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New site? Maybe some day.


this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1326 playlist up with 55570 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2010-03-01MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2010-03-01
3. 2010-03-01SapremiaForgotten ParadiseWith Winter Comes Despairopen_grave
4. 2010-03-01Defect DesingerDefamationWaxmy_kingdom
5. 2010-03-01HypocrisyWeed Out The WeakA Taste Of Extreme Divinitynuclearblast
6. 2010-03-01Cannibal CorpsePriests of SodomEvisceration Plaguemetalblade
7. 2010-03-01
8. 2010-03-01Birds of Preyfilthfarm of washington stateWeight of the Woundrelapse
9. 2010-03-01Barn BurnerLong Arm of the LawBangersmetalblade
10. 2010-03-01DefeatistBody RevoltIn Praise of False Hope EPchainsaw_safety
11. 2010-03-01DestructionMad ButcherMad Butchersteam_hammer
12. 2010-03-01WatchfireUnhallowedTwo Years in the Valleyself-released
13. 2010-03-01
14. 2010-03-01In The ShitDorchester Bay?Bostonself-released
15. 2010-03-01Cephalic ImpurityDevoured BroodPerverted Surgical Conceptsoulflesh_collector
16. 2010-03-01In Dire NeedThe CatharsisThe Blood Of The Damned And The Waters Of False Prophecyself-released
17. 2010-03-01Cannabis CorpseVaporizedThe Weedingtankcrimes
18. 2010-03-01
19. 2010-03-01Death Before DishonorBoys In BlueBetter Ways to Diebridge9
20. 2010-03-01Stuck MojoRising (live)Reborn singlecenturymedia
21. 2010-03-01
22. 2010-03-01AcrassicaudaGarden Of StoneOnly The Dead See The End Of The War EPvice
23. 2010-03-01High On FireFrost HammerSnakes For The Divinee1_music
24. 2010-03-01Jack Burton Vs David Lo PanCock Goblin CockBird Fluamericant
25. 2010-03-01Droids AttackThe Great Wall Of 'GinaMust Destroycrustacean
26. 2010-03-01
27. 2010-03-01DesdemonThe Burning MartyrThe Awakeningself-released
28. 2010-03-01WorlockKiss Of DeathTriumph And Agonypolygram
29. 2010-03-01SavatageNecrophilliaPower Of The Nightatlantic
30. 2010-03-01Death AngelGuilty Of InnocenceFrolic Through the Parkenigma
31. 2010-03-01
32. 2010-03-01AbdicateExpell the ZealotRelinquish the Thronesevared
33. 2010-03-01Atery EruptionSuddenly VaginalDriving Fist Through Her Chestsevared
34. 2010-03-01AmputatedDripping OvipositorWading Through Rancid Offalsevared
35. 2010-03-01AeternamHamunptraDisciples Of The Unseenmetalblade
36. 2010-03-01
37. 2010-03-01DeicideDead by DawnAmon: Feasting the Beastroadrunner
38. 2010-03-01Lazarus ADDamnation for the WeakThe Onslaughtmetalblade
39. 2010-03-01DismemberAnd So Is LifeLike and Ever Flowing Streamnuclearblast
40. 2010-03-01CarcassPyosisified (Rotten To The Gore)Wake up and Smell the Carcassearache
41. 2010-03-01SuffocationLiege Of InversityBest of
42. 2010-03-01
43. 2010-03-01KreatorRipping CorpsePleasure to Killcombat
44. 2010-03-01AbsuMythological Occult MetalVarious Artist - the Dark Psycheend
45. 2010-03-01SodomProselytism RealObsessed By Crueltymetalblade
46. 2010-03-01CoalesceTo My RuinOXEPrelapse
47. 2010-03-01
48. 2010-03-01Cold Northern VengeanceA Dangerous WayfaringDomination and Servitudebindrune
49. 2010-03-01ShabtiAttrocitiesepself-released
50. 2010-03-01TrollAlt For SatanNeo-Satanic Supremacynapalm
51. 2010-03-01BehemothInauguration Of Scorpio DomeThelema 6olympic
52. 2010-03-01
53. 2010-03-01Disfigured DeadDead But WalkingVisions Of Deathhells_headbangers
54. 2010-03-01Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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