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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1326 playlist up with 55570 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2012-07-23MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2012-07-23
3. 2012-07-23KvelertakOffernattKvelertakindie
4. 2012-07-23VictimsKillingKillerdeathwishinc
5. 2012-07-23PowerwolvesSlaughtering The MachinesSlaughtering The Machines - demo 2010self-released
6. 2012-07-23PowertripAcidArmageddon Blues
7. 2012-07-23Backstabbers IncWe Attack at DuskKamikaze Missionstrash_art
8. 2012-07-23
9. 2012-07-23Repulsive DissectionMercurial SapienceCut Open the Aberrationsevared
10. 2012-07-23Cattle DecapitationThe MonolithMonolith Of Inhumanitymetalblade
11. 2012-07-23In FlamesGyroscopeWhoraclenuclearblast
12. 2012-07-23
13. 2012-07-23DeathSpirit Crusherthe Sound of Perseverancenuclearblast
14. 2012-07-23King DiamondThe 7th Day Of July 1777Abigailroadracer
15. 2012-07-23CryptopsyOpen Face SurgeryBlasphemy Made Fleshcenturymedia
16. 2012-07-23CarcassNo Love LostHeartworkearache
17. 2012-07-23
18. 2012-07-23Dying FetusSubject To A BeatingReign Supremerelapse
19. 2012-07-23
20. 2012-07-23Dark PassengerLurker Of The Brineepself-released
21. 2012-07-23ShinningFisheyeLive Blackjazzindie
22. 2012-07-23Author & PunisherFlesh AntsUrsus Americanusseventh_rule
23. 2012-07-23KreatorFrom Flood Into FirePhantom Antichristnuclearblast
24. 2012-07-23RhapsodyDante's InfernoAscending To Infinitynuclearblast
25. 2012-07-23
26. 2012-07-23Dawn of Azazelthe Road to BabylonSeditionibexmoon
27. 2012-07-23Death SkullNocturnal Desecrate RitualsAnnihilation Of The Pigold_cemetery
28. 2012-07-23Rampant DecayKing Of The TrashRampant Decay/Kruds Split 7"PATAC
29. 2012-07-23Anal CuntHootie & the BlowfishEveryone Should Be KILLEDearache
30. 2012-07-23Baphomet's HornscrucifucktSatanic Forcefucked Annihilationold_cemetery
31. 2012-07-23
32. 2012-07-23Vital RemainsHammer Down the NailsIcons of Evilcenturymedia
33. 2012-07-23MausoleumDead WalkersBack From The Funeralrazorback
34. 2012-07-23MacabreAcid Bath VampireMurder Metalseason_of_mist
35. 2012-07-23
36. 2012-07-23DeceasedMind Vampiresthe Blueprints for Madnessrelapse
37. 2012-07-23DissectorAutopsy AssaultAte My Neighborsworldeater
38. 2012-07-23AutopsySqueal Like A PigFiend For Bloodpeaceville
39. 2012-07-23Blood FreakLast Grindhouse on 666th StreetLive Fast, Die Young... and Leave a Flesh Eating Corpse!razorback
40. 2012-07-23VenomBurn In HellMetal Blacksanctuary
41. 2012-07-23
42. 2012-07-23Judas PriestBlood StainedJugulator singlecmc_international
43. 2012-07-23Sonic PulseSonic PulseLarger Than Lifeself-released
44. 2012-07-23Burn the PriestGoatfishBurn The Priestepic
45. 2012-07-23Amon AmarthWhere is Your God?Twilight of the Thunder Godmetalblade
46. 2012-07-23
47. 2012-07-23Ministry Of HateRise To The BottomAll Your Godz Are DeadMalicman
48. 2012-07-23Brothers Of ConquestKill For Rock N RollAll The Colors Of Darknessgo_kart
49. 2012-07-23KarpObstacle CorpseRye Coalition/Karp splittoubleman_unlimited
50. 2012-07-23Rye CoalitionBaby Puts Out FlamesRye Coalition/Karp splittoubleman_unlimited
51. 2012-07-23IntegrityHeavens Final WarTo Die Fordeathwishinc
52. 2012-07-23
53. 2012-07-23Wolves in the Throne Room+ChaplinA Face In A Nighttime Mirror Part 1 (Diadem Of 12 Starsn/a
54. 2012-07-23KampfarRavenheartKvassnapalm
55. 2012-07-23Opera IXAct IV: Congressus Cum DaemoneThe Black Opera: Symphoniae Mysteriorum In Laudem TenebrarumAvantgarde_Music
56. 2012-07-23
57. 2012-07-23Skinny Puppyside oneToo Dark Parkcapitol
58. 2012-07-23Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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