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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1337 playlist up with 55932 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2007-11-05MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2007-11-05Embryonic CryptopathiaringspotsUterine Excretor of Carcinovomitbestial_onslaught
3. 2007-11-05SSSWarhorseself-titledearache
4. 2007-11-05Pathogenicthe Bile PurgedDeny.Decieve.Devourself-released
5. 2007-11-05Bring me the HorizonWho wants flowers when you're dead? nobodyThis is What the Edge of Your Seat was Made forearache
6. 2007-11-05Cretindaddy's little girlFreakeryrelapse
7. 2007-11-05RazorI'll only Say it OnceViolent Restitutionroadrunner
8. 2007-11-05SodomBloody Corpsethe Final Sign of Evilspv
9. 2007-11-05ExodusFuneral Hymmthe Atrocity Exibitionnuclearblast
10. 2007-11-05RebaelliunHell's DecreeBurn the Promised Landhammerheart
11. 2007-11-05DecapitatedSensual Sicknessthe Negationearache
12. 2007-11-05GorealityAgainst the CrusadePerverse Depraved Indifferencepathos
13. 2007-11-05Blood Red ThroneRebirth in BloodCome Deathearache
14. 2007-11-05AeonLiving sinRise to Dominatemetalblade
15. 2007-11-05Belay My LastOne more Foor in the Gravethe Downfallmediaskare
16. 2007-11-05DemiricousKnuckle EyeTwo (poverty)metalblade
17. 2007-11-05Skeleton WitchVengeance will be MineBeyond the Permafrostprosthetic
18. 2007-11-05NaglfarUnleash HellSheolcenturymedia
19. 2007-11-05Perth ExpressAfter many a summer dies the swanself-titledtdb
20. 2007-11-05car_bombhis eyesCentraliarelapse
21. 2007-11-05Dissectorzombies raped your girlfriendAte My Neighborsworldeater
22. 2007-11-05TotalitarLogn och visdomWallbreaker 1986-1989armageddon
23. 2007-11-05Outbreakspit in your faceyou make us sickbridge9
24. 2007-11-05Majority RuleAmerican FeatureEmergency Numbersmagic_bullet
25. 2007-11-05Circle of Dead ChildrenExtreme Canibal Smoke!the Genocide Machinenecropolis
26. 2007-11-05DeathSuicide MachineHumanrelativity
27. 2007-11-05SuffocationThe InvokingPierced from Withinroadrunner
28. 2007-11-05IpsissimusPraise HimTrampling the Hostself-released
29. 2007-11-05DIOLast in Line (live)Backstagemayhem
30. 2007-11-05The Great Deceivera Life TransparentLife is Wasted on the Livingdeathwishinc
31. 2007-11-05Municipal WasteBorn to Partythe Art of Partyingearache
32. 2007-11-05Magrudergrindmylefthand(english)Religious Baffleself-released
33. 2007-11-05Agnostic FrontNo RegretsWarriorsnuclearblast
34. 2007-11-05MODDance around with SnakesRed, White, and Screwedindex_entertainment
35. 2007-11-05X-piralTimechaserHuntersburning_star
36. 2007-11-05WatainDarkess and DeathSworn to the Darkajna
37. 2007-11-05Dawn Of DreamsSwallow the Fire Darklight Awakeningworld_war_iii
38. 2007-11-05Darkest HourStand abd Receive your JudgementDeliver Usvictory
39. 2007-11-05Bolt ThrowerDestructive InfinityWarmastercombat
40. 2007-11-05AnoxiaIntense KillingsIntense Killingspathos
41. 2007-11-05Dead to Fallthe eternal gates of hellEverything I touch falls to peicesvictory
42. 2007-11-05KreatorAgents of BrutalityComa of Soulsnoise
43. 2007-11-05Dew ScentedBlueprints of HateInardsnuclearblast
44. 2007-11-05HemlockMy Eyes ItchBleed the Dreamcandlelight
45. 2007-11-05A Life Once LostPrepare yourself for what is about to Comethe Fourth Plague: fliesrobotic_empire
46. 2007-11-05OriginDisease called manOriginrelapse
47. 2007-11-05Bitter EndNothing RemainsClimate of Feardeathwishinc
48. 2007-11-05Strifeto the SurfaceOne Truthvictory
49. 2007-11-05SoilworkSown to the Great DivideSworn to a Great Dividenuclearblast
50. 2007-11-05The BerzerkerCannibal Rightsself-titledearache
51. 2007-11-05MorticianIsland of the DeadChainsaw Dismembermentrelapse
52. 2007-11-05SutureBonesaw
53. 2007-11-05Rotten SounddoomMurderworks
54. 2007-11-05SepsismSadistically Mangled and DevouredSeveral Carnal Butechery
55. 2007-11-05Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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