AshtrayheadMy Private Pornostar
1718. 1997-07-07Skinny PuppyRiver
1719. 1997-06-30At the GatesBurn in Darkness (live)
1720. 1997-06-23PanteraCowboys from Hell (live)
1721. 1997-06-23At the GatesAll Life Ends (live)Terminal Spirit Diseasepeaceville
1722. 1997-06-23Killgore SmudgeEclipse into Eternity (live)
1723. 1997-06-16SykofantBuried Alive
1724. 1997-06-09SepulturaAdditude (livE)
1725. 1997-06-09PigfaceWeightless (live)
1726. 1997-06-09HelmetRepulation (live)
1727. 1997-05-19ProngPositively Blind
1728. 1997-05-05Panteraby Demon be Driven
1729. 1997-05-05Lucifer ScaleGive me Back my Brain
1730. 1997-04-28MeshuggahSickening (live)
1731. 1997-04-21MeshuggahSickening (live)
1732. 1997-04-21John Connelly TheoryAggressive
1733. 1997-03-31Einsturzende NeubautenNegative Nein
1734. 1997-03-31NegativelandGive me the Mermaid
1735. 1997-03-17MeshuggahHumiliative
1736. 1997-03-17SykofantBuried Alive
1737. 1997-03-17lucifer ScaleGive me back my brain
1738. 1997-03-17Einsturzende NeubautenArmenia (live)
1739. 1997-03-10Killing CultureLive
1740. 1997-02-17el dopaBrain Oblivion
1741. 1997-02-03ProngDying Breed (live @ CBGBs)
1742. 1997-01-13PigfaceAlles ist Mein (live)
1743. 1997-01-13MeshuggahHumiliative
1744. 1997-01-13Cobalt 60Denied (live)
1745. 1997-01-06NegativlandYou must Choose (live)
1746. 1997-01-06Ntizer EbbCome Alive
1747. 1996-12-30Einsturzende NeubautenIntermezzo/Yu-Gung (livE)
1748. 1996-12-16SepulturaSymptom of the Universe
1749. 1996-12-16ImmolationNo Forgivenes (without Bloodshed)
1750. 1996-11-25PanteraBy Demon Be Driven
1751. 1996-11-18PanteraBy Demon Be Driven
1752. 1996-11-18SodomSinned Alive
1753. 1996-11-11ImmolationNo Forgiveness
1754. 1996-11-04Lucifer ScaleGive me back my brain
1755. 1996-10-14MinistrySo waht (live)
1756. 1996-10-14the Lucifer ScaleGive me back my Brain
1757. 1996-10-14SepulturaOrgasmatron (live)
1758. 1996-10-07PrimusJerry was a Racecar Driver
1759. 1996-10-07ProngPositively Blind
1760. 1996-10-07MotorheadCivil War
1761. 1996-10-07Machine HeadDavidian (live)
1762. 1996-09-30SykofantBuried Alive
1763. 1996-09-30SodomSkinned Alive
1764. 1996-09-30MotorheadCivil WAr
1765. 1996-09-23SykofantBuried Alive
1766. 1996-09-02SykofantBuried Alive
1767. 1996-09-02Die Krupsthe Unforgiven
1768. 1996-09-02Sven GaliWhat you Give
1769. 0000-00-00Lord BelialNight Divine
1770. 0000-00-00TyrantDivine Death
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