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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1300 playlist up with 54696 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2009-06-22MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2009-06-22
3. 2009-06-22NecrovationPutrid EvocationBreed Deadness Bloodblood_harvest
4. 2009-06-22CarcassPedigree ButcheryNecroticism - Descanting the Insalubriousearache
5. 2009-06-22Animals Killing PeopleKentucky Friend KillingKentucky Fried Killingsevared
6. 2009-06-22PsytoxiaBill Clinton PatriotismD.I.Y. Garage Gore-ographygore_on_demand
7. 2009-06-22Hate Divisionthe Externalizing Machine2009 Promo Epself-released
8. 2009-06-22
9. 2009-06-22DevastatorGoetiathe Summoningold_cemetery
10. 2009-06-22Trap themDay Fifteen: Citize NihilistSeance Print EPdeathwishinc
11. 2009-06-22BeheritDestroyer of Thousand WorldsEngramspinefarm
12. 2009-06-22CoalesceQuestions to Root Out FoolsOXrelapse
13. 2009-06-22
14. 2009-06-22DistortedWhat RemainsVoices from Withincandlelight
15. 2009-06-22EluveitieCarnutian ForestEvocation I - the Arcance Dominionnuclearblast
16. 2009-06-22Cold Northern VengeanceHeathen, Heretic, ScapegoatDomination and Servitudebindrune
17. 2009-06-22Hammer HordeUnder the Mighty OathUnder the Mighty Oathstorm_surge
18. 2009-06-22
19. 2009-06-22ArchitectDeath and TaxesGhosts of the Saltwater Machinesblackmarket_activities
20. 2009-06-22Pariathe Wallabee Dance MachineThe Barnacle Cordinusblackmarket_activities
21. 2009-06-22VomepotroDefaced by PestilenceLiturgy of Dissectionsevared
22. 2009-06-22MaleficeEnd pf DaysDawn of Reprisalmetalblade
23. 2009-06-22
24. 2009-06-22GoatwhoreCarving Out the Eyes of GodCarving Out the Eyes of Godmetalblade
25. 2009-06-22ImpietyAtomic Angel AssaultTerroreign (Apocalyptic Armageddon Command)agonia
26. 2009-06-22AzarathInvocationPraise the Beastagonia
27. 2009-06-22DiathraMysterious SeasonMy Endless Sorrowstygian_crypt_productions
28. 2009-06-22
29. 2009-06-22VoivodEarthacheInfinirelapse
30. 2009-06-22Eryn Non DaeThrough Darken SkiesHydra Lernaiametalblade
31. 2009-06-22Officium TristeLove Like BloodCharcoal Heartsdispleased
32. 2009-06-22Madder MortumArmourEight Wayspeaceville
33. 2009-06-22
34. 2009-06-22Found Dead HangingWith the Lack of Faith in the World and the Recent Fluctuations in Gas Prices... It Wouldn't Surprisdemoself-released
35. 2009-06-22the CarrierEmpty WordsOne Year Laterdeathwishinc
36. 2009-06-22DeathEmpty WordsSymbolicroadrunner
37. 2009-06-22the County Medical ExaminersBlunt Force FlightOlidous Operettasrelapse
38. 2009-06-22AbacinateBy the Righteous HandsA Kings Thirst for the Frosty Brewgutter_christ
39. 2009-06-22The Arkham WhiteRelic RadiationRelic Radiationself-released
40. 2009-06-22
41. 2009-06-22Black MassPeople Die EverydayBlueprints to Extinctionno_god
42. 2009-06-22PanteraOnward We RockI Am the Nightmetal_magic
43. 2009-06-22HatebreedI'm In Pain (obituary)For the Lionse1_music
44. 2009-06-22Graves of ValorSuffocation of the Last KingSalarian Gaterelapse
45. 2009-06-22iwrestledabearonceDanger in the MangerIt's All Happeningcenturymedia
46. 2009-06-22
47. 2009-06-22mortis deveia#2
48. 2009-06-22Sons of AzraelTurn that Crown Upside Downthe Conjuration of Vengeancemetalblade
49. 2009-06-22DefeatistBody RevoltIn Praise of False Hope EPchainsaw_safety
50. 2009-06-22Birds of PreyAsthe Owl Closes Inthe Hell Preachersrelapse
51. 2009-06-22the ParaplegicsOJ Simpson & the Hunt for the Real KillersRunning in Circlesdrunk_rock
52. 2009-06-22Back of Tha NeckInternet ThugFight Everyoneself-released
53. 2009-06-22
54. 2009-06-22Rampant DecayDustedAnti-Social Death Matchobscenity_cult
55. 2009-06-22WarbringerSevered RealityWaking Into Nightmarescenturymedia
56. 2009-06-22TankardHypothermiaThirstafm
57. 2009-06-22
58. 2009-06-22EliteIsbergBifrostno_colours
59. 2009-06-22Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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