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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1336 playlist up with 55896 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2020-10-05MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
2. 2020-10-05
3. 2020-10-05WinterwolfLycanthropic AeonsCycle of the WerewolfXtreem Music
4. 2020-10-05ArgentumEnter An Encysted HibernationAd Interitum Funebrarum
5. 2020-10-05Hate EternalNailed To ObscurityConquering The Throne
6. 2020-10-05Ablaze My SorrowThe Return of the Mighty RavenThe PlagueGestrichen
7. 2020-10-05
8. 2020-10-05MasterUnknown SoldierMaster
9. 2020-10-05Grave SermonEsau, the Sin EaterWhitewashed Tomb (320)
10. 2020-10-05Sons Of AzraelArson & ApathyScouting The BoneyardMetal Blade
11. 2020-10-05Holy SerpentInto the FireEndless
12. 2020-10-05
13. 2020-10-05Anaal NathrakhThe Age of Starlight EndsEndarkenmentMetal Blade Records
14. 2020-10-05UNDEATH03 Lesions of a Different KindLesions Of A Different KindProsthetic Records
15. 2020-10-05Sadistic EmbodimentPhantom TormentorBlood Spell (CDN Records) OutCDN Records
16. 2020-10-05Ritual Suicide (Ukraine)04 A5. Sacrifice To Those Of The NightNocturnal HaematolagniaEsfinge de la Calavera
17. 2020-10-05
18. 2020-10-05Disrupted (Sweden)03 Born In A CorpsePure DeathMemento Mori
19. 2020-10-05Occult Burial04 Skeletal LaughterBurning Eerie LoreInvictus Productions
20. 2020-10-05Sad (Greece)04 White DeathMisty Breath of Ancient ForestsPurity Through Fire
21. 2020-10-05
22. 2020-10-05KYRIOS03 - A Mare In The WireSaturnal ChambersCaligari Records
23. 2020-10-05FenisiaSky OracleThe SpectatorEclipse Records
24. 2020-10-05Satan's HostShperic DestinyArchidoxes of Evil + Bonus (Official Release)Moribund Records
25. 2020-10-05
26. 2020-10-05WITCHTRAP (Colombia)02 Midnight RitesEvil Strikes Again (CD, LP. TAPE)Hells Headbangers Records
27. 2020-10-05Apochryphal Revelation06 ConstantinePrimeval Devilish Wisdom LP/CDNuclear War Now! Productions
28. 2020-10-05Carnal Ruin2. ScholomanceThe Damned Lie RottingRedefining Darkness Records
29. 2020-10-05
30. 2020-10-05Malicious (Finland)03 Hideous TransformationsDeranged HexesInvictus Productions
31. 2020-10-05Odiosior03 LAULU PIMEYDESSÄSyvyyksistäPurity Through Fire
32. 2020-10-05The Myopia Condition4. AfterLifeEvent HorizonSelf-Released
33. 2020-10-05
34. 2020-10-05LIKFemale Fatal to the FleshMisanthropic BreedMetal Blade Records
35. 2020-10-05Humans BeingExhaustedMy Demons Disagree
36. 2020-10-05MessiahThe WaitCVD-19
37. 2020-10-05PunishMiss Anne ThropeDawn of the Martyr
38. 2020-10-05
39. 2020-10-05BLACK ARTEverything I KnowDEMO 1995
40. 2020-10-05FacebreakerNuclear OutbreakDedicated To The Flesh
41. 2020-10-05Ordo Sanguinis Noctis05 Podziemia Krwawych BlyskawicChthonic Blood MysteriesEternal Death Records
42. 2020-10-05DioNight MusicLock Up The Wolves
43. 2020-10-05
44. 2020-10-05Man Must DieGagging OrderGagging Order (320)
45. 2020-10-05DarkaneGodforsaken UniverseLayers of LiesNuclear Blast Records
46. 2020-10-05AleStormWolves of the seaBlack Sails At Midnight
47. 2020-10-05Cannibal CorpseEdible AutopsyEaten Back To Life 
48. 2020-10-05
49. 2020-10-05Abigail WilliamsElestalBecoming
50. 2020-10-05AbigorumFür Die EwigkeitExaltatus Mechanism
51. 2020-10-05Entombed03 - Revel In FleshLeft Hand PathEarache
52. 2020-10-05
53. 2020-10-05AgonyNight Of The EmperorThe First Defiance
54. 2020-10-05JadeI'm Not YoursIf You're Man Enough
55. 2020-10-05SavatageFight For The RockFight For The Rock
56. 2020-10-05
57. 2020-10-05Wrathchild AmericaHell's GatesClimbin' the WallsAtlantic
58. 2020-10-05Barren CrossCryin' Over YouState Of Control
59. 2020-10-05Virgin SteeleWhere Are You Running ToNoble Savage
60. 2020-10-05
61. 2020-10-05LordMr. DeathThe Second Coming
62. 2020-10-05MassacraEternal HateFinal Holocaust
63. 2020-10-05Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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