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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1349 playlist up with 56325 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2022-09-19MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
2. 2022-09-19
3. 2022-09-19Blind GuardianThe Bard's Song - In the ForestSomewhere Far Beyond
4. 2022-09-19GaladrielIt Ends When The Moon Loses Its FaceOblivionUnknown Territory
5. 2022-09-19Falls of RaurosThe Purity of IsolationsplitBindrune Recordings
6. 2022-09-19Amon AmarthDawn of NorsemenThe Great Heathen ArmyMetal Blade Records
7. 2022-09-19
8. 2022-09-19MeshuggahTransfixionDestroy Erase ImproveNuclear Blast
9. 2022-09-19TexturesCircularDrawing CirclesListenable Records
10. 2022-09-19Eyes Like AutumnBlasting Holes In The Night Until She Bleeds SunshineDemo 2002
11. 2022-09-19Tears Of AvarelThe Most Comforting of HandsDeath of A Hemophiliac
12. 2022-09-19שְׁאוֹל (Sheol - UK)/FōrPhosphagous AmorpheonSplit 7"Iron Bonehead Productions
13. 2022-09-19UndeathPhantasmal FesteringSentient Autolysis
14. 2022-09-19
15. 2022-09-19Tomb MoldAperture Of BodyAperture Of Body
16. 2022-09-19HUSSARBlind Charge Into GunfireAll-Consuming HungerI, Voidhanger Records
17. 2022-09-19NordjevelSatans ManifestGnavhòlIndie Recordings
18. 2022-09-19
19. 2022-09-19Sacrilegia03 Sarx & BloodSold Under SinInvictus Productions
20. 2022-09-19Orthodoxy04 Banished From My GlanceAter IgnisThe Sinister Flame
21. 2022-09-19VARDANNo Exit From The Forest Pt. 1No Exit from the ForestMoribund Records
22. 2022-09-19
23. 2022-09-19Red Rot02 UndeceasedMal De VivreSvart Records
24. 2022-09-19VOAKFür jede Wunde ein PfeilVerdrängungI, Voidhanger Records
25. 2022-09-19Horizon IgnitedTowards The Dying LandsTowards The Dying LandsNuclear Blast Records
26. 2022-09-19
27. 2022-09-19TorcheSnakes Are CharmedHarmonicraft
28. 2022-09-19ConvergeMy Great DevastatorThe Poacher DiariesSony Music Distribution
29. 2022-09-19WORMWITCHVernal WombHeaven That Dwells WithinProsthetic Records
30. 2022-09-19Triumvir Foul03 Domini Befallen (to Doom)Onslaught to SeraphimInvictus Productions
31. 2022-09-19
32. 2022-09-19Cognitive DissonanceVisions UnknownThe Eternal Flame
33. 2022-09-19Swarm of the LotusBurn Autumn BurnWhen White Becomes BlackAt A Loss Recordings
34. 2022-09-19Enterprise EarthThis Hell, My HomeThis Hell, My HomeStay Sick
35. 2022-09-19The Hope ConspiracyRegret KillsFile 03
36. 2022-09-19
37. 2022-09-19Drown in SulphurDescendent SunriseSulphur CvltDrown in Sulphur
38. 2022-09-19Shadow of IntentLife of ExileElegyShadow of Intent
39. 2022-09-197 Angels 7 PlaguesThe Commentator's DespairJhazmyne's Lullaby
40. 2022-09-19
41. 2022-09-19AutopsyCharred RemainsSevered Survival
42. 2022-09-19BloodUnsophisticated ScreheadImpulse To Destroy
43. 2022-09-19SutureMasticated RecrudesceCarnivorous Urge To Kill
44. 2022-09-19Basic Torture ProcedureNitroglycerin Shattered LimbsScreams of Dissolution
45. 2022-09-19Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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