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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1301 playlist up with 54728 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2014-02-17Cephalic CarnageObserver to the Obilteration of Planet EarthExploiting Dysfunctionrelapse
2. 2014-02-17MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
3. 2014-02-17
4. 2014-02-17ImmolationFather, You're Not A FatherClose To A World Belowmetalblade
5. 2014-02-17DeicideFather Backer'sSerpents Of The Lightroadrunner
6. 2014-02-17Thy PrimordialUnder Iskall Troll ManeUnder Iskall Troll Maneworld_war_iii
7. 2014-02-17Judas PriestPainkillerPainkillersony
8. 2014-02-17
9. 2014-02-17EngraveStorm of OblierationThe Rebirthworld_war_iii
10. 2014-02-17MayhemMorbid TalesVarious Artists - In Memory Of Celtic Frostdwell
11. 2014-02-17SlayerHollowed PointDecade Of Aggression CD2
12. 2014-02-17Black WitcheryBarbarism DominationInferno Of Sacred Destructionhells_headbangers
13. 2014-02-17
14. 2014-02-17Bal-SagothThe Dark Liege Of Chaos Is Unleashed At The Enscrolled Shrine OF A'ZuraBattle Magiccacophonous
15. 2014-02-17VargA Thousand EyesGuten TagNoiseArt
16. 2014-02-17Goat semenWarfare NoiseGoat Semen-Anal Vomit Split
17. 2014-02-17CoughCrippled WizardRitual Abuserelapse
18. 2014-02-17
19. 2014-02-17ConvulseGod Is DelusionEvil Prevailssvart
20. 2014-02-17Warfare NoiseNuclear HolocaustVarious ArtistsGreyhaze
21. 2014-02-17Slow MoverSFCAMove Slower
22. 2014-02-17Red Equals MeltdownCandorDemo 2013
23. 2014-02-17
24. 2014-02-17DephosphorusAstrocyte PortalRavenous Solemnityhandshake_inc
25. 2014-02-17HelmspiltterBurden Of Our ExistenceEnraptured By Sufferinghorror_pain_gore_death
26. 2014-02-17DodsferdCreator Of DiseaseThe Parasitic Survival Of The Human Racemoribund
27. 2014-02-17ProfeziaSacra TempestaOracolo Suicidamoribund
28. 2014-02-17
29. 2014-02-17CravingHellraiserAt Dawnapostasy
30. 2014-02-17The NightstalkerAn EscapeAgainst The Anesthetist
31. 2014-02-17DemilichBowel Levitation Reduced Without Any Effort20th Advesary Of Emptinesssvart
32. 2014-02-17Thou Art LordThe Gnostic CodeOrgia Daemonicumblack_lotus
33. 2014-02-17
34. 2014-02-17ObliterationGoat Skull CrownBlack Death Horizonrelapse
35. 2014-02-17Into EternitySelling GodDead or Dreamingcenturymedia
36. 2014-02-17ShadowgardenSorrow's KitchenAshen
37. 2014-02-17
38. 2014-02-17Down From The WoundBeyond The Depths Of Epidemic AbortionViolence And Macabrecomatose
39. 2014-02-17DIRichard Hung HimselfTeam Goon
40. 2014-02-17Sentinel BeastEvil Is The NightDepths Of Deathmetalblade
41. 2014-02-17PossessedThe ExorcistSeven Churchescombat
42. 2014-02-17ArcheronThy Father SuicideKult Des Hasseslistenable
43. 2014-02-17
44. 2014-02-17DamagedAfter World ObliterationPurified In Painrotten
45. 2014-02-17ConvergeMy Unsaid EverythingWhen Forever Comes Crashingeqv
46. 2014-02-17GridlinkStay Without MeLonghenahandshake_inc
47. 2014-02-17HaemorrhageHospital ThievesLive Carnage: Feasting On Marylandhorror_pain_gore_death
48. 2014-02-17Throat PlungerGenre RuinerCumplete Discographyhorror_pain_gore_death
49. 2014-02-17FunerealityBloodsucking FreakBloodsucking Freakhorror_pain_gore_death
50. 2014-02-17
51. 2014-02-17WitchtrapCommand Of HateThe First Necromancy / Turn In Your Gravesobliteration
52. 2014-02-17KreatorFlag of HateLive Kreationspv
53. 2014-02-17DrudkhTen Ktery Se Vyhyba SventluThousands Of Moons Ago/The Gatesseason_of_mist
54. 2014-02-17AtanatosOutbreak Of EvilVarious Artists - Homage To The Gods: A Tribute To Sodom
55. 2014-02-17Cult Of Fire४. काली मांमृत्युकावीभत्सनृत्यiron_bonehead
56. 2014-02-17
57. 2014-02-17OuijaThe Blood CenturionAve Voluptatis Carnisxtreem
58. 2014-02-17LvcifyreThe Fiery Spheres Of The SevenSvn Eaterdark_descent
59. 2014-02-17Aborted FetusNecropolis DemographyPrivate Judgement Daycomatose
60. 2014-02-17Dawn HeistZenithCatalystbastardized
61. 2014-02-17LifeloverShallowKonkursprophecy
62. 2014-02-17BeastmilkNuclear WinterClimaxsvart
63. 2014-02-17WitcheryShallow GraveSymphony For The Devilcenturymedia
64. 2014-02-17
65. 2014-02-17Saint VitusJust Friends (Empty Love)Hallow's Victim
66. 2014-02-17WorshipTerranean Wake IV - End Of An AeviturneTerranean Wake
67. 2014-02-17HorsebackNorth Star Struck (Plagued Version)A Plague Of Knowingrelapse
68. 2014-02-17Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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