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New site? Maybe some day.


this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1300 playlist up with 54696 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2015-06-22MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2015-06-22
3. 2015-06-22PathsWinter's Last FireWhere The Oakenhearted Dwell
4. 2015-06-22Blaze Of PerditionDreams Shall FleshNear Death Revelationsagonia
5. 2015-06-22WatainLife DethronedRabid Death's Curse
6. 2015-06-22CrowbarWrath Of Time Be JudgementBroken Glass
7. 2015-06-22
8. 2015-06-22ApophysMiscreantsPrime Incursionmetalblade
9. 2015-06-22Black Sheep WallModest MachineI Am God Songs
10. 2015-06-22MelecheshMetatron And ManEnkinuclearblast
11. 2015-06-22Morbid AngelImmortal RitesAltars of Madnessearache
12. 2015-06-22
13. 2015-06-22The HauntedBury Your DeadWarning Shotsearache
14. 2015-06-22DeicideCarnage In The Temple Of The DamnedAmon: Feasting the Beastroadrunner
15. 2015-06-22TheoriesBathing In Pigs BloodRegressionmetalblade
16. 2015-06-22The Dillinger Escape PlanAbe The CopUnder the Running Boardsrelapse
17. 2015-06-22
18. 2015-06-22MegaslaughterShreds Left BehindCalls From The Beyondto_the_death
19. 2015-06-22OppressorGenocideEuropean TourMegalithic
20. 2015-06-22HorrendousHeaven's DeceitEcdysisdark_descent
21. 2015-06-22
22. 2015-06-22Cut UpRemember The FleshForensic Nightmaresmetalblade
23. 2015-06-22BonehunterBurning SkullsEvil Triumphs Againhells_headbangers
24. 2015-06-22ScythianApocalyptic VisionsInject The Wormshells_headbangers
25. 2015-06-22PsychomancerInjecting The WormsInjecting The Wormsorchestrated misery
26. 2015-06-22
27. 2015-06-22Fuck the FactsPreyDesire Will RotNoise Salvation
28. 2015-06-22Ken ModeManagement ControlSuccessseason_of_mist
29. 2015-06-22Nekro DrunkzHot For TrotsAbsolute Filthmoribund
30. 2015-06-22Black FeastFornicationLarenuf Jubileumnuclear_war_now
31. 2015-06-22InsulterFuckin'Blood Spits, Violences And Insultsnuclear_war_now
32. 2015-06-22
33. 2015-06-22Shape of DispairWithdrawnMonotomy Fieldsseason_of_mist
34. 2015-06-22Ash Of CedarsSun InvertAsh Of Cedarshandshake_inc
35. 2015-06-22HelloweenLost In AmericaMy God-Given Rightnuclearblast
36. 2015-06-22Third IonZero Mass13/8bitglasstone
37. 2015-06-22
38. 2015-06-22Thy Art Is MurderLight BearerHoly Warnuclearblast
39. 2015-06-22OverkillEliminationThe Years of Decaymegaforce
40. 2015-06-22ForbiddenTwisted into FormTwisted into Formcombat
41. 2015-06-22NocturnusDestroying The MangerThe Keycombat
42. 2015-06-22
43. 2015-06-22Infesting SwarmAbandoned LifeDesolation RoadArt Of Propaganda
44. 2015-06-22Skeleton WitchStand, Fight, and DieBreathing The Fireprosthetic
45. 2015-06-22Halo Suffocation MachineLeft StandingDemo 2000
46. 2015-06-22HivesmasherDamaged (P)Inc.Gutter Choirblackmarket_activities
47. 2015-06-22
48. 2015-06-22Abolition A.D.Primal FearAfter Death Before Chaospulverised
49. 2015-06-22MasacreDeath Metal ForeverTotal Deathxtreem
50. 2015-06-22RegurgitateMalignant TumourEffortless Regurgitation... the Torture Sessionrelapse
51. 2015-06-22Abaddon IncarnateI HateLast Suppersentinel
52. 2015-06-22Ripping CorpseRift Of HateDreaming with the Deadkraze
53. 2015-06-22
54. 2015-06-22Amon AmarthRisen From The SeaThor Arise (demo)
55. 2015-06-22DrudkhW Krainie Drzev (Hefeystos Cover)Eastern Frontier In Flamesseason_of_mist
56. 2015-06-22Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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