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New site? Maybe some day.


this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1349 playlist up with 56325 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2022-09-05MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
2. 2022-09-05
3. 2022-09-05Shadows FallNurtureSomber Eyes to the SkyLifeless
4. 2022-09-05Swarm of EyesThe Day That God Went MadDesigning the DystopiaSelf-Released
5. 2022-09-05ABLAZE MY SORROWMachine SupremeAnger, Hate And Fury
6. 2022-09-05CEMETERY LUST05 Bowels of BlasphemyRotting in Piss (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
7. 2022-09-05
8. 2022-09-05Agony ColumnVicious Pack of LiesGod, Guns & GutsBig Chief
9. 2022-09-05WinterwolfCemetary by NightCycle of the WerewolfXtreem Music
10. 2022-09-05UnanimatedFire StormIn The Forest Of The Dreaming Dead
11. 2022-09-05All Shall PerishOur Own GraveHate. Malice. RevengeNuclear Blast
12. 2022-09-05
13. 2022-09-05Suicide SilenceUnansweredThe Cleansing, Disc 1Century Media
14. 2022-09-05Thousands Shall FallBrother Of The Suncroffvinterkrig
15. 2022-09-05COFFIN MULCH02 Black LiquifactionSeptic FuneralRedefining Darkness Records
16. 2022-09-05
17. 2022-09-05Gnipahålan02 I Stormens LedI Nordisk VredeslustaPurity Through Fire
18. 2022-09-05Upon the Altar03 ...After Us Only SilenceSplit album-Upon the Altar/DeathEpochPutrid Cult
19. 2022-09-05ROTBORNMORAL GRUDGEOn the Perspective of an Imminent DownfallRedefining Darkness Records
20. 2022-09-05
21. 2022-09-05RevocationLessons in Occult TheftNetherheavenMetal Blade Records
22. 2022-09-05BelphegorGlorifizierung des TeufelsThe DevilsNuclear Blast Records
23. 2022-09-05Gutvoid02 In Caverns It LurksDurance of Lightless Horizons CD/LP/TAPEBlood Harvest Records
24. 2022-09-05
25. 2022-09-05Municipal WasteLast CrawlElectrified BrainNuclear Blast Records
26. 2022-09-05KreatorStrongest Of The StrongHate �ber AllesNuclear Blast Records
27. 2022-09-05ARKHETHKundaliniClarity Came With A Cool Summer's BreezeI, Voidhanger Records
28. 2022-09-05
29. 2022-09-05FUNERAL CHIC07 - FUNERAL CHIC - OFF THE RAILSSuperstitionProsthetic Records
30. 2022-09-05ZaoPraise the War MachineThe Funeral of GodRoadrunner Records
31. 2022-09-05HOLY DEATHBURNING PALMSSeparate Mind From FleshRedefining Darkness Records
32. 2022-09-05Black BreathEscape From DeathHeavy BreathingSouthern Lord
33. 2022-09-05
34. 2022-09-05XibalbaMadre MiaMadre Mia Gracias Por Los DiasSouthern Lord
35. 2022-09-05GuillotineLeprosyUnder the GuillotineNecropolis Records
36. 2022-09-05ApiaryPain Is The ReasonLost In Focus
37. 2022-09-05OblivionizedThe Nullification of PhilanthropyNullify The Cycle
38. 2022-09-05
39. 2022-09-05GorementSea Of SilenceThe Ending Quest
40. 2022-09-05Parasitic ExtirpationVertical Human SplicingCasketless
41. 2022-09-05OutreAberrationsHollow EarthDebemur Morti Productions
42. 2022-09-05Corrupted SaintProcess of EliminationMutilated Before the MassesRedefining Darkness Records
43. 2022-09-05
44. 2022-09-05PathologyReborn to KillIncisions of Perverse DebaucheryComatose Music
45. 2022-09-05Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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