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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1285 playlist up with 54192 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2022-11-21CursedR.I.P.TwoGoodfellow Records
2. 2022-11-21Opus Arise03 Opus Arise - AntimatterThe Network - Out Dec 2ndSelf-Released
3. 2021-06-07MagrudergrindPieces Of Glass Stuck In YourSixty Two Trax Of Thrash (Coll
4. 2021-02-22CursedHead of the BaptistTwoGoodfellow Records
5. 2020-05-18MagrudergrindCircle Pit CasseroleSixty Two Trax Of Thrash (Coll
6. 2020-05-11CursedTwoTwoGoodfellow Records
7. 2020-04-20CursedClocked in, Punched OutTwoGoodfellow Records
8. 2019-09-16Tales of The Tomb3. The Sinful Messiah_Tales Of The Tomb_Volume ...Volume TwoSelf-Released
9. 2019-05-13CursedThe VoidTwoGoodfellow Records
10. 2018-09-17Valdrin04 Funeral Tides Of OrcusTwo Carrion Talismans CD/LPBlood Harvest Records
11. 2018-08-06CarcassNo Love LostHeartwork
12. 2018-07-23CarcassNo Love LostHeartwork
13. 2017-10-16CursedOld MoneyTwoGoodfellow Records
14. 2017-10-09CursedHead of the BaptistTwoGoodfellow Records
15. 2017-09-11EnsiferumTwo PathsTwo PathsMetal Blade Records
16. 2017-06-19CarcassEmbodimentHeartwork
17. 2017-05-08CursedModel Home InvasionTwoGoodfellow Records
18. 2017-02-20MasochristAmericaTwo-Thousand Years Of Pain
19. 2016-10-24CarcassArbeit Macht FleischHeartwork
20. 2016-10-24MagrudergrindTrophy Case Full Of DecapitateSixty Two Trax Of Thrash (Coll
21. 2016-09-19CursedFatalistTwoGoodfellow Records
22. 2015-11-09AnthraxA.I.R.The Greater Of Two Evilssanctuary
23. 2015-06-08AmebixFear Of GodArise Plus Twoalternative_tentacles
24. 2015-05-04CarcassDeath CertificateHeartworkearache
25. 2014-12-15MasochristGod Of WealthTwo-Thousand Years Of Pain
26. 2014-11-03Cadaveric SpasmThanks For The GasolineSplit - Clit Eastwood/Cadaveric Spasmhorror_pain_gore_death
27. 2014-11-03Clit EastwoodI Was Married To Gay HitlerSplit - Clit Eastwood/Cadaveric Spasmhorror_pain_gore_death
28. 2014-10-27Cadaveric SpasmNothing Works HereSplit - Clit Eastwood/Cadaveric Spasmhorror_pain_gore_death
29. 2014-08-18CarcassNo Love LostHeartworkearache
30. 2014-03-24CarcassNo Love LostHeartworkearache
31. 2012-12-24CarcassBuried DreamsHeartworkearache
32. 2012-08-13AnthraxMetal Thrashing MadThe Greater Of Two Evilssanctuary
33. 2012-07-23CarcassNo Love LostHeartworkearache
34. 2011-12-26Wolves in the Throne RoomCleansingTwo Hunters
35. 2011-07-11CursedReparationsTwogoodfellow
36. 2011-04-18MagrudergrindSpock Cut DepletionSixty Two Trax Of Thrash (Collection)
37. 2010-03-29WatchfireTerminusTwo Years in the Valleyself-released
38. 2010-03-01WatchfireUnhallowedTwo Years in the Valleyself-released
39. 2010-01-25CarcassCarnal ForgeHeartworkearache
40. 2009-12-28WatchfirePilgrimTwo Years in the Valleyself-released
41. 2009-12-21WatchfireThe TempestTwo Years in the Valleyself-released
42. 2009-10-19WatchfireMaelstromTwo Years in the Valleyself-released
43. 2009-10-05WatchfireMaelstromTwo Years in the Valleyself-released
44. 2009-08-31Wolves in the Throne RoomCleansingTwo Hunters
45. 2009-04-20CarcassArbeit Macht FleischHeartworkearache
46. 2009-03-30Wolves in the Throne RoomCleansingTwo Hunters
47. 2009-01-26CarcassHeartworkHeartworkearache
48. 2008-03-24Wolves in the Throne RoomCleansingTwo Hunters
49. 2008-02-04DemiricousLanguage of OblivionTwo (poverty)metalblade
50. 2008-01-21DemiricousNever Enough RoadTwo (poverty)metalblade
51. 2008-01-14DemiricousAcid LungTwo (poverty)metalblade
52. 2008-01-07DemiricousLanguage of OblivionTwo (poverty)metalblade
53. 2007-12-31DemiricousAppreciation of MiseryTwo (poverty)metalblade
54. 2007-12-31Ithe Storm I RideBetween Two Worldsnuclearblast
55. 2007-12-24DemiricousNever Enough RoadTwo (poverty)metalblade
56. 2007-12-17DemiricousExpression of Immunity of GodTwo (poverty)metalblade
57. 2007-12-10DemiricousTusk and ClawTwo (poverty)metalblade
58. 2007-12-03DemiricousLeprosaic BeliefTwo (poverty)metalblade
59. 2007-11-19DemiricousTusk and ClawTwo (poverty)metalblade
60. 2007-11-05DemiricousKnuckle EyeTwo (poverty)metalblade
61. 2007-10-22DemiricousEngineerTwo (poverty)metalblade
62. 2007-10-15DemiricousLeprosaic BeliefTwo (poverty)metalblade
63. 2007-10-08DemiricousExpression of Immunity of GodTwo (poverty)metalblade
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