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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1226 playlist up with 52125 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2021-10-18GolemA Kind Of SicknessRecall The Day Of Incarnation (Demo '93)
2. 2021-06-07Dillinger Escape Plan, TheSick on SundayIre WorksRelapse Records
3. 2021-05-17GatecreeperSick of Being SoberAn Unexpected Reality
4. 2021-04-12Surgical Strike (Germany)08 Part Of A Sick WorldPart of a Sick WorldMetalville Records
5. 2021-03-15Aussichtslos03 GrausickVöllig AussichtslosPurity Through Fire
6. 2021-02-08PathologistGynaecological SicknessGrinding Opus Of Forensic Medical Problems
7. 2020-12-21Wound ManSickPerimeter LP
8. 2020-08-31Lord MatzigkeitusPulsing Absorption of SicknessDrownMoribund Records
9. 2020-06-15Righteous PigsSickened By His Own ExistenceStress Related
10. 2020-06-01Coffin Curse02 Where Sickness ThrivesCeased to BeMemento Mori
11. 2020-04-27Soul RemnantsBloodsickPlague of the Universe
12. 2019-08-12Deathcult (Switzerland)07 The Sick WithinBeasts of FaithInvictus Productions
13. 2019-05-13Pulling TeethSick and TiredMartyr ImmortalDeathwish
14. 2019-02-25AORATOSOf Harvest, Scythe and Sickle MoonGods Without NameDebemur Morti Productions
15. 2018-01-01InfestSickmanNo Man's Slave
16. 2017-10-16Abomination05 Industrial SicknessTragedy Strikes LPDoomentia Records
17. 2016-05-23AscensionSuffer the SicknessAbominationToybox
18. 2015-10-12Righteous PigsSickened By His Own ExistenceStress Related
19. 2015-07-27The SkullSick Of It AllFor Those Which Are AsleepTee Pee
20. 2015-03-23BruteMuktiImmortality Through SicknessAghor Gore Moksha
21. 2015-02-02EyeHateGodParish Motel SicknessEyeHateGod
22. 2014-11-24BruteMuktiImmortality Through SicknessAghor Gore Moksha
23. 2014-10-13Nuclear AssaultRadiation SicknessPerpetual Conversionhandshake_inc
24. 2014-09-29CenotaphSickened by His Own Pathologic Favey about collection inguts of Human MeatPuked Genital Purulencyhammer_muzik
25. 2014-06-23SororicideSick IntermentThe EntityPlatonic
26. 2014-04-21Nuclear AssaultRadiation SicknessGame Overcombat
27. 2014-04-07GorgutsOphans of Sicknessthe Erosion of Sanityroadrunner
28. 2014-04-07Cannabis CorpseSickening PhotosynthesisThe Weedingtankcrimes
29. 2014-04-07MeshuggahSickeningNonenuclearblast
30. 2014-03-10CarcassSymposium Of SicknessNecroticism - Descanting the Insalubriousearache
31. 2013-07-29The Hope ConspiracyDivinty SicknessThe Hope Conspiracydeathwishinc
32. 2013-05-27InfestSickoSlave
33. 2013-04-01DisturbedDown With The Sickness
34. 2013-02-18SkineaterMade Of GodsickDermal Harvestpulverised
35. 2012-12-17Splattered CadaverCycles of Sickened ThaughtMerciless Butchery
36. 2012-04-16CenotaphSickened by His Own Pathologic Favey about collection inguts of Human MeatPuked Genital Purulencyhammer_muzik
37. 2011-12-26RepulsionRadiation SicknessVarious Artists: Grindcrusherearache
38. 2011-12-19Headhunter Death CultBlessed are the sick/desolate mansVarious Artist - Scream Forth Blasphemydwell
39. 2011-09-26GorgutsOphans of Sicknessthe Erosion of Sanityroadrunner
40. 2010-11-15NegligenceSickenedCoordinates Of Confusionmetalblade
41. 2010-10-11MeshuggahSickeningNonenuclearblast
42. 2010-09-27ThantosSickness Unto DeathAn Embassy To Gaiusprojekt
43. 2010-05-31Soul RemnantsBloodsickPlague Of The Universeself-released
44. 2010-04-19Cannibal CorpseSickening Photosynthesisthe Weedingtankcrimes
45. 2010-03-22RepulsionRadiation SicknessVarious Artists: Grindcrusherearache
46. 2009-01-05God ForbidReject the SicknessReject the Sickness9volt
47. 2008-12-15Outbreakyou make us sickyou make us sickbridge9
48. 2008-10-20Morbid AngelBlessed are the Sick/Leading the RatsBlessed are the Sickearache
49. 2008-07-07Victims of internal DecayBathed in Sicknessself-titledcombat_core
50. 2007-12-10PhobiaSick LifeGrind Your Fucking Head Indeepsix
51. 2007-11-05DecapitatedSensual Sicknessthe Negationearache
52. 2007-05-21One Man Armysuch a sick boyError in Evolutionnuclearblast
53. 2006-12-25Death Sickdeath sick
54. 2006-12-18life of agonyjunk sick
55. 2006-12-11Beyond the Fleshthe sick
56. 2006-10-02meshuggahsickening
57. 2006-09-18God ForbidReject the Sickness
58. 2006-08-14ripping corpsesickness of will
59. 2006-07-03morbid angelblessed are the sick (live)
60. 2006-06-26Outbreakyou make us sick
61. 2005-11-07Beyond the Fleshthe sick
62. 2005-10-24killing the dreamsick of sleeping
63. 2005-10-10killing the dreamsick of sleeping
64. 2005-07-18some girlsa sick cult
65. 2004-11-15candiriatemple of sickness
66. 2004-11-01morbid angelblessed are the sick/leading the rats
67. 2004-03-15abhorredsickened
68. 2004-03-01meshuggahsickening
69. 2004-02-23God ForbidReject the Sickness
70. 2003-12-22unsanesick
71. 2003-11-24punishmentgodsick
72. 2003-09-29punishmentgodsick
73. 2003-05-20MeshuggahSickening
74. 2002-12-17Six Feet UnderSick and twisted
75. 2002-06-11Morbid AngelBlessed are the Sick
76. 2002-06-04Headhunter Death CultBlessed are the sick/desolate mans
77. 2002-06-02MeshuggahSickening
78. 2002-04-02God ForbidReject the Sickness
79. 2002-03-26Brick Bathsick of you
80. 2001-12-11Splattered CadaverCycles of Sickness
81. 2001-10-16Six Feet Undersick and twisted
82. 2001-10-02Six Feet UnderSick and Twisted
83. 2001-08-28GorgutsOphans of Sickness
84. 2001-08-28GorgutsOphans of Sickness
85. 2001-06-26CenotaphSickened by His Own Pathologic Favey about collection inguts of Human MeatPuked Genital Purulencyhammer_muzik
86. 2000-09-18God ForbidReject the Sickness
87. 2000-07-24Enter SelfMake Me Sick
88. 2000-06-26Enter SelfMake me Sick
89. 2000-06-19NasumSick Sytem
90. 1999-12-13Cannibal CorpseSickening Metamorphosis
91. 1999-08-21Nothingfacethe sick
92. 1999-08-21Nothingfacethe sick
93. 1999-05-04PigSick City
94. 1999-03-15DeviateSickness
95. 1997-10-13CandiriaTemple of Sickness
96. 1997-06-09MudhoneyTouch me I'm sick
97. 1997-05-12Nuclear AssaultRadiation Sickness
98. 1997-04-28MeshuggahSickening (live)
99. 1997-04-28ChastianSick Puppy
100. 1997-04-21MeshuggahSickening (live)
101. 1997-04-14MeshuggahSickening
102. 1997-03-17PigSick City
103. 1997-02-24Morbid AngelBlessed are the Sick/Leading the Rats
104. 1997-01-20MeshuggahSickening
105. 1996-12-30PigSick City
106. 1996-12-16MeshuggahSickening
107. 1996-12-16Mud honeyTouch me I'm Sick
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