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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1356 playlist up with 56555 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2020-06-08MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
2. 2020-06-08
3. 2020-06-08MorgothWhite GalleryEternal Fall - Resurrection AbsurdCentury Media
4. 2020-06-08AsphyxInitation Into The OssuaryAsphyx
5. 2020-06-08NefastRamses The DamnedInauspicious
6. 2020-06-08Cannibal CorpseRelentless BeatingVile
7. 2020-06-08
8. 2020-06-08PestilenceOut of the BodyConsuming ImpulseRoadrunner
9. 2020-06-08SinisterLeviathanCross the Styx/DiabolicalEastWest
10. 2020-06-08Gloom (Finland)05 No Mercy After SunsetRider of the Last LightSpread Evil Productions
11. 2020-06-08Black BreathMurderRazor To Oblivion EP
12. 2020-06-08
13. 2020-06-081349I Breathe SpearsLiberation
14. 2020-06-08MardukThe Funeral Seemed to Be EndlessDark EndlessRegain Records
15. 2020-06-08Aetherius ObscuritasJourney to ImmortalityVíziók (Visions)Paragon
16. 2020-06-08Ominous EclipseBreaking The ChainsSinisterSelf-Released
17. 2020-06-08
18. 2020-06-08AVERSIO HUMANITATIS02 The Presence in the MistBehold The Silent DwellersDebemur Morti Productions
19. 2020-06-08THECODONTIONVaalbaraSupercontinentI, Voidhanger Records
20. 2020-06-08Black Altar02 Black Altar - Ancient WarlustBlack Altar/Kirkebrann split- Deus InversusOdium Records
21. 2020-06-08MIEA02 Under the Healing StoneChaos and PerfectionsSlovak Metal Army
22. 2020-06-08
23. 2020-06-08Odiosior04 Antaudu YölleOdiosiorSpread Evil Productions
24. 2020-06-08Orfvs02 Cruor MCMXCVIIICeremony of DarknessSpread Evil Productions
25. 2020-06-08VOODUS (swe)2. Pillars of FateOpen the OthernessShadow Records
26. 2020-06-08
27. 2020-06-08SHED THE SKIN03 Trow of TragedyThe Forbidden Arts (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
28. 2020-06-08666 (Norway)03 Lucifer666 LP/CDNuclear War Now! Productions
29. 2020-06-08Godless North04 Everlasting Winter WindsDark Rites of the Mystic OrderNebular Carcoma Records
30. 2020-06-08FÖRGJORD03 SURMAN VIRTA (THE CURRENT OF DEATH)Laulu kuolemasta -A Song About Death (CD, LP)Werewolf Records
31. 2020-06-08
32. 2020-06-08CemicanGuerreros de CemicanIn Ohtli Teoyohtica In MiquiztliM-Theory Audio
33. 2020-06-08GuahaihoqueThy Eternal Golden DawnThe Return Of The Ancient Gods
34. 2020-06-08Thy PrimordialDisguised as Beings of LightHeresy of an Age of ReasonBlackend
35. 2020-06-08WarpathLife Unworthy of LifeDamnationSH Records
36. 2020-06-08
37. 2020-06-08Ancient NecropsyFucking with an Unholy Witch from HellAncient Necropsy
38. 2020-06-08Hideous DivinityThe EmbalmerSimulacrum (Bonus Tracks Version)
39. 2020-06-08Northern CurseSpiritual FamineNorthern Curse
40. 2020-06-08Black Moldblackmold atavism 01 Let it BurnAtavismHelldprod Records
41. 2020-06-08
42. 2020-06-08NovareignBeyond The ColdLegendsM-Theory Audio
43. 2020-06-08Abyssal (UK)As Paupers Safeguard MagnatesNovit enim Dominus qui sunt eius DLPIron Bonehead Productions
44. 2020-06-08Sunlights BaneThe Blessed Ivory TongueThe Blackest Volume
45. 2020-06-08Blut Aus NordMetamorphosisThe Work Which Transforms GodCandlelight Records
46. 2020-06-08
47. 2020-06-08NoctemApsu DethronedExilium
48. 2020-06-08Despised IconAll For NothingDay of MourningCentury Media Records
49. 2020-06-08OBSCUREArmy of Shadows
50. 2020-06-08EmperorThe Warriors of Modern DeathIX Equilibrium
51. 2020-06-08
52. 2020-06-08Y&TDirty GirlEarthshakerA&M
53. 2020-06-08SavatageThe Edge Of MidnightFight For The Rock
54. 2020-06-08morbid saintBurned At the StakeSpectrum of DeathGrind Core
55. 2020-06-08
56. 2020-06-08SeduceHeadbangersSeduce
57. 2020-06-08XysterSentenced By PilateBlack Bible
58. 2020-06-08Liege LordMaster ControlMaster ControlMetal Blade
59. 2020-06-08
60. 2020-06-08Righteous PigsDormant CatastropheLive And LearnNuclear Blast
61. 2020-06-08Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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