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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1231 playlist up with 52305 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2021-06-28CoalesceSometimes Selling out Is Waking Up0:12 Revolution in Just ListeningRelapse Records
2. 2019-06-17CoalesceWild Ox MoanOxRelapse Records
3. 2018-04-16CoalesceYou Can't Kill Us AllFunctioning On ImpatienceSecond Nature
4. 2018-02-05CoalesceChain SmokingGive Them RopeEdison Recordings
5. 2013-12-30CoalesceThrough Sparrows I RestOXEPrelapse
6. 2013-09-30CoalesceThe Blind EyeOXrelapse
7. 2013-03-18CoalesceWild Ox MoanOXrelapse
8. 2012-11-05CoalesceA Safe PlaceNapalm Death/Coalesceearache
9. 2012-05-28CoalesceA Disgust For DetailsFunctioning On Impatiencesecond_nature
10. 2012-04-16CoalesceSometimes Selling out Is Waking Up0:12 Revolution In Just Listeningrelapse
11. 2012-02-13CoalesceMy Love For ExtremesFunctioning On Impatiencesecond_nature
12. 2011-09-19CoalesceHave PatienceGive Them Ropeedison
13. 2011-06-20CoalesceIn the WildernessCoalesce/Boysetsfirehydrahead
14. 2011-01-10Coalescecowards.com0:12 Revolution In Just Listeningrelapse
15. 2010-11-22CoalesceWild Ox MoanOXrelapse
16. 2010-11-01CoalesceStill It SellsGive Them Ropeedison
17. 2010-06-28CoalesceYou Can't Kill Us AllFunctioning On Impatience
18. 2010-06-14CoalesceCut To LengthGive Them Ropeedison
19. 2010-03-22CoalesceHarvest of MaturityNapalm Death/Coalesceearache
20. 2010-03-01CoalesceTo My RuinOXEPrelapse
21. 2010-02-15CoalesceJesus... 20000:12 Revolution In Just Listeningrelapse
22. 2010-01-18CoalesceYou Can't Kill Us AllFunctioning On Impatiencesecond_nature
23. 2010-01-04CoalesceAbsent In DeathOXEPrelapse
24. 2009-12-21CoalesceJoyless In LifeOXEPrelapse
25. 2009-12-14CoalesceThrough Sparrows I RestOXEPrelapse
26. 2009-12-07CoalesceThe Blind EyeOXEPrelapse
27. 2009-11-16CoalesceTo My RuinOXEPrelapse
28. 2009-11-09CoalesceGrain of Salt002earache
29. 2009-10-26CoalesceWild Ox MoanOXrelapse
30. 2009-09-07CoalesceWild Ox MoanOXrelapse
31. 2009-08-31CoalesceThe Plot Against My LoveOXrelapse
32. 2009-08-03CoalesceIn My Wake, For My OwnOXrelapse
33. 2009-07-27CoalesceWild Ox MoanOXrelapse
34. 2009-07-20Coalescethe Villain We Won't DenyOXrelapse
35. 2009-07-06CoalesceDesigned to Break a ManOXrelapse
36. 2009-06-22CoalesceQuestions to Root Out FoolsOXrelapse
37. 2009-06-15CoalesceWild Ox MoanOXrelapse
38. 2009-02-23CoalesceStill It SellsGive Them Ropeedison
39. 2008-12-08CoalesceHarvest of MaturityNapalm Death/Coalesceearache
40. 2008-03-17CoalesceHeartbreakerThe is Nothing new Under the Sunhydrahead
41. 2007-11-12CoalesceHarvest Of ManturityNapalm Death/Coalesceearache
42. 2007-01-08coalescewhat happens
44. 2006-05-29coalescesimulcast
45. 2006-01-02coalescesimulcast
46. 2005-12-05coalescegrain of salt
47. 2005-08-15coalescejesus... 2000
48. 2005-04-18coalescea safe place
49. 2004-12-06coalesceImmagrant sun
50. 2004-11-22coalescein the wilderness
51. 2004-10-18coalescejealuos again
52. 2004-04-26coalescevihicle
53. 2004-03-01coalesce73-c
55. 2002-01-22CoalesceBurn Everything that Bears Our Name
56. 2001-10-23CoalesceA Safe Place
57. 2001-09-18CoalesceIn the Wilderness
58. 2001-09-04Coalescea safe place
59. 2001-09-04Coalescea safe place
60. 2000-12-12CoalesceSimulcast
61. 2000-12-12CoalesceSimulcast
62. 2000-10-31Coalesce/Naplam DeathHarvest of Maturity
63. 2000-10-31Coalesce/Naplam DeathHarvest of Maturity
64. 2000-10-17CoalesceHarvest of Maturity
65. 2000-10-17CoalesceHarvest of Maturity
66. 2000-07-31CoalesceHarvest of Maturity
67. 2000-05-29CoalesceHarvest of Maturity
68. 2000-04-10CoalesceHarvest of Maturity
69. 2000-04-03CoalesceImagrent Song
70. 2000-03-20CoalesceWhole lotta love
71. 2000-03-06CoalesceHeart Breaker
72. 2000-02-14Coalescein the Wilderness
73. 2000-01-10CoalesceJesus... 2000
75. 1999-10-25CoalesceOut on the Tites
76. 1999-04-20CoalesceBlack Dog
77. 1999-04-06CoalesceOut on the Tiles
78. 1999-03-29CoalesceWhole Lotta Love
79. 1999-03-22CoalesceBlack Dog
80. 1997-08-25CoalesceGrain of Salt
81. 1997-03-24CoalesceHarvest Of Manturity
82. 1997-03-10CoalesceHarvest of Maturity
83. 1997-02-24CoalesceA Safe Place
84. 1997-02-17CoalesceHarvest of Maturity
85. 1997-02-03Coalescea Safe Place
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