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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1326 playlist up with 55570 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2015-08-24MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2015-08-24
3. 2015-08-24PyrrhonImplant FeverThe Mother Of Virturerelapse
4. 2015-08-24AnimosityTooth GrinderAnimalblackmarket_activities
5. 2015-08-24The Hostage HeartDead Front Tooth (Live)Live At WUNH
6. 2015-08-24AutopsyBonesawMetal Torment
7. 2015-08-24FistulaMutant TeethLoserpatac
8. 2015-08-24Iron LungBonesawCold Storage
9. 2015-08-24
10. 2015-08-24UlcerrhoeaChip Implant Mass Controllsplit- Ulcerrhoea/Bizarre x
11. 2015-08-24SutureBonesawCarnivorous Urge To Kill
12. 2015-08-24DesecrationBonesawForensixmetal_age
13. 2015-08-24Six Feet UnderBonesawMaximum Violencemetalblade
14. 2015-08-24Cattle DecapitationTooth Enamel And ConcreteThe Harvest Floormetalblade
15. 2015-08-24
16. 2015-08-24WargasmDead Man's SmileUglyMassacre
17. 2015-08-24Savage GraceMaster Of DisguiseMaster Of Disguise
18. 2015-08-24AvengerYesterday's HeroesKiller EliteCastle
19. 2015-08-24Liege LordBroken WastelandMaster Controlmetalblade
20. 2015-08-24
21. 2015-08-24MartyrdomWastelandsSlaying Giantspulverised
22. 2015-08-24Agoraphobic NosebleedRemoving Locator ToothAltered States Of America (disc 1)relapse
23. 2015-08-24Gore Beyond NecropsyScream In Your EyesSplit - Arsedestroyer
24. 2015-08-24
25. 2015-08-24AhabThe IsleThe Boats Of The Glen Carrignapalm
26. 2015-08-24AltarDaymare - A Message From The GraveEx Oblivionextreem
27. 2015-08-24Inquitous SavageryCognitive DissonanceSubversions Of The Psychegrindethic
28. 2015-08-24HorrendousPolarisAnaretadark_descent
29. 2015-08-24
30. 2015-08-24Ares KingdomDemoralizeThe Unburiable Deadnuclear_war_now
31. 2015-08-24ProcreationAfterlifeIncantations Of Demonic Lust For Corpses Of The Fallennuclear_war_now
32. 2015-08-24Sadistik ExekutionSuspiral30 Years Of Agonizing The Deadnuclear_war_now
33. 2015-08-24Ramming SpeedDon't Let This Stay HereNo Epitaphsprosthetic
34. 2015-08-24
35. 2015-08-24Hate EternalLa TempestadInfernusseason_of_mist
36. 2015-08-24Sacrificium CarmenKaaoksen KIkuisen Tulen Kammiossasaturnal
37. 2015-08-24CartilageWhy Do I Watch The DawnThe Fragile Concept Of Affectionxtreem
38. 2015-08-24NecropsyDead Inherit The LandBuried In The Woodsxtreem
39. 2015-08-24
40. 2015-08-24WitheringThe 29th Of AugustFestum MelancholiaMetalhit
41. 2015-08-24Tengger CavalryLegend On HorsebackVarious Artists - Mongolian MetalMongol Metal
42. 2015-08-24ChthonicSommon of China9th Empyreannightfall_terroriser
43. 2015-08-24My Dying BrideA Kiss To RememberLike Gods Of The Sunfierce
44. 2015-08-24
45. 2015-08-24SlayerSex, Murder, ArtDivine Interventionroadrunner
46. 2015-08-24Inherit DiseaseBeyond The Tyranny Of EntropyVisceral Transcendenceunique_leader
47. 2015-08-24AosothTeaching/ErasingAshes Of Angelsagonia
48. 2015-08-24Black FuneralMourns a Lethening ShadowVarious Artist: Satanitc Rites
49. 2015-08-24Terrordrome...For Mayhem To BeginVarious Artists - Greek Death/Grind Scene vol. 1
50. 2015-08-24
51. 2015-08-24BloodletSawtooththe Seraphim Fallvictory
52. 2015-08-24ScissorfightHazard To NavigationMantrapping For Sport And Profittortuga
53. 2015-08-24Luciferian RitesRotten CreedWhen The Light Diesmoribund
54. 2015-08-24NightwishSaganElannuclearblast
55. 2015-08-24IwrestledabearonceI'm Cold And There Are Wolves After MeIt's All Happeningcenturymedia
56. 2015-08-24
57. 2015-08-24Organ DealerNo AnswerVisceral Infectionhorror_pain_gore_death
58. 2015-08-24Clinging To The Trees Of A Forest FireSpecial EducationViceralprosthetic
59. 2015-08-24Fear My ThoughtsWastelandVulcanuscenturymedia
60. 2015-08-24Metal ChurchMeet Your MakerThis Present Wastelandspv
61. 2015-08-24BitchslicerSabertoothLycanthropic Fellatioworldeater
62. 2015-08-24ScissortoothIncisionNovagomorrahgaly
63. 2015-08-24BattleloreVoice of the Fallenthe Last Alliancenapalm
64. 2015-08-24Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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