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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1159 playlist up with 49457 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2020-06-15The Black Dahlia Murderclosed casket requiema cold-blooded epitaph
2. 2020-05-04MessiahEnjoy YourselfHymn To Abramelin / Extreme Cold Weather
3. 2019-11-18Nefarious Dusk05 Swinside Stone CircleThe Wanderer of the Cold NorthPurity Through Fire
4. 2019-04-22Hope Conspiracy, TheTruth and PurposeCold BlueEqual Vision
5. 2019-02-04Book Of Black EarthAntarcticaThe Cold TestamentProsthetic Records
6. 2018-08-06Book Of Black EarthTerminationThe Cold TestamentProsthetic Records
7. 2018-01-15Hope Conspiracy, TheBled Across the WireCold BlueEqual Vision
8. 2017-05-22LoatheDance On My SkinThe Cold SunSharpTone Records
9. 2017-05-08WINDSWEPTThe Stars Are Cold and Indifferent, Sow Their Gleaming AshesThe Great Cold SteppeSeason of Mist
10. 2017-04-03Book Of Black EarthCross ContaminationThe Cold TestamentProsthetic Records
11. 2017-03-27Malevolent CreationNarcotic GenocideIn Cold Blood
12. 2017-03-13From the Sunset, Forest and Grief...Empty, Cold & Forgotten......Empty, Cold & Forgotten...
13. 2017-03-13Happy DaysAlone And ColdAlone And Cold
14. 2017-02-13Vital RemainsCrown of the Black HeartsInto Cold DarknessPeaceville
15. 2016-12-19ElderUnder the Cold Winter SunBound from the Cold Winter Sun
16. 2016-12-12Iron LungIf Polio StrikesCold Storage
17. 2016-04-11VidharrWithin Phantasmagorical PatternsCold Journey Through Madness
18. 2016-03-07Charred Walls of the DamnedForever Marching OnCold Winds on Timeless DaysMetal Blade
19. 2015-11-16Charred Walls Of The DamnedThe Beast Outside My WindowCold Winds On Timeless Daysmetalblade
20. 2015-11-09HiemsPainted BlackCold Void Journey (The Forsaken Crimes)moribund
21. 2015-10-12Woods of YpresA Meeting Place And TimeAgainst The Seasons: Cold Winter Songs From The Dead Summer Heatearache
22. 2015-08-24Iron LungBonesawCold Storage
23. 2014-04-28InfestAmong The Fallen OnesCold Blood Warxtreem
24. 2014-03-24The Black Dahlia MurderBurning The HiveA Cold-Blooded Eitaph
25. 2014-02-24From The Sunset, Forest, and GriefFrom The Sunset, Forest, and Grief...Empty, Cold & Forgotten...
26. 2014-01-13The Black Dahlia MurderBurning The HiveA Cold-Blooded Eitaph
27. 2013-12-30From The Sunset, Forest, and GriefBroken Lights...Empty, Cold & Forgotten...
28. 2013-12-23From The Sunset, Forest, and Grief...Empty, Cold & Forgotten......Empty, Cold & Forgotten...
29. 2013-12-09Iron LungNailsCold Storage
30. 2013-08-12Iron LungEsocargophagusCold Storage
31. 2013-03-18Iron LungArm Modified For AbductionCold Storage
32. 2013-01-21Book of Black EarthTerminationThe Cold Testamentprosthetic
33. 2012-02-20Charred Walls Of The DamnedForever Marching OnCold Winds On Timeless Daysmetalblade
34. 2011-12-19Charred Walls Of The DamnedBloodwormCold Winds On Timeless Daysmetalblade
35. 2011-11-07AutumnBlack Stars In A Blue SkyCold Comfortmetalblade
36. 2011-10-24Charred Walls Of The DamnedAshes Falling Upon UsCold Winds On Timeless Daysmetalblade
37. 2011-10-03Charred Walls Of The DamnedGuiding MeCold Winds On Timeless Daysmetalblade
38. 2011-09-05Book of Black EarthResearch & DestroyThe Cold Testamentprosthetic
39. 2011-07-25Book of Black EarthTerminationThe Cold Testamentprosthetic
40. 2011-07-18Book of Black EarthAntarticaThe Cold Testamentprosthetic
41. 2011-07-11Book of Black EarthTerminationThe Cold Testamentprosthetic
42. 2010-03-22Ringwormmadness of warRingworm/Cold As Life 7"stillborn
43. 2010-03-22Ringworm/Cold As Life 7"
44. 2010-01-25DarkthroneToo Old Too ColdToo Old Too Cold Eppeaceville
45. 2010-01-11Hellsawthe Black DeathColdnapalm
46. 2009-05-04the Hope ConspiracyBled Across the WireCold Blueevr
47. 2009-04-13HellsawDer HarzwaldColdnapalm
48. 2009-04-06Hellsawthe Black DeathColdnapalm
49. 2009-03-30Hellsawa Suicide JourneyColdnapalm
50. 2009-03-23HellsawDer HarzwaldColdnapalm
51. 2009-03-16Hellsawthe Black DeathColdnapalm
52. 2008-12-22the Hope ConspiracyBled Across the WireCold Blueevr
53. 2008-12-08RingwormDollar WhoreRingworm/Cold As Life 7"stillborn
54. 2008-10-13RingwormDollar WhoreRingworm/Cold As Life 7"stillborn
55. 2008-03-31RingwormDollar WhoreRingworm/Cold As Life 7"stillborn
56. 2007-12-24Ringwormmadness of warRingworm/Cold As Life 7"stillborn
57. 1997-03-31GodfleshNihilCold Worldearache
58. 1996-12-23GodfleshNIHILCold Worldearache
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