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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1160 playlist up with 49506 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2019-12-16Grógaldr/Kommodus04 Lupercalian Spirits RiseHowling Sanguine TriumphGoatowaRex
2. 2019-09-30PRAISE THE FLAME08 RISE THE WITCHPOWERManifest RebellionCaverna Abismal Records
3. 2019-06-10UnleashedRise Of The Maya WarriorsOdalheimNuclear Blast GmbH
4. 2019-03-11Vananidr05. RiseVananidrPurity Through Fire
5. 2019-03-04Have HeartWatch Me Rise10.17.09
6. 2019-02-25Demoncy02 Risen From The Ancient RuinsEmpire of the Fallen Angel (Eternal Black Dominion) CD/LPForever Plagued Records
7. 2019-01-28Hiss From The MoatI Will RiseThe HarrierM-Theory Audio
8. 2018-12-31THE DRIPRise to FailureA Presentation of Gruesome Poetics (NA Promo)Relapse Records
9. 2018-10-08UnearthArise the War CryDarkness in the LightMetal Blade
10. 2018-07-16ImmortalWhere Mountains RiseNorthern Chaos GodsNuclear Blast Records
11. 2018-06-18Dark FuneralThe Dawn No More RisesThe Secrets of the Black ArtsDeath Records
12. 2018-04-16IntermentRise Of The DeadScent Of The BuriedDark Descent Records
13. 2018-01-08CancerDeath Shall RiseDeath Shall RiseRestless Records
14. 2018-01-08ANIALATOR03 Rise AgainRise to SupremacyXtreem Music
15. 2017-10-30NivianeArise SamuraiThe Druid KingPitch Black Records
16. 2017-10-16Year Of No LightPar Économie Pendant La Crise On Éteint La Lumičre Au Bout Du TunnelNord [2CD Deluxe Edition - Nord I]
17. 2017-04-10Amon AmarthRisen From the Sea (2000)The CrusherMetal Blade
18. 2017-04-03Cradle of FilthThe Black Goddess RisesPrinciple of Evil Made Flesh
19. 2017-03-27BloodsoakedRise with MeSadistic Deeds... Grotesque MemoriesComatose
20. 2017-03-20Beyond the FleshRise Above the WeakWhat the Mind PerceivesEscapi Music
21. 2017-01-30IN THOUSAND LAKESI RiseAge of DecayXtreem Music
22. 2016-10-24LeewayRise and FallBorn to ExpireAnother Planet
23. 2016-10-03LORD AGHEROSMankind AriseNothing At AllMy Kingdom Music
24. 2016-07-04IntegrityRiseSeasons in the Size of DaysVictory Records
25. 2016-06-20SorceryInsanity AriseGarden of BonesXtreem Music
26. 2016-05-02ArchaeonEsurient Fount (The Risen Nephilim)Vanitasself-released
27. 2016-01-04Dark AngelNever to Rise AgainLeave Scars
28. 2015-11-30Chaos EchoesRiseA Voiceless Ritual LPNuclear War Now! Productions
29. 2015-10-26Ur DraugrRise Of The ThaumaturgeWith Hunger Undyingatmf
30. 2015-10-05IntronautThe Pleasant SurpriseThe Direction Of Last Thingscenturymedia
31. 2015-09-21The Wolves Of AvalonCarrion Crows RepriseDie Hard 7"eternal_death
32. 2015-08-17MagrudergrindRise And Fall Of Empires PastMagrudergrindrelapse
33. 2015-08-03NevermoreMoonriseThe Obsidian Conspiracycenturymedia
34. 2015-06-22Amon AmarthRisen From The SeaThor Arise (demo)
35. 2015-04-27Evil DeadRise AboveRise Above/S.T. Riffracecar
36. 2015-04-13KommandantAnd Nation Shall Rise Against NationThe Architects Of Exterminationatmf
37. 2015-01-05NailsScum Will RiseUnsilent Deathsouthernlord
38. 2014-12-29Faith No MoreSurprise You're Dead!The Real Thingepic
39. 2014-12-08LeewayRise And FallBorn To Expireprofile
40. 2014-09-15Crimson ShadowsRise To PowerKings Among Mennapalm
41. 2014-09-01AbortedSurprise You're Dead!Slaughtered & Apparatus : A Methodical Overturecenturymedia
42. 2014-09-01Faith No MoreSurprise You're Dead!The Real Thingepic
43. 2014-06-02Faith No MoreSurprise You're Dead!The Real Thingepic
44. 2014-05-12Nuclear AssaultRise from the AshesSurviveirs
45. 2014-05-12Faith No MoreSurprise You're Dead!The Real Thingepic
46. 2014-04-07The DripRise To FailureA Presentation OF Gruesome Poeticsrelapse
47. 2014-02-03Dark ForestRise Like LionsThe Awakeningcruz_del_sur_music
48. 2013-11-04TerrorRise Of The Poisoned YouthThe Damned, the Shamedcenturymedia
49. 2013-08-26PyrexiaThe Wicked RiseVarious Artist - Metal Edge / Volume 66 disc 4sinister_music
50. 2013-08-12Deeds of FleshRise Of The Virum JuggernautPortals To Canaanunique_leader
51. 2013-08-05PanteraSandblasted Skin (Reprise)The Great Southern Trendkill
52. 2013-05-13Ablaze My SorrowRise Above the Storming SeaIf Emotion Still Burnsno_fashion
53. 2013-05-06Compulsory FailArise (Sepultura)Nameless
54. 2013-04-15Compulsory FailArise (Sepultura)Nameless
55. 2013-02-11BlockheadsFinal AriseThis World Is Deadrelapse
56. 2013-01-28IntegrityRiseSeasons in the Size of Daysvictory
57. 2012-12-31Evil DeadRise AboveRise Above/S.T. Riffracecar
58. 2012-12-24Baphomet's HornsMy Dark Empire RisesSatanic War Fucking Metalold_cemetery
59. 2012-10-01IntegrityRiseSeasons in the Size of Daysvictory
60. 2012-09-10Black FlagRise AboveDamagedsst
61. 2012-09-03DBCRise Of ManUniversecombat
62. 2012-07-23Ministry Of HateRise To The BottomAll Your Godz Are DeadMalicman
63. 2012-07-16Napalm DeathRise AboveDeath By Manipulationearache
64. 2012-06-18Beyond the FleshRise Above The WeakWhat the Mind Preceivesscreaming_ferret
65. 2012-05-21UnleashedRise Of The Mayan WarriorsOdalheimnuclearblast
66. 2012-04-30LeviathanHarlot RisesTrue Traitor, True Whore
67. 2012-04-09KrisiunRise And ConfrontThe Great Executioncenturymedia
68. 2012-04-02MagrudergrindRise And Fall Of Empires PastMagrudergrind
69. 2012-02-06EmbalmedLeviathan RisesExalt The Imperial Beasthells_headbangers
70. 2012-01-30EmbalmedLeviathan RisesExalt The Imperial Beasthells_headbangers
71. 2012-01-23Black FlagRise AboveDamagedsst
72. 2012-01-23IntegrityRiseSeasons in the Size of Daysvictory
73. 2011-11-07OrwellFrom Depths I RiseAVOHFASIHself-released
74. 2011-10-10Piara PosesaRise Of The Black MessiahHagase La Oscuridadold_cemetery
75. 2011-07-11UnearthArise The War CryDarkness In The Lightmetalblade
76. 2011-04-25TerrorizerDead Shall RiseGrindcrusher - various artistearache
77. 2011-03-14VaettirArise The Black SunVaettirself-released
78. 2011-02-14BelphegorRise To Fall and Fall To RiseBlood Magick Necromancenuclearblast
79. 2010-11-08VaderRise Of The UndeadNecropolismetalblade
80. 2010-10-18This BeastRise Of The Invertebratesdemoself-released
81. 2010-08-09Dew ScentedArise From DecayInvocationprosthetic
82. 2010-07-19NevermoreMoonriseThe Obsidian Conspiracycenturymedia
83. 2010-06-28NevermoreMoonriseThe Obsidian Conspiracycenturymedia
84. 2010-06-21SoulflyRise Of The FallenOmen
85. 2010-06-14AbortedSurprise You're Dead!Slaughtered & Apparatus : A Methodical Overturecenturymedia
86. 2010-06-14Faith No MoreSurprise You're Dead!The Real Thing
87. 2010-05-10Beyond the Fleshrise above the weakWhat the Mind Preceivesscreaming_ferret
88. 2010-05-03Arma Gathasthe Rise And FallDead To This Worldmetalblade
89. 2010-02-01Beyond the FleshRise Above The WeakWhat the Mind Preceivesscreaming_ferret
90. 2010-01-11BloodsoakedRise With MeSadistic Deeds... Grotesque Memoriescomatose
91. 2009-11-23VaderRise Of The UndeadNecropolisnuclearblast
92. 2009-11-16ImmortalThe Rise of DarknessAll Shall Fallnuclearblast
93. 2009-10-12ArchaeonEsurrent Fount (The Risen Nephilim)Vanitasself-released
94. 2009-09-21IntegrityRiseSeasons in the Size of Daysvictory
95. 2009-09-21Shadows FallStill I RiseRetributionferret
96. 2009-08-10BloodsoakedRise With MeSadistic Deeds... Grotesque Memoriescomatose
97. 2009-03-16WretchedBefore the RiseThe Exodus of Autonomyvictory
98. 2008-11-03DeathcycleWe Will RisePrelude to Trannylifeline
99. 2008-06-30Napalm DeathRise AboveDeath By Manipulationearache
100. 2008-06-16FamineThe South Will RiseThe Raven and the Reapingsolid_state
101. 2008-03-31TerrorizerDead Shall RiseGrindcrusher - various artistearache
102. 2007-12-31IntegrityRiseSeasons in the Size of Daysvictory
103. 2007-12-17TerrorizerDead Shall RiseWorld Downfallearache
104. 2007-09-17Strifestill riseOne Truthvictory
105. 2007-07-02KorpiklaaniVeriset AparatTervaskantonapalm
106. 2007-03-05baphomet's hornsmy dark empire rises
107. 2007-01-01baphomet's hornsmy dark empire rises
108. 2006-12-25amon amarthgods of war arise
109. 2006-12-11baphomet's hornsmy dark empire rises
110. 2006-10-02Savioursrise to pyramis formCrucifirelevel_plane
111. 2006-09-25terrorizerdead shall rise 06
112. 2006-09-25integrityriseSeasons in the Size of Daysvictory
113. 2006-09-18Dungeonbatthe spiral rises
114. 2006-09-11war of agesrise from the ashes
115. 2006-07-03vinculum terminatiithe sun, unrisen
116. 2006-05-15strifestill rise
117. 2006-02-06siebenburgenas legion rise
118. 2006-01-23siebenburgenas legion rise
119. 2006-01-16sepulturaarise (live)
120. 2005-11-21Beyond the Fleshrise above the weak
121. 2005-08-01soilent greentheory of prise in tragedy
122. 2005-07-11the Taste of Silvermolotov sunrise
123. 2005-06-20the Taste of Silvermolotov sunrise
124. 2005-06-20integrityriseSeasons in the Size of Daysvictory
125. 2005-05-02born from painrise of die
126. 2005-03-14sanctifierabominations rise
127. 2005-03-14Coniferalburquerque reprise
128. 2005-03-14impietysunrise defloration
129. 2005-02-14impietysunrise defloration
130. 2005-01-17cradle of filththe black goddess rises
131. 2005-01-10bleeding throughrise
132. 2004-08-30the Taste of Silvermolotv sunrise
133. 2004-06-07dawn of darknessto watch the sunrise
134. 2004-05-24integrityriseSeasons in the Size of Daysvictory
135. 2004-02-23scars of tomorrowwill hell arise
136. 2004-01-19integrityriseSeasons in the Size of Daysvictory
137. 2003-11-10morbid angelstricken arise
138. 2003-10-13arch enemywe will rise
139. 2003-10-13monstrosityrise to power
140. 2003-08-05Arch EnemyWe Will Rise
141. 2003-07-22KreatorBlack Sunrise (live)
142. 2003-02-18IntegrityRiseSeasons in the Size of Daysvictory
143. 2002-10-22LunarisArise
144. 2002-09-17bleeding throughrise
145. 2002-09-17IntegrityriseSeasons in the Size of Daysvictory
146. 2002-09-10Bleeding ThroughRise
147. 2002-07-30Ablaze My SorrowRise Above the Storming SeaIf Emotion Still Burnsno_fashion
148. 2002-07-17Bleeding ThroughRise
149. 2002-07-09IntegrityRiseSeasons in the Size of Daysvictory
150. 2002-03-19Dawn Of Dreamsto watch the sunrise Darklight Awakeningworld_war_iii
151. 2001-09-11HaloRise
152. 2001-09-11HaloRise
153. 2001-07-31Cradle of FilthThe black Goddess Rises II - Ebon Nemisis
154. 2001-07-31Cradle of FilthThe black Goddess Rises II - Ebon Nemisis
155. 2001-07-17Destroyer 666Rise of the Predator
156. 2001-05-29Amon AmarthRisen from the Sea (2000)
157. 2001-05-08Amon AmarthRisen from the Sea of Hooves
158. 2001-04-17Cradle of Filththe Black Goddess Rises
159. 2000-12-31eternal Sufferingrise
160. 2000-12-19NoctuaryFrom Ashes We Rise
161. 2000-12-19NoctuaryFrom Ashes We Rise
162. 2000-11-31Cradle of Filththe Black Goddess Rises
163. 2000-07-10IntegrityRiseSeasons in the Size of Daysvictory
164. 2000-04-10DismemberOverrise the Overture
165. 1999-12-27ObituaryFind the Arise
166. 1999-11-30IntegrityRiseSeasons in the Size of Daysvictory
167. 1999-10-25Nuclear AssaultRise from the Ashes
168. 1999-10-04Cop Shoot CopSurprise, Surprise
169. 1997-03-03Nuclear AssaultRise from the Ashes
170. 1996-12-30Cop Shoot CopSurprise Surprise
171. 1996-09-09AmorphisForgotten Sunrise
172. 1996-09-02Pitch ShifterDry Riser inlet
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